Soul Unexpected Podcast

I think many of us are still finding it hard to make sense of things “the day after the day after”, even those of us North of the border. I spent most of yesterday feeling somewhat frozen. Full of thought, but challenged to get anything done because – in this kind of aftermath – it felt hard knowing what mattered. Later in the afternoon I saw that Adeline Bird posted the latest episode of her awesome podcast, Soul Unexpected. We recorded the episode only a few days earlier, but I listened to our conversation with fresh ears and appreciated hearing us having such a great time, talking punctuated by lots of laughter,  I’m grateful to Adeline for bringing together so many people who are trying to do things differently, and I’m honoured she considers me someone qualified to participate in this ongoing conversation.

When the larger system is intent on stifling every form of difference, I want to believe that every form of resistance becomes even more meaningful. Each one alone might not feel like much, but all together they can change things for our communities and ourselves. I’ve been very fortunate to spend the past 7.5 years handmaking cruelty-free vegan safe cosmetics that are non-binary / gender neutral in an effort to challenge the language and power of the so-called beauty industry. Healthy self-care is for everyone.

I don’t identify as an entrepreneur, but rather as an anti-capitalist handmaker and as an intersectional feminist, and I try to make these things real every day. These are among the many topics we addressed. If you would like to listen to our discussion, please visit and navigate to the latest podcast


I had not seen this photo in a while — it was taken a few years ago by Kelly Bik Photography and in it I am channeling peak Just The Goods nerdy realness 🤓😉 *teehee* Thanks for taking this pic, Kelly! And thanks again, Adeline for inviting me to speak you 💕


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