End-of-Year Production and Temporary Lab Closure News

Hello!! In case you were wondering, Just the Goods will be closed from December 18 – January 2 this year, which makes December 9 the last day to order for shipment in 2016.


Orders received by this date will be mailed December 14 (USA), December 15 (Canada/International), or may be picked up at the lab on December 17 between 12 – 4 pm during a lil ‘open house with vegan treats prepared by Organic Planet Worker Co-Op 😊

Orders placed December 10 – January 2 will be handmade as quickly as possible upon my return 😊 Thank you!! ❄♥


Changes — a post for clients in Winnipeg

Hello Winnipeg! This post is for you!


In the past 24 hours, some things have changed. Some is bad news, and I’m sorry about that, but it has led to what I hope will be good news 😊

I am grateful for your online orders — it helps me make Just the Goods my full time occupation! However, in order to continue offering public wholesale prices, I need to allocate my energy as carefully as possible because overextending myself is not sustainable. As it turns out, the bicycle courier with whom I’ve been working since Natural Cycle Courier closed feels the same way.

😿 The bad news: I have had to cancel my participation at WEST Fall Market on November 5 *and* Ghost Rider Messenger informed me a few hours ago that it is no longer able to work with Just the Goods at current rates.

😺 The goods news: I will be offering free monthly pick ups at the lab on a trial basis until the end of the year 🙂

🌼Orders placed by Saturday, October 15 can be picked up at the lab on Saturday, October 22 from 12:00 – 4:00 pm

🌼 Orders placed October 16 – November 19 can be picked up at the lab on Saturday, November 26 from 12:00 – 4:00 pm

🌼Orders placed November 20 – December 10 can be picked up at the lab on Saturday, December 17.

🌟 Bonus: December 17 will be an open house event set up like a mini market with cider and vegan treats available for those in attendance 😊 More news about that is forthcoming!

🌟 + I will be attending Vegan Handmade Market on December 3 as a shopper, and I can absolutely bring orders with me for those who will also be there and want to meet up between 10:00 – 11:00 am. I’ll post news about that in November 😊

As Just the Goods, I’m committed to handmaking the healthiest possible skin, body, and hair care products, while also pricing them as affordably as possible. For details about I price, please visit: http://bit.do/JTGpricing. I can make quality products and I can make them affordable, but — at such intentionally low prices — I can not make them faster, nor can I maintain retail space / pay someone a living wage to answer the door for pick ups. And, since I’m reminded again and again why my original goal of offering affordable pricing for healtheir self care products is essential, my decisions always seek to align. With all that said, don’t forget: if you ever need Just the Goods products faster, you can always go to Generation Green at the Forks, which is open 7 days a week and carries the largest selection of JTG body basis apart from my website 😊 They’re wonderful and you’ll surely find other wonderful things you didn’t know you needed 😉

Thank you in advance for your patience and understanding — I’m excited about continuing to handmake JTG for you! 💕

Just The Goods Event Schedule


With my first of three events coming up next weekend, it occurred to me that an “at a glance” schedule might be a good thing to share 😉 So, here it is!

✔ September 24: Etsy Made in Canada, 181 Higgins
✔ October 13 – 16: Etsy Boutique at Scattered Seeds, Red River Ex
✔ November 5: Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Fall Market, 290 Dubuc

To pre-order for pick up on September 24, please use coupon code “madeincanada2016” at http://www.justthegoods.net by September 18 😊

To pre-order for pick up on November 5 please use coupon code “fall2016” at http://www.justthegoods.net by October 30 😊

If there is enough demand, I might be able to offer a day of local ups at the lab on a Saturday in December … If this appeals to you, please let me know!

Build a business on your own terms — Sept 15 from 6 – 8 pm at 55 Arthur Street, Winnipeg


Just the Goods has always been a lil’ bit contrarian. I know growth relies on factoring wholesale and distribution pricing, but I’m less interested in growth than in sustainability. I know people like sales (ie. Black Friday) and don’t like to pay for shipping, but I’m troubled by inflated pricing that frames the illusion of discounts + conceals real shipping costs, so I’d rather be transparent and offer public wholesale pricing year ’round and charge the real cost of shipping for sake of honestly (and to not erase the labour of postal workers). I’m not into lifestyle branding, and politely say no thanks to buying celebrity endorsements or space in Oscars/Emmys bags + major fashion magazines. I’ve received tons of unsolicited opinion calling me foolish over the past 7 years 😊

I’m delighted to participate in “Build a Business on your own Terms”, an event presented by @EtsyCA and Entrepreneurship Manitoba (@mbgovbusiness) taking place on September 15 from 6 – 8 pm at 55 Arthur Street (Winnipeg). All are welcome to join free of charge, but it is kindly requested that you RSVP at http://bit.do/Sept15, which not only helps the event organisers plan for your attendance, but more interestingly gives you the chance to win $500 toward the development of your own indie project.

“Join Etsy and Entrepreneurship Manitoba for a panel discussion and workshop around building a business on your own terms […] From re-defining success to managing business growth in unconventional ways, this talk will challenge the way you think about building your small business.

Hear from a panel of local makers and entrepreneurs including Danika Bock (shop owner at Tiny Feast), Lindsay Dandeneau (Business Consultant for Entrepreneurship Manitoba), Milena Lye (Just the Goods), Nick Danzinger (owner of @polargrinders). You’ll leave this event with key strategies to run a creative business and have the opportunity to speak 1 on 1 with panel guests, Etsy admin and successful sellers about branding, the ins and outs of running an online shop, getting ready for wholesale, and more.”

This event is presented in conjunction with Winnipeg Design Festival — see you there!

See you at Etsy Made in Canada Manitoba Edition on Saturday, September 24!

I’m delighted to announce that Just The Goods will be participating in this year’s Etsy Made in Canada – Manitoba Edition 2016 on Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at Neeginan Centre Inc. (181 Higgins Avenue, Winnipeg). Whoo!

I’m planning to be at only two sales this year — and this is one of them — so it’ll be a great opportunity for us to meet in person!

I’ll attempt to bring as much as I can of my 150+ product catalogue, but since that’s awfully difficult to do, I readily welcome you to pre-order at http://www.justthegoods.net by September 18 using the coupon code

>> MadeinCanada2016 <<

Doing so will waive your shipping/local courier fee, and indicate to me that I should bring your order with me so you can pick it up at any time you wish during the official hours of the event. Super easy, and you’ll always get exactly what you want without having to worry about arriving in time. A great option, especially if you’re like me and prefer a late, leisurely breakfast 😉 *lol*

I’m looking forward to seeing you at this event! If it’s anything like last year’s inaugural event, this is going to be fantastic!!

ps. The graphic reads 11 – 4, but it’s definitely 10 – 4 🙂

Just the Goods Newsletter – Summer/Fall 2016

Exciting changes to US shipping, upcoming end-of-summer closure notice,
new limited edition product, and more!

Hello everyone,

Happy Summer! I hope you’re finding time to play in the sun, rest under trees, and watch plants and animals grow =-)

Summer/Fall 2016… Meep! No one wants to think about autumn quite yet, and it surely seems too soon for another newsletter, but I have *so* much to share and ultimately decided sending one extra communiqué this year will be worthwhile, especially for clients based in the US. Please read on for details…

Deepest thanks and best wishes always!

Shipping news for clients in the US

I am thrilled to announce that Just the Goods now ships to the US – from the US – via USPS, which means lower shipping rates for all US clients including access to flat rate shipping boxes (great for orders over 1 kg / 35 oz), and tracking + insurance automatically added to all parcels without additional cost or effort.

The first three weeks operating under this new procedure have been successful and, going forward, parcels will be driven from Winnipeg to Pembina (ND) every Thursday, excluding weeks when Just the Goods is closed, of course. Tracking numbers will be forwarded directly via USPS and shipping will now take an average of 1 – 4 days after mailing, instead of 10. Rush shipping from Canada (via Canada Post or UPS) is still available. Please enquire before making very time sensitive purchases.

This change has been a long time in the making – thank you for your patience while I assessed viability and found someone fully committed to driving three hours each week and clear customs at the border on my behalf 😉

Shipping news for local, national and other international clients

Those within Winnipeg who receive parcels via local courier will also experience a shipping-related change. Natural Cycle Courier closed operations after serving Winnipeg for 17 years, so I’ve worked out special rates with Ghost Rider Messenger, who is similarly able to deliver to all accessible locations within the Perimeter; however, delivery will now take place within 1 business day (most often on the same Thursday the parcel is picked up). The cost of local courier is now now $6.75 for any parcel under 1 kg to any address within the Perimeter with an accessible mailbox, safe drop location, or where someone is available during regular business hours to receive the parcel in person. Thank you!

Finally, shipping news for all other clients: Those in Canada may know that Canada Post has agreed to a 30 day extension on current labour negotiations, which means employees who work hard to maintain a well functioning, public network over such an expansive landmass will not fear being locked out of their jobs, nor will they need to take strike action at this time. As such, I am continuing to ship as usual to locations across Canada and around the world, with pleasure! Still, I have retained shipping by UPS as an available option on the website, for those who prefer it. Please be confident that I will not made arbitrary switches between carriers: if you choose Canada Post, I will ship with that method; likewise if you choose UPS. Thanks!

Upcoming Temporary Closure

My recent travels were fantastic – I came back invigorated and inspired, and I was blown away by the sheer volume of orders that arrived during my absence – thank you! In contrast, things quiet down a little in the summer, which I hope means that everyone is spending time outdoors having fun! And, knowing that things once again become wonderfully busy in September (and continue straight through until the end of May), I’ve learned that it’s a good idea to schedule rest and relaxation at the end of each summer.

As such, Just the Goods will be closed August 26 – September 3. Orders placed by Friday, August 19 will be mailed by August 25. Orders placed August 20 – September 3 will be handmade and shipped as quickly as possible thereafter. Orders involving in-stock items will be shipped on September 8 and all other orders will be shipped on September 15. I have decided to limit my access to email from August 27 to September 3 and will therefore reply to all messages when I return. Thanks!

New Product

It has been a while since I released a new product, and this one is unique in that I can only offer it as a very small batch, limited edition item.

Celebrating the height of summer, this facial mask features two of my favourite things: vibrant matcha and aromatic, home grown lavender!

Kaolin is a mild yet effective clay suitable for all skin types selected for its ability to absorb accumulated oil and dirt from pores without over-drying. Organic AOI matcha is prized as a high quality beverage — applied to skin, it promotes cellular regeneration and decreases sebum production making it beneficial to all skin types, particularly when weathehttps://justthegoods.net/products/limited-edition-vegan-matcha-lavender-jasmine-facial-mask-for-most-skin-typesr is hot and humid. Lavender also stimulates cellular regeneration while offering mild antibacterial support that leaves skin feeling fresh and clean. Jasmine is softening, mildly exfoliating, and promotes radiance, which is useful for all skin types, but especially great any time skin feels dull or dry and needs a boost.

This product is suitable for most skin types. It contains no essential oils, but does include a large quantity of recently dried and freshly ground lavender, so it is fragrant and thus potentially not suitable for those allergic to botanical ingredients.

There are only 6 tins available, and when they’re gone, they’re gone… until maybe next summer 😉

Find it here: https://justthegoods.net/products/limited-edition-vegan-matcha-lavender-jasmine-facial-mask-for-most-skin-types.

Product Packing Changes

When developing Just the Goods products, I carefully consider how packaging will promote both safety and affordability. Safety is reflected in my choice of heavy glass and/or BPA-free plastics; affordability comes into play by maintaining uniform bottle sizes and caps, thus limiting the range of things I need to order/ship so I can take advantage of volume-based discounts.

I recently learned the perfume bottles I’ve been using for the past few years have started to leak during shipping, especially in winter when the perfume freezes and expands while the packaging contracts and ultimately prevents effective sealing. I’ve chosen another type of perfume bottle – a more traditional vial without a roller-ball and I feel confident it will perform much better. I am in the process of switching over to those soon – please stay tuned!

I’ve also decided that it’s time to offer resealable pouches for body scrubs, which means less weight and a smaller carbon footprint for shipping, which also means lower shipping costs. The same packaging will now be used for bath salts, bath melts, and facial scrubs. I hope this decision will increase access to the body scrubs in particular, many of which have recently become EWG VERIFIED.

Upcoming Local Event

Those in Winnipeg may be interested to know that Just the Goods has been accepted to participate in Etsy Made in Canada 2016 on Saturday, September 24 from 10:00 am – 4:00 pm at the same location, Neeginan Centre (181 Higgins Ave). As always, I welcome pre-orders from http://www.justthegoods.net for pick up at this event – please use the coupon code MadeinCanada2016 by September 18, and I’ll meet you there with everything you choose!

Other events for the fall/winter season will be announced as they are confirmed – follow me on social media for the news as soon as it becomes available (*Hint: One of them includes Scattered Seeds!*)

Cooking + Home Spa Stress Management Retreat

The stress relieving cooking + home spa retreat co-hosted with integrative nutrition health coach Katie Schmidt of Whole Nourishment (http://www.wholenourishment.net) in St Gallen, Switzerland at the end of May was a fantastic success! We are thrilled so many people were able to join us for a packed day of discussion, making, and eating on a holiday long weekend, and we deeply appreciate all the wonderful feedback we received. At this time I would once again like to thank Mara from Urban Earth Teas (http://www.urbanearth.ca) and Angela of Ground Soap (http://www.groundsoap.com) for their kind contributions to the participant gift bags, which were greatly enjoyed!

Katie and are I definitely interested in co-hosting another event in the future that once again combines easy to prepare foods that help our bodies thrive with home spa self-care practices that promote comfort and rest, and we’re already mulling over possible dates and/or locations. Our principal criteria involves us being on the same continent at the same time, which will be North America next July (2017).

We established this time of year is not good for an event in Winnipeg due to all of the festivals taking place… but we’re wondering, what about other cities? Katie and I are both willing to travel within Canada and/or the US … Are you interested in helping us find the perfect event space + promote the event within the area? If so, please get in touch – we’d love to chat!

Just the Goods is EWG VERIFIED™

Just the Goods has partnered with Environmental Working Group to become EWG VERIFIED™

Environmental Working Group is a non-profit, non-partisan organization dedicated to protecting human health and the environment. It’s mission is to empower people to live healthier lives in a healthier environment, and it does this with breakthrough research and education to drive consumer choice and civic action. Just the Goods is grateful for it’s commitment to rigorous scientific inquiry and unwavering standards.

As of today, 26 Just the Goods products have been accepted into the program, and I’m continuing to add as many others as I can, as quickly as possible. Twenty seven makers worldwide have now accepted and met EWG’s challenge to offer only the safest cosmetics and personal care products. The standards are high — as the should well be — and I will continue to emphasize the importance of being not only vegan and cruelty-free, but wholly committed to safety at the same time.

To quickly view which Just the Goods products are EWG VERIFIED™, please click here: http://www.ewg.org/skindeep/search.php?query=just+the+goods&h=Search.

Recent Media Coverage

Final Note

You are receiving this newsletter because — as per the conditions outlined by the Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation that came into effect July 1, 2014 — you’ve been in touch with Just the Goods in the past either by making a purchase or requesting wholesale information within the last two years, or you have chosen to remain subscribed to this quarterly newsletter rather than choosing to click the unsubscribe link at the base of each newsletter. With that said, if you would prefer to no longer receive communications from Just the Goods, please let me know and I will remove your email address immediately. And of course, you may also unsubscribe using the link below =-).

As always, thank you for your ongoing support! It is an absolute pleasure to handcraft natural skin and body care products, providing a healthier, small-scale alternative to the corporate “beauty industry”. I wouldn’t be able to do it without you!

With all my best,

Just the Goods (Winnipeg, MB)
handmade natural + affordable skincare for everyone

Instagram: @just.the.goods
Twitter: @justthegoods
Facebook: @justthegoods

Winnipeg Etsy Street Team Market Spring 2016

I’m delighted to announce that Just the Goods will be participating in the Spring 2016 edition of WEST Etsy Market on Saturday, April 30! Yay! I’m looking forward to seeing you there! As always, I’ll try to bring as much as I possibly can, but with over 150 products available for skin, hair, and home spa, I find the best way to get what you need is to let me know in advance.


To pre-order for pick up, please place your order by Sunday, April 24 at http://www.justthegoods.net using the coupon code WESTSpring2016 and I’ll meet you at the sale! Thanks so much and see you soon!

Sunday, April 30
11:00 am – 4:00 pm
St James Civic Centre – 2055 Ness Avenue, Winnipeg

Upcoming Workshop at the Winnipeg Art Gallery

Great news! I’ve been asked to host a springtime themed DIY skin care workshop at Winnipeg Art Gallery as part of the their Maker Lab series in March, and I’d love for you to be there! Together we’ll make 3 products customized to the preferences of each participant using cruelty-free plant-based ingredients, mostly dried flowers and herbs. It’s going to be awesome! Registration is now open for either the session on Wednesday, March 16 or Monday, March 21 (both from 7:00 – 9:00 pm) and advance registration is required, so please feel welcome to click here for further details and to become involved: http://bit.do/springworkshop.


Ps. If you’re attending this workshop and would like to place an order for pick up when we meet in person, please contact me and I’ll provide coupon code details 🙂


Updated event… Join Just the Goods in St. Gallen, Switzerland!

Yes, it’s true. When I first announced that Just the Goods would be co-hosting a Stress Relieving Cooking + Home Spa Retreat with Switzerland-based Integrative Nutrition Health Coach Katie Schmidt of Whole Nourishment (http://www.wholenourishment.net) May 27 – 29, I did say that it would take place in Barcelona. Since that time, Katie and I have had an opportunity to re-think our plans, ultimately deciding that we will be able to offer a better event if hosted in St Gallen. And, given that most of our registrants booked to date are from that general area, it seemed like natural choice.

retreat-st gallen

For those still deciding to attend, I’m confident this change will be enjoyed as I have – by great coincidence – already visited St. Gallen back in 2008 when I was still a curator of contemporary art, and Just the Goods had not yet entered my imagination. I remember being captured by its gorgeous landscape, elegant architecture, and abundant arts and culture, including a large-scale and literally vibrant public artwork, Roter Platz, by Swiss artist Pipilotti Rist.

St. Gallen is located only one hour away from Zürich by train, which gives participants the opportunity to either stay in small and beautiful St. Gallen, or cosmopolitan Zürich, whichever they prefer. We hope you’ll join us!



Workshop details…

Stress depletes body and mind, but with the right tools and strategies, taking time for ourselves to recharge at home could not be easier or more beneficial. At this retreat, we’ll share gentle and effective approaches to ease anxiety, soothe irritated dry skin, boost energy and alertness, and replenish depleted nutrients through simple and nourishing at-home cooking and skincare rituals to unlock your potential to feel good in your body and thrive during times of stress.

Join us for..

  • 8 cooking and skincare demonstrations
  • Custom-made body scrubs and facial masks to take home
  • Handouts on relevant nutrition topics, cooking formulas, recipes, and meal prep strategies
  • Enriching conversation on self-care, comfort food, and stress management
  • Meals and snacks throughout the retreat
  • Gift bag for each participant

Registration is now open, so visit http://www.wholenourishment.net/retreat-2016-overview to learn more and get involved! See you soon!

Please note… Just the Goods will be closed while I’m in Europe for this event and related travel. I welcome you to keep in touch with me via social media for details on my production schedule prior to my departure. Thanks!

Whole Nutrition and Just the Goods to Co-Host 3-day Springtime Stress Relieving Cooking + Home Spa Retreat in Barcelona

For Immediate Release: January 15, 2016

GALLEN (Switzerland) & WINNIPEG (Canada) – Katie Schmidt of Whole Nourishment and Milena Placentile of Just the Goods will team up to deliver a three-day cooking and skincare daytime retreat in Barcelona (Spain) from May 27 – 29, 2016 designed to help participants overcome the adverse effects of accumulated daily stress.

Stress depletes body and mind, but with the right tools and strategies, taking time for ourselves to recharge at home could not be easier or more beneficial.  When stressed, individuals often wish they had gentle and effective approaches to ease anxiety, sooth irritated and dry skin, boost energy and alertness, and replenish depleted nutrients. Over the course of this retreat, the hosts will share their top secrets for simple and nourishing at-home cooking and skincare rituals that will unlock potential to feel good and thrive during times of stress.

Highlights of this retreat

Katie Schmidt of Whole Nourishment will be in the kitchen:

  • cooking up simple and tasty plant-based meals that ease anxiety and provide lasting energy
  • sharing cooking formulas for effortless weekday meal planning and cooking
  • revealing daily rituals to optimize the healing and nourishing power of plant-based foods
  • sharing simple strategies to support gut health and improve digestion and mood

Milena Placentile of Just the Goods will show you how to create a home spa environment and:

  • identify positive features of healthier skin care products while highlighting ingredients to avoid
  • explore the multiple ways adequate, healthy moisture contributes to skin and body wellness
  • share tips for creating the perfect all-sensory spa getaway at home
  • welcome participants to create custom body scrubs and facial masks to take home, use and enjoy

Schmidt and Placentile chose Barcelona as the site for this retreat owing to their mutual love for the city developed over past independent traveling experiences over the years. Placentile points out that, “in addition to being a beautiful city with great weather and a welcoming energy, Barcelona also features a major airport hub, plentiful accommodations, effective public transit, and — most pleasantly — a growing interest in mindful plant-based / vegan lifestyle choices”.

On the topic of a plant-based cooking, Schmidt notes “today’s Western diet has moved us away from cooking and eating plant-based whole foods. We are an overfed and undernourished society that has lost touch with the healing nature of real food. No matter the diet we follow – paleo, vegan, or another – the best gift we can give ourselves, especially during stressful times, is acquiring the skills and confidence to cook fresh, nutritious, plant-centered meals at home.”

Retreat Details

When: May 27-29, 2016

Where: La Salsamenta Cooking Studio (c/ Escorial 191, 08024 Barcelona, Spain)

What’s Included:

  • 8 cooking and skincare demonstrations, ranging from 60-90 minutes
  • Custom-made body scrubs and facial masks to take home
  • Handouts on relevant nutrition topics, cooking formulas, recipes, and meal prep strategies
  • Enriching conversation on unique solutions for stress management, nourishing comfort food, natural skin care, and self-care
  • Inspired meals and snacks throughout the retreat
  • Gift bag with handmade skincare products and edible goodies for each participant

Cost: 475€


Space is limited. For more detailed information including the retreat schedule, and to register, please visit: http://www.wholenourishment.net/retreat-2016-overview/


La Salsamenta, Barcelona, Spain

Whole Nourishment celebrates the beauty and healing nature of plant-based whole foods, mindful self-care, and wellness as a lifestyle. Founder, Katie Schmidt, expresses her mission as a desire to share satisfyingly healthy and approachable recipes and her Whole Nourishment philosophy in order to equip others with everyday solutions to achieve wellness in the kitchen and beyond. This is accomplished with regular food and wellness posts for blog followers, local plant-based nutrition and cooking workshops, and 1:1 Health Coaching work with clients seeking to make positive, sustainable changes to their diet and lifestyle. Schmidt holds a Bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas in Health Education and Spanish (2006) and a Masters of Public Health in Epidemiology from Emory University (2008). She became a Certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach through the New York-based Institute for Integrative Nutrition (2014). There she learned from the world’s top health and wellness experts, studying over 100 dietary theories that drew from ancient traditions of Eastern medicine and modern nutrition for leading a more balanced, nourishing, and mindful lifestyle. Visit: http://www.wholenourishment.net

As a former curator of contemporary art, Just the Goods founder, Milena Placentile, has taken 15 years experience working in non-profit / educational contexts and applied it to her current practice as a handmaker of plant and mineral-based skin and body care products. Just the Goods is focused on self-care rather than the narrow framework of “beauty”, and prioritizes safe ingredients, transparent labelling, and accessible pricing. Just the Goods has served clients worldwide for over 6 years operating on the belief that every day indulgences shouldn’t cost the earth or our health. Granted Champion status by the Campaign for Safe Cosmetics, Just the Goods demonstrates that it is both possible and affordable to look and feel great without unnecessary exposure to petrochemicals, parabens, sulfates, phthalates, and artificial fragrances, dyes, and flavours. Everything handcrafted by Just the Goods features vegan ingredients certified cruelty-free by the Leaping Bunny Program. Just the Goods is also an official partner of Humane Society International, and is a Women’s Voices for the Earth No Secrets Business Partner. Visit: http://www.justthegoods.net

La Salsamenta takes a passion for food and manifests it as a professional cooking and workshop space set in a charming domestic environment centrally located in Barcelona’s popular Gracia neighborhood adjacent to Park Güell, a notable destination to view works by famed architect, Antonio Gaudí. Also popular for its outdoor space, La Salsamenta’s hidden garden ensures for a relaxing escape from the bustle of an active and spirited city, and provides the perfect environment to both unwind and learn at a comfortable pace. Visit: http://www.lasalsamenta.com