Where to Buy

Providing genuinely natural alternatives to mass produced, petrochemical-based products at an honest and accessible price is my number one priority. To view the complete line of Just the Goods products available at public wholesale rates, please visit: http://www.justthegoods.net.

With that said, I’m always happy to partner with progressive retailers when approached. The list below features an amazing selection of pro-social and eco-friendly businesses and/or collectives committed to distributing independently handmade goods. I appreciate their understanding of my unique approach to working that is not fixated on achieving maximum profit at any cost, and I admire the work they do in their respective communities! I highly recommend visiting them… not only if you need Just the Goods right away, but because they’re super cool and you’ll surely enjoy everything they have to offer!


  • At the Root – 235 Sherburn Street (West End)
    Deodorant roll-on and lip balm
  • Generation Green at the Forks – 1 Forks Market Road #155 (The Forks)
    The largest available selection of facial care, body care, home spa, and giftables
  • Greenwood Naturals (online)
  • Natural Cycle Courier’s Best of Winnipeg (online)
    Coming soon!
  • Nature Doctors – 1200 Waverley St, Suite 7 (Lindenwoods)
    Selected facial and body care
  • Neechi Niche at Neechi Commons – 865 Main Street (North End)
    Selected facial care, deodorant, body butter, perfume, and bath salts
  • Organic Planet Worker’s Co-Op – 877 Westminster Avenue (Wolseley)
    Selected shopkeeper favourites
  • Tara Davis Studio Boutique – 246 McDermot Avenue (The Exchange District)
    Selected facial care, deodorant, and body butter







Big shout to Mondragon Bookstore & Coffeehouse, an amazing workers’ cooperative that closed January 2014 after 18 years of service to the community — it was a pleasure and honour collaborating with you!

Deepest affection to Sew Dandee, which — in its incarnation as a retail storefront — served as Winnipeg’s centre for handmade goods for 8 years. As of October 2014, Sew Dandee took on new shape, and that’s exciting! Thanks for letting JTG join your wild and wonderful ride in Osborne Village <3.

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