Just the Goods Newsletter – Summer/Fall 2016

Exciting changes to US shipping, upcoming end-of-summer closure notice,
new limited edition product, and more!

Hello everyone,

Happy Summer! I hope you’re finding time to play in the sun, rest under trees, and watch plants and animals grow =-)

Summer/Fall 2016… Meep! No one wants to think about autumn quite yet, and it surely seems too soon for another newsletter, but I have *so* much to share and ultimately decided sending one extra communiqué this year will be worthwhile, especially for clients based in the US. Please read on for details…

Deepest thanks and best wishes always!

Shipping news for clients in the US

I am thrilled to announce that Just the Goods now ships to the US – from the US – via USPS, which means lower shipping rates for all US clients including access to flat rate shipping boxes (great for orders over 1 kg / 35 oz), and tracking + insurance automatically added to all parcels without additional cost or effort.

The first three weeks operating under this new procedure have been successful and, going forward, parcels will be driven from Winnipeg to Pembina (ND) every Thursday, excluding weeks when Just the Goods is closed, of course. Tracking numbers will be forwarded directly via USPS and shipping will now take an average of 1 – 4 days after mailing, instead of 10. Rush shipping from Canada (via Canada Post or UPS) is still available. Please enquire before making very time sensitive purchases.

This change has been a long time in the making – thank you for your patience while I assessed viability and found someone fully committed to driving three hours each week and clear customs at the border on my behalf 😉

Shipping news for local, national and other international clients

Those within Winnipeg who receive parcels via local courier will also experience a shipping-related change. Natural Cycle Courier closed operations after serving Winnipeg for 17 years, so I’ve worked out special rates with Ghost Rider Messenger, who is similarly able to deliver to all accessible locations within the Perimeter; however, delivery will now take place within 1 business day (most often on the same Thursday the parcel is picked up). The cost of local courier is now now $6.75 for any parcel under 1 kg to any address within the Perimeter with an accessible mailbox, safe drop location, or where someone is available during regular business hours to receive the parcel in person. Thank you!

Finally, shipping news for all other clients: Those in Canada may know that Canada Post has agreed to a 30 day extension on current labour negotiations, which means employees who work hard to maintain a well functioning, public network over such an expansive landmass will not fear being locked out of their jobs, nor will they need to take strike action at this time. As such, I am continuing to ship as usual to locations across Canada and around the world, with pleasure! Still, I have retained shipping by UPS as an available option on the website, for those who prefer it. Please be confident that I will not made arbitrary switches between carriers: if you choose Canada Post, I will ship with that method; likewise if you choose UPS. Thanks!

Upcoming Temporary Closure

My recent travels were fantastic – I came back invigorated and inspired, and I was blown away by the sheer volume of orders that arrived during my absence – thank you! In contrast, things quiet down a little in the summer, which I hope means that everyone is spending time outdoors having fun! And, knowing that things once again become wonderfully busy in September (and continue straight through until the end of May), I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to schedule rest and relaxation at the end of each summer.

As such, Just the Goods will be closed August 26 – September 3. Orders placed by Friday, August 19 will be mailed by August 25. Orders placed August 20 – September 3 will be handmade and shipped as quickly as possible thereafter. Orders involving in-stock items will be shipped on September 8 and all other orders will be shipped on September 15. I have decided to limit my access to email from August 27 to September 3 and will therefore reply to all messages when I return. Thanks!

New Product

It has been a while since I released a new product, and this one is unique in that I can only offer it as a very small batch, limited edition item.

Celebrating the height of summer, this facial mask features two of my favourite things: vibrant matcha and aromatic, home grown lavender!

Kaolin is a mild yet effective clay suitable for all skin types selected for its ability to absorb accumulated oil and dirt from pores without over-drying. Organic AOI matcha is prized as a high quality beverage — applied to skin, it promotes cellular regeneration and decreases sebum production making it beneficial to all skin types, particularly when weathehttps://justthegoods.net/products/limited-edition-vegan-matcha-lavender-jasmine-facial-mask-for-most-skin-typesr is hot and humid. Lavender also stimulates cellular regeneration while offering mild antibacterial support that leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Jasmine is softening, mildly exfoliating, and promotes radiance, which is useful for all skin types, but especially great any time skin feels dull or dry and needs a boost.

This product is suitable for most skin types. It contains no essential oils, but does include a large quantity of recently dried and freshly ground lavender, so it is fragrant and thus potentially not suitable for those allergic to botanical ingredients.

There are only 6 tins available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone… until maybe next summer 😉

Find it here: https://justthegoods.net/products/limited-edition-vegan-matcha-lavender-jasmine-facial-mask-for-most-skin-types.

Product Packing Changes

When developing Just the Goods products, I carefully consider how packaging will promote both safety and affordability. Safety is reflected in my choice of heavy glass and/or BPA-free plastics; affordability comes into play by maintaining uniform bottle sizes and caps, thus limiting the range of things I need to order/ship so I can take advantage of volume-based discounts.

I recently learned the perfume bottles I’ve been using for the past few years have started to leak during shipping, especially in winter when the perfume freezes and expands while the packaging contracts and ultimately prevents effective sealing. I’ve chosen another type of perfume bottle – a more traditional vial without a roller-ball and I feel confident it will perform much better. I am in the process of switching over to those soon – please stay tuned!

I’ve also decided that it’s time to offer resealable pouches for body scrubs, which means less weight and a smaller carbon footprint for shipping, which also means lower shipping costs. The same packaging will now be used for bath salts, bath melts, and facial scrubs. I hope this decision will increase access to the body scrubs in particular, many of which have recently become EWG VERIFIED.

Upcoming Local Event

Those in Winnipeg may be interested to know that Just the Goods has been accepted to participate in Etsy Made in Canada 2016 on Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the same location, Neeginan Centre (181 Higgins Ave). As always, I welcome pre-orders from http://www.justthegoods.net for pick up at this event – please use the coupon code MadeinCanada2016 by September 18, and I’ll meet you there with everything you choose!

Other events for the fall/winter season will be announced as they are confirmed – follow me on social media for the news as soon as it becomes available (*Hint: One of them includes Scattered Seeds!*)

Cooking + Home Spa Stress Management Retreat

The stress relieving cooking + home spa retreat co-hosted with integrative nutrition health coach Katie Schmidt of Whole Nourishment (http://www.wholenourishment.net) in St Gallen, Switzerland at the end of May was a fantastic success! We are thrilled so many people were able to join us for a packed day of discussion, making, and eating on a holiday long weekend, and we deeply appreciate all the wonderful feedback we received. At this time I would once again like to thank Mara from Urban Earth Teas (http://www.urbanearth.ca) and Angela of Ground Soap (http://www.groundsoap.com) for their kind contributions to the participant gift bags, which were greatly enjoyed!

Katie and are I definitely interested in co-hosting another event in the future that once again combines easy to prepare foods that help our bodies thrive with home spa self-care practices that promote comfort and rest, and we’re already mulling over possible dates and/or locations. Our principal criteria involves us being on the same continent at the same time, which will be North America next July (2017).

We established this time of year is not good for an event in Winnipeg due to all of the festivals taking place… but we’re wondering, what about other cities? Katie and I are both willing to travel within Canada and/or the US … Are you interested in helping us find the perfect event space + promote the event within the area? If so, please get in touch – we’d love to chat!

Just the Goods is EWG VERIFIED™

Just the Goods has partnered with Environmental Working Group to become EWG VERIFIED™

Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. It’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, and it does this with breakthrough research and education to drive consumer choice and civic action. Just the Goods is grateful for it’s commitment to rigorous scientific inquiry and unwavering standards.

As of today, 26 Just the Goods products have been accepted into the program, and I’m continuing to add as many others as I can, as quickly as possible. Twenty seven makers worldwide have now accepted and met EWG’s challenge to offer only the safest cosmetics and personal care products. The standards are high — as the should well be — and I will continue to emphasize the importance of being not only vegan and cruelty-free, but wholly committed to safety at the same time.

To quickly view which Just the Goods products are EWG VERIFIED™, please click here: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=just+the+goods&h=Search.

Recent Media Coverage

Final Note

You are receiving this newsletter because — as per the conditions outlined by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014 — you’ve been in touch with Just the Goods in the past either by making a purchase or requesting wholesale information within the last two years, or you have chosen to remain subscribed to this quarterly newsletter rather than choosing to click the unsubscribe link at the base of each newsletter. With that said, if you would prefer to no longer receive communications from Just the Goods, please let me know and I will remove your email address immediately. And of course, you may also unsubscribe using the link below =-).

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! It is an absolute pleasure to handcraft natural skin and body care products, providing a healthier, small-scale alternative to the corporate “beauty industry”. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

With all my best,

Just the Goods (Winnipeg, MB)
handmade natural + affordable skincare for everyone

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Affordability and outstanding quality can go hand-in-hand

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I love it when my I open up my email and find the most lovely messages from kind, enthusiastic people 😊 Someone awesome in #phoenix #arizona writes: "I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products; I never thought affordability and outstanding quality would go hand-in-hand so well. I have spent too much money on other brands that don't make the EWG cut, regardless of their "natural" and "safe" product claims (I'm sure you're familiar). I am teen about to head off to college who is interested in taking a hold of what I put on my face every morning and night, with a low budget being my best friend. Thank you so much for the assurance that saved my wallet and my body! :)". 🙌🙌🙌 So cool!! #handmade #vegan #safecosmetics #skincare #naturalskincare #crueltyfree #becrueltyfree #greenbeauty #spa #plantpower #justthegoods 🐰

A post shared by Just the Goods (@just.the.goods) on


I love it when my I open up my email and find the most lovely messages from kind, enthusiastic people 😊 Someone awesome in Phoenix Arizona writes:

“I just wanted to say that I absolutely love your products; I never thought affordability and outstanding quality would go hand-in-hand so well. I have spent too much money on other brands that don’t make the EWG cut, regardless of their “natural” and “safe” product claims (I’m sure you’re familiar). I am teen about to head off to college who is interested in taking a hold of what I put on my face every morning and night, with a low budget being my best friend. Thank you so much for the assurance that saved my wallet and my body! :)”

Wow 🙌🙌🙌 So cool!!

Just the Goods Spring 2015 Update


I hope this message finds you having a fantastic day, and that you’re enjoying beautiful blue skies, wherever you might be! It’s great to be in touch with you again — as I like to do three or four times a year — because there is always so much going on with Just the Goods, and I want to be sure you don’t miss a thing!

Having said that, thank you one and all for being so patient during my extended absence in March when I combined work and play to visit ExpoWest, and to explore cities including Los Angeles, Portland, and Seattle among others. I posted some pics on Instagram, so if you’re curious about where I went and (and the delicious food I ate, *lol*), please visit http://www.instagram.com/just.the.goods.

The work part of my travels involved all kinds of research, so I’ll mention that I’m close to confirming a relationship with a producer of safe, vegan, and cruelty-free, shampoo that improves upon what I am currently offering. I looked into so many options, and tried more than I can even recall at the moment. That said, choosing comes down to not only the points listed above, but also defining a reasonable intersection between quality, price, good ownership and marketing practices. In other words, all of the things you’ve come to expect from Just the Goods because, if I’m going to endorse something for your use, I want to feel sure that it’s a positive extension.

My research also helped me encounter new potential suppliers of raw materials, new approaches to labels/packaging, and maybe even shipping, too! So, all in all, it was a very productive experience and I hope to turn ideas into awesomeness before too long.

Just the Goods Turns 6!

Speaking of long… I can’t believe it, but Just the Goods will be 6 years old on May 1st! Okay, it’s true… I never seem to believe milestones like this, because I still can’t believe this is what I get to do every day. I love handmaking safer skin care products that help people break away from mass produced toxins, as well as toxic “beauty-focused” marketing, and I know I could never do it without your interest and enthusiasm. Thank you for helping Just the Goods become what it is today, and thank you for giving me opportunities to make it better and better all the time. I wouldn’t be able to do any of this without you. You’re THE BEST! Thank you! ❤

Just the Goods was Featured in the Globe and Mail

It really is the generous interest and support of Just the Goods users that keep things moving in an upward trajectory. Longtime Winnipeg-based client, Angie, kindly connected Jacob Serebrin of The Globe and Mail with me because he mentioned a series concept he was working on that would look at people who transformed their hobby into an occupation. I had a great conversation with Jacob by telephone, all the while not realizing that he was envisioning an article focused entirely on Just the Goods. So, when it was published on January 20, you can believe I was as surprised as anyone else. WOW! What an incredible honour! So greatest thanks to Jacob and Angie for this wonderful opportunity. And I’d like to thank another longtime Winnipeg-based client, Kelly Bik, for generously sharing the photos that appeared in the article. She took them a few years ago to share as part of her professional photography blog (http://kellybikphotography.com/), and they were so great to have for this purpose, as well.

The final result is really great — please feel welcome to check out “It’s not about the packaging for vegan beauty products maker” right here: http://www.theglobeandmail.com/report-on-business/small-business/sb-growth/day-to-day/its-not-about-the-packaging-for-vegan-beauty-products-maker/article22682668/


Upcoming Event
My next in-person event is less than one week away!

Just the Goods is ever so happy to be part of the Winnipeg Etsy Street Team’s upcoming Spring sale on May 2 at Palmerson Avenue (R.A. Steen Community Centre) from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. There is a fanatic selection of handmade and vintage vendors, as well as some great providers of delicious food and drink, so be sure to join us!

As always, you’re most welcome to pre-order for local pick up! Please visit http://www.justthegoods.net and choose anything you wish to receive in-hand by entering coupon code WESTSALEVII at checkout. The deadline for pre-ordering was April 27, but since this newsletter came out later than I had hoped, I can extend the deadline to April 28. I hope this is useful =-) Thanks and see you soon!

New Products

After months of ongoing experimentation, fueled by the promise of something even better, Just the Good’s new lip balm is finally here! I came up with innumerable possibilities over the past few years, but it was only when I made the switch from shea butter to cocoa butter that things really started to fall into place.

This new and improved vegan lip balm formula is creamier, more moisturizing, and longer lasting both on lips *and* in storage, so whereas the old formula would sometimes start to feel grainy over time, this is no longer a concern. In addition to switching from a nut-based butter to cocoa butter, I’ve also added jojoba and castor oil, both of which contribute to a new level of richness. Some may be interested to know that I’ve also removed the rosemary essential oil, which ultimately contributes to lighter, sweeter flavour. All in all, I think this is the lip balm champion I’ve been looking for, and I hope you enjoy it!

Just the Goods’ new vegan mouthwash has become a fast favourite among testers, and I honestly can’t do without it. Apart from the obvious highlights that this products contains no artificial colour/flavour, no sweeteners, no alcohol, no artificial preservatives, and no fluoride, let’s take a look at what it does include and why….

  • Aloe vera gel juice is a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial, so it helps protect sensitive tissue in the mouth by controlling harmful bacteria, which furthermore assists in the fight against tooth decay. Aloe vera gel juice is also said to assist the body in the creation of collagen, which can help to strengthen weak and swollen gums.
  • Alcohol-free witch hazel is known to help reduce pain and swelling, so it is helps to care for irritated or infected gums.
  • Baking soda can be too abrasive for daily tooth brushing, but included as part of a rinse, it can help to control bad breath, discourage plaque, and assist in the healing of gums or other sores.

This mouthwash also includes three essential oils: clove is commonly used in dental care around the world to disinfect the mouth, control harmful bacteria, and relieve pain; peppermint controls bacteria while also providing a pleasant taste and delivering fresh breath; myrrh encourages healthy tissue in that it can heal gums and some mouth ulcers.

This item is available in 235 ml / 8 oz HDPE bottles or glass bottles (when the weather is warm enough to ensure the product won’t freeze and shatter the glass). It is also available in concentrated form packed in a 25 ml / 1 oz bottle in order to reduce shipping weight and related costs – just pour it into a 235 ml / 8 bottle, fill the rest of the bottle with distilled water and shake well before each use.

This next item isn’t as much new as it is something that I would like to share more widely – an extra rich moisturizing lotion that was originally developed for someone truly lovely who shared information with me about the very uncomfortable side-effects of chemotherapy treatments. She looked into some of the lotions recommended by doctors to soothe her skin, but was unhappy to see the number of petrochemicals, drying alcohols, and artificial preservatives they contained. I was prompted to do further research into the topic and learned that squalene was a particularly popular ingredient for rapidly restoring moisture to skin. However, I was bothered to see most commercial sources were animal-based (shark liver) despite it being readily available in plant form, including argan and olive oil. So these oils, combined with soothing calendula, are featured in this extra rich moisturizing lotion, which is ultimately helpful for anyone experiencing extreme dryness, whether health and/or climate related.

This product is currently available in 118 ml / 4 oz and 235 / 8 oz bottles because I will be making each bottle to to order, rather than as part of a batch as I do for products that are ordered daily such as hand/body lotion and facial moisturizer. If it becomes very popular, I can start keeping smaller sample sizes on hand.

Also in the product category, I want to let you know that I’m dropping cornstarch from my raw materials inventory! Effective immediately, bath melts will be made with tapioca starch, and the new batches of body butter will also be made with this gluten-free alternative =-) It took a while to figure out the exact ratio but, as soon as I did, I realized it was perfect! Thanks to everyone who encouraged this change – I’m thrilled I could respond.

A final note, now that there is no longer a risk of temperatures hovering below freezing in Winnipeg, I am once again able to ship hand and body lotion in glass bottles, so the 235 ml / 8 oz option has now been restored to the website.
Latest Reviews

It is always an honour to see people sharing their interest in Just the Goods. I know this takes a great deal of time and energy, so please know that I’m truly grateful! Thank you very much to Kirsten, Gemma, Ellona, MeShell, Sunny, and Anda for creating these links online!

  • Kirsten Mitchell, a contributor to Sexy Fit Vegan, shared her positive experience with Just the Goods as part of a post on April 18, 2015, called “Buying Cruelty Free Made Easy”, which shared information about an app called Cruelty-Cutter, in support of Beagle Freedom Project. To read Kirsten’s thoughts about Just the Goods, and to learn more about Cruelty-Cutter, click here: http://www.sexyfitvegan.com/cruelty-free-made-easy
  • Gemma of A Cruelty Free Life has tried a number of Just the Goods products from toothpaste and lip balm to facial care and home spa, and has covered her impression in detail over the course of various posts between November 20, 2014 – April 20, 2015. Visit this link to read more: http://acrueltyfreelife.tumblr.com
  • Aw, check out this very kind shout out from Ellonavi.com on April 9, 2015. Check it out here: http://www.ellonavi.com/new-blog-1/2015/4/9/just-the-goods
  • Fabulous vegan blogger, MeShell, drew together a fantastic collection of vegan gift items perfect for the holidays and, although the list emphasizing creations made in Toronto, she enthusiastically mentioned Just the Goods’ wholly unique approach as worth including, despite being made in Winnipeg. Aw, thanks!!! Read more about great gift ideas posted on December 6, 2014 at http://meshell.ca/blog/toronto-vegan-gift-guide-2014
  • What a delight to discover a shout out from Sunny of Vegan Beauty Review in her November 11, 2014 post, “List of 100% Vegan Beauty Brands”. Very cool =-) Thank you! http://www.veganbeautyreview.com/2014/11/list-100-vegan-beauty-brands.html
  • Anda Bailey shared the details of her recent addiction to handmade botanical bath salts and gave a shout-out to Just the Goods in a post titled “9 luxurious bath salts on etsy that will have your body thank you… “. Take a look at this link at allwomenstalk.com: http://beauty.allwomenstalk.com/luxurious-bath-salts-on-etsy-that-will-have-your-body-thank-you/7 (Date unknown)

Let’s Keep in Touch

Social media. There sure are a lot of options, huh? I do my best to keep up with the places you like to be, but I realize that some sites/interfaces are better suited for some things than others.

  • Facebook is super fun, and just about everyone has a profile, but Facebook’s policy makes it difficult to reach each person who has liked your page unless you pay considerably to “boost” exposure. If you prefer to keep in touch by Facebook, please consider adding Just the Goods to the pages you actively follow to be sure you don’t miss anything: http://www.facebook.com/justthegoods
  • Twitter is packed with great information but, even with lists, it can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming. Still, I can’t help sharing interesting articles and action items there. If you’re interested, check out @justthegoods -or-  http://www.twitter.com/justthegoods
  • Pinterest is great when I want a break to think about the food I want to eat, the gardens I’d love to see, or the dreamy architectural spaces I’d like to visit, but I can’t spend too much time there or I’ll get swept away and not get anything handmade or shipped! *Ha ha* Follow me, and the things I like, at: https://www.pinterest.com/justthegood0229/
But of all these platforms, Instagram has quickly become my favourite! I enjoy sharing a little bit of “behind the scenes” details including vegan food I’m noshing, and bits and pieces of what I’m doing while not in the lab. If images speak a thousand words, this is definitely your best place to find updates galore! Join me: @just.the.goods -or- http://www/instagram.com/just.the.goods

Final Note

You are receiving this newsletter because — as per the conditions outlined by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014 — you’ve been in touch with Just the Goods in the past either by making a purchase or requesting wholesale information within the last two years, or you have chosen to remain subscribed to this quarterly newsletter rather than choosing to click the unsubscribe link at the base of each newsletter. With that said, if you would prefer to no longer receive communications from Just the Goods, please let me know and I will remove your email address immediately. And of course, you may also unsubscribe using the MailChimp link below =-).

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! It is an absolute pleasure to handcraft natural skin and body care products, providing a healthier, small-scale alternative to the corporate “beauty industry”. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

With all my best,

Just the Goods Update – Winter/Spring 2015

Just the Goods’ latest newsletter has just been published, and you can read it online here: http://eepurl.com/bc0tXX

What’s inside?

  • Point Douglas is Still for Lovers – Feb 7 (pre-order until Feb 3)
  • Upcoming Lab Closure (order until Feb 25 for shipping on/before Feb 27)
  • Follow me on Instagram! @just.the.goods
  • 2 new products! Beard and cuticle oil + organic home spa facial steam
  • Ongoing partnership with Natural Cycle Courier
  • Giveaway winners
  • Latest media coverage

More about the two new products…

Just the Goods’ vegan conditioning oil for beards + cuticles is finally here!

Argan, jojoba, and grapeseed oil deliver essential nutrients to keep
skin and hair in top shape, vitamin e promotes repair, and a subtle
blend of lemon and Japanese peppermint essential oil offer mild
antibacterial support to prevent itchy, flaking skin.

This item can be made unscented/without essential oils on request.

facialsteam-mostsmallerUrban Earth Teas + Just the Good’s vegan facial steam for most skin types

Organic chamomile, lemon balm, borage, lavender and rose … combined, this variety of flowers and herbs does a little of everything to support clean, glowing skin for all skin types.

For more from the newsletter, click here: http://eepurl.com/bc0tXX

Just the Goods Update – Fall 2014

Hi everyone! Happy Autumn!

Temperatures are dropping in the Northern hemisphere and it’s time to pull on sweaters and boots, so I hope all of you in Australia are reveling in quite the opposite 😉 And to those of you living in places that are warm and sunny year ’round: are you looking for a roommate? *lol* But classic Canadian weather conversation aside, I hope all is well with each and everyone of you, and that you’re enjoying a new season back to school, work, etc.

I’m getting in touch today — as I like to do three or four times a year — to say hello and provide the latest news from Just the Goods. As always, I’m happy to say that there is a lot to share!

For example, JTG’s participation in Vegan Cut’s July Beauty Box was an amazing adventure! From preparing 4400 samples of hand and body lotion to watching unboxing videos and then reviews, it was an unprecedented opportunity to share Just the Goods far and wide. I loved stumbling on Instagram posts, and delighted in chatting with new people through Twitter! If you’re interested, I’ve posted links to a few of my favourite videos in the recent reviews section toward the end of this newsletter =-)


pics by alivegan, clementnine, hazeleyedvegan, mirrormarie_, missdmadigan and redemmie – thank you!!

New Products

Months in the making, I’m thrilled to announce an epic collaboration with three marvelous handmakers in the form of four care packs/gift boxes lovingly assembled to nurture a variety of needs.

Each set includes artisan organic herbal tea blended by Urban Earth Teas from Powell River (British Columbia), aromatherapeutic soy wax candles by Aboriginal collective Mother Earth Essentials from Edmonton (Alberta), aromatherapeutic soap handcrafted by Wild ReLeaf from Sault Ste-Marie (Ontario), and aromatherapeutic bath melts and aromatherapeutic oil roll-ons created by yours truly 😉


  • Get Well offers items to boost the immune system and foster recovery from cold/flu
  • Take Care features scents and flavours to bring relaxed calm and relief from stress
  • Be Vibrant is the perfect study buddy – each item helps to clear the mind and cultivate creative focus
  • Moontime cultivates balance when experiencing PMS, mensturation and/or menopause

Click here to view each set in detail

Mother Earth Essential candles are available as individual items here and Wild ReLeaf soaps are available here. Urban Earth Teas and my new range of aromatherapeutic oils are forthcoming!

Speaking of collaborations, Kim of Winnipeg-based pickle and jam superstardom, flora & farmer, has agreed to re-issue the body butter and jam gift sets that were so popular last year =-) She is in the process of finalizing her offerings for the season, so stay tuned — we’ll have more details for you asap!

Returning to what is available now, Just the Goods now carries compostable hemp paper facial oil blotting sheets made in Japan! I realize these are more handy to have during hot, humid months, but they took quite a lil’ while longer to receive in the mail than I expected 😉 Click here for details.

And yes, I’m still working on that dry shampoo I’ve been promising 😉 Tooth powder — an alternative to toothpaste — is also oh-so-close to completion! Thanks to popular demand, beard oil will soon be available and that cuticle balm I’ve been talking about is coming along, too!

Group Shipping Now Available to Toronto and Boston; Group Shipping to Montreal has sunset

I have exciting news for everyone based in Boston Massachusetts… regional group ordering is now available to you thanks to the efforts of Laurie, who has expressed interested in coordinating for your shared region!


To share and thus reduce the cost of shipping, enter the coupon code “boston” at checkout and orders placed at any time throughout the month of September will be mailed as part of one big box the first week of October. This is especially handy for smaller orders, so it’s a great way to try new items or keep your cabinet well stocked =-)

Please click here for more information about regional group ordering

Also, please note that regional group ordering to Montreal has concluded at this time. After a 6 month trial period, we discovered that people overwhelmingly preferred to have their orders shipped directly. Thanks to everyone who gave the program a try! It was nice to meet so many new people through it while it lasted! And, most of all, thanks to Rebecca Woodmass for coordinating!!

The regional group shipping code “toronto” is still active =-)

Local Events – A Workshop, A Pop-Up & A Craft Sale

Fellow Winnipeggers! Remember that time I offered a DIY home spa facial mask workshop at Generation Green at The Forks and people were reeeeeally excited, and some people wanted to attend but couldn’t due to scheduling issues? Well, Sherry and I have just decided to offer it again!

I hope you’ll be able to join us on Wednesday October 1 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. at 1 Forks Market Road! The last one was *SO MUCH FUN* so I’m well convinced that this one will be, too. Please contact generationgreenwpg@gmail.com to register. The cost of participation is $15.00 per person and included in that price is a custom face mask to bring home and try as your leisure =-)


As the season would have it, craft sales are back on my radar, whoo! What is particularly interesting is that I’ll be mixing things up a little this year by participating in an exciting new Etsy Pop Up shop managed by local handmade powerhouse, Kat, the talented metal smith behind Aelios Design.

The shop is called FLASH Handmade + Vintage Boutique and will be located at 438 Graham Ave, right on the corner of Graham & Vaughn, directly behind The Bay downtown. It will be open Monday – Saturday beginning on October 2 with an opening reception on October 1. Yes, it’s the same date as my workshop at Generation Green … I’ll be running over right after 😉 Please like FLASH on Facebook to find out more, or stay tuned through me via Facebook and/or Twitter.

Apart from that, I’ve confirmed that I will be participating in the R.A. Steen Fall Craft Sale at 980 Palmerston Avenue from 10 a.m – 4 p.m. on Saturday November 22.

There might be one more sale taking place on November 8, and possibly a home-based skip the mall event in December… I’ll keep you posted!

New Website Forthcoming

Following much deliberation, I’ve decided to switch from a shop on my own server to Shopify. Their new and improved approach to pricing will allow me to continue offering the lowest possible product prices while offering a number of significant advantages. For example, their credit card processing will ordering easier for anyone who has ever experienced a glitch or confusion with PayPal as my primary payment gateway. Beyond that, even their most simple templates look so much nicer than the one I had to start using when my behind the scenes tech maintenance became too cumbersome <=-).

I’m still building the new site – I’m doing a little bit each day – but don’t worry! http://www.justthegoods.net will still be my go-to URL, and I might even keep both sites running in tandem for a few months while working out any potential bugs. When I’m ready to make the new site the one and only, http://www.justthegoods.net will re-direct automatically =-)

Thanks for your patience with these behind the scenes activities, and biggest thanks to those still in touch from the days when my website was little more than a list of products and ordering was done entirely via email 😉 Wow… sometimes I can hardly believe how much has changed in 5 years!

Latest Reviews

It is always an honour to discover how much people enjoy using Just the Goods, and reading reviews always makes my heart do little somersaults. Thank you so much to Shaylee, Jennifer, Sara, Sunny, and Phoebe for sharing so much *awesome* enthusiasm!

  • Shaylee Anne of Cosmetically Curious received her “Vegan Cuts Beauty Box July 2014″ and reviewed each item on July 29, 2014. She had lovely things to say about JTG’s hand and body lotion. Read more here.
  • Jennifer of A Vintage Vanity documented her July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box unboxing and also got a kick out of JTG’s hand and body lotion. Watch the video here.
  • Sara Deschamps of The Compassionate Glutton discussed her experience with JTG’s facial care line for acne prone skin in “Breakouts are so 10 years ago” on July 30, 2014. View the complete post here.
  • Sunny Subramanian of Vegan Beauty Review co-curated the July Vegan Cuts Beauty Box and, on August 6, 2014, she shared her personal thoughts about each of the items included including Just the Goods’ hand and body lotion. Check it out here. A video accompanies this post and can be viewed here.
  • And this Vine posted by Phoebe Dykstra is just so totes adorbs! I can’t help but share it yet again =-) Click for a giggle


Upcoming Temporary Lab Closure

Please note that the lab will be closed December 23, 2104 – January 4, 2015. The last day to place and/or pick up orders will be December 19, 2014. The last batch of orders for the season will be shipped on December 22. Orders placed between December 20 – January 4 will be handmade and shipped as quickly as possible beginning January 5.

Planning ahead, please note that the lab will also be closed March 3 – 19, 2015, but I’ll have more details about that later in the new year =-)

Final Note

You are receiving this newsletter because — as per the conditions outlined by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014 — you’ve been in touch with Just the Goods in the past either by making a purchase or requesting wholesale information within the last two years, or you have chosen to remain subscribed to this quarterly newsletter rather than choosing to click unsubscribe. With that said, if you would prefer to no longer receive communications from Just the Goods, please let me know and I will remove your email address immediately. You may also unsubscribe using the MailChimp link below =-).

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! It is an absolute pleasure to handcraft natural skin and body care products, providing a healthier, small-scale alternative to the corporate “beauty industry”. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

All bests to you!
— Milena

Just the Goods, Winnipeg MB
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Just the Goods is certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program and a
Compact for Safe Cosmetics CHAMPION!
Read more here: http://safecosmetics.org/article.php?id=913

Just the Goods Update – Spring 2014: New accomplishments, new products, new collaborations, group buying in Montreal, and more!

Happy Spring, everyone!

I hope you’re at the beginning of a wonderful week!

I’m writing to you today because it’s my pleasure to be in touch three or four times a year to send greetings and share JTG’s latest news. It has been quite a while since my last newsletter, so this one is jam packed with all kinds of exciting tidbits ranging from new accomplishments, new products and new collaborations, to the exciting announcement of group buying in Montreal, and then some! Please read on…

Just the Goods is now Leaping Bunny Certified!

After months of activity behind the scenes including communicating with raw materials establishing protocols and sharing all necessary information, I am deeply honoured to announce that the Coalition for Consumer Information on Cosmetics has declared Just the Goods’ products to be officially cruelty free via its Leaping Bunny Program. This announcement was confirmed at the end of November and — not too long after — I received a formal document recognizing my efforts in this respect. Honestly, this is the first piece of paper I’ve ever received that really felt like something wonderful, and I can’t tell you how happy I am to merge genuinely safe cosmetics formulas with production practices that meet a well respected cruelty-free standard. Thank you for welcoming me on board, Leaping Bunny!

New Products

If you’re connected to Just the Goods via Twitter or Facebook, you may already know about a few new products I’ve recently launched. The first being two types of facial scrubs handmade by me, Just the Goods: one for most skin types, and one for sensitive skin. Offering them in a dry format means far less risk of the product spoiling prematurely, while also providing the option to customize your experience with rose water, lavender water, and/or aloe vera gel juice, if desired. These scrubs also conveniently double as cleansing masks if you choose to let them rest on your skin for 15 – 20 minutes before rinsing. Handy!

Apart from this, I’m thrilled to offer soap by not one, but two fabulous handmakers! Liisa of Wild ReLeaf based in Sault Sainte Marie (Ontario) creates luxuriously foaming bars in a delicious range of mild scents, and Angela of Ground Soap based in Cornwall (Ontario), produces stunning bars that also work very nicely as shampoo!

Wild ReLeaf bars are already available at Just the Goods, and my first order from Ground Soap should arrive in just a few more days. Keep in touch by social media to find out the moment I’ve added them to my website =-)


I love teaming up with other makers and do-ers and movers and shakers because I truly believe that we’re traveling in the same direction and that we’re stronger when we do it together! The following are a few partnership-related news tidbits that stand out:

  • In December I partnered with Women’s Voices for the Earth to present the 2013 Non-Toxic Shopping Guide. A fun and informative tweet-chat took shape and I enjoyed giving away a skin care sample set to a lucky winner. Another giveaway is in the works… stay tuned! And of course, if you haven’t already had a chance to download this handy document, please find it here: http://www.womensvoices.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/11/2013-Non-Toxic-Shopping-Guide.pdf
  • Earlier this month, a selection of 10 Just the Goods’ body basics were added to My Farmer’s Market, a fabulous new grocery delivery service for Winnipeggers that specializes in locally grown produce. The inventory of available goods is growing all the time, with more delicious vegan items being added weekly, so check it out! Buying local and organic has never been easier!
  • West-end Winnipeggers will be happy to know that a great selection of body basics and fragrant body treats is also now available at Organic Planet, a much beloved Wolseley mainstay. I just dropped off some deodorant, shaving cream, lip balm and more… Whooo!

  • Generation Green at the Forks has invited me to host a workshop in their beautiful retail space on Thursday, April 24 from 6:30 – 8:30 p.m. I’ll help participants establish their skin type and choose the best ingredients to make and enjoy safe/non-toxic spa quality clay facials at home. I’ll bring all the ingredients necessary, and each participant will get to take home their customized skin care creation. The cost of registration is $15.00 per person. To join us, please contact generationgreenwpg@gmail.com =-)

Shipping-related news for those in Montreal

The concept has been brewing for years, and the exact details took a few months to confirm, but I’m thrilled to finally announce that Just the Goods is now offering regional group buying for those living in Montreal!

What this means is that anyone in Montreal can place an order at http://www.justthegoods.net then have their order mailed as part of one big box sent monthly to a fabulous person who will distribute each order locally. The cost of shipping will reduce dramatically, amounting to a figure between $1.00 – $5.00 per person depending on the number of participants in a given month.

This fabulous deal is being offered on a trial basis – if it’s popular, we’ll continue for as long as possible. The deadline to be included in the first order is Monday, March 31. For more information about group buying in Montreal, please click here: http://shop.justthegoods.net/?page_id=3704.

PS. Please feel welcome to get in touch if you’d like to coordinate group buying in your city!

Shipping-related news for those in the United States – Add tracking to any parcel under 1 kg

As many of you already know, Just the Goods is committed to honest and affordable pricing. Product prices are therefore not inflated to create the illusion of cheap or free shipping, which ultimately provides better value for each item, no matter where you live. For more information about this, please click here: http://shop.justthegoods.net/?page_id=140

To facilitate low cost shipping, Just the Goods’ standard rates to the United States do not include tracking. But, thanks to your requests, it is now possible to add tracking to any order under 1 kilogram (35 oz)! Tracking is automatically included in the shipping cost of parcels that weight more than 1 kilogram as they are required to ship by expedited mail rather than standard air mail. If you select this option but tracking is already included in your shipping rate, this amount will be refunded =-).

Latest reviews and interviews

Other recent scribblings from Just the Goods… in case you’re interested

Final Note

You are receiving this newsletter because you’ve been in touch with Just the Goods in the past. If you would prefer to not receive communications from Just the Goods, please let me know and I will remove your email address immediately. You may also unsubscribe using the links below – I won’t take it personally =-)

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! It is an absolute pleasure to handcraft natural skin and body care products, providing a healthier, small-scale alternative to the corporate “beauty industry”. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

With all my best,

Just the Goods profiled at Whole Nourishment

What a delight!! Katie of Switzerland-based blog, Whole Nourishment, contacted me a few weeks ago to ask if I would like to be profiled and I must say that the pleasure was all mine! Katie asked a great range of questions, and I truly enjoyed the opportunity to reply. If you’d like to read about what inspires me to make Just the Goods, please click through! And there are more profiles to come featuring other people each committed to healthier bodies and Earth =-)

Thanks again for including me, Katie =-) =-)