Client Reviews

Thank you so much for your email, I really appreciate you spending the time writing to me and explaining everything in details, this is an amazing personal touch that customers don’t get when dealing with huge corporations, please continue to do this after you grow to become a major global company 🙂 […] Thank you again for the great level of attention you give your customers, you deserve all the best for you and your great business 🙂
— MK, San Francisco, via email

Just got my shipment and I’m so excited.  My daughter came home with some of your products that she bought in the village when she was out with her friends.  She and her friends love your stuff! I tried some of your stuff off and on over the years – upon [X’s] constant recommendations, and always liked it but never took time for myself or the time to think about my skin.  Now my daughters’ have started to think about skin care, etc and they are so much more educated on the subject.  My eldest daughter, X, only wants to use your products. -says she’ll even use her own babysitting money!  We went on your website last week and couldn’t stop reading, absorbing all you had to say – incredible and enlightening like crazy! -really important information for all of us but I’m especially happy and grateful to you for giving my teenage girls so much knowledge on so many subjects.
— TC, Winnipeg, via email

I wanted to write to update you and say thank you so much for creating such a wonderful product. // After about a month of using the just the goods projects my cystic acne is beginning to clear!!! I immediately saw a reduction in redness/irritation of the skin, followed by lessening of new bumps and now finally, reduction of existing cysts. // I also love the smell of the oils in the products! I think my favorite product has to be the spot treatment. It is amazing how much it helps reduce a pimple overnight! // I am so happy to find something that works for my skin. I have found that using the acne prone products overnight and when I don’t have to wear makeup and then the normal products when I have to wear makeup has worked best for me. I just reordered!
— HD, Ohio, via email

❤ Thank you so much!!! Love your products. Esp the face wash, moisturizer and body butter! Have a wonderful day
— OM, New Mexico, via email

thank you for being rad and having great customer service! now go back to your vacation and smile at the abundant amount of love for your work!
— Y, new york, via email

I wanted to send you a note to say thank you. I placed order [x] on December 10th.  It was shipped on the 17th and I received a tracking number and it arrived at my doorstep on the 22nd.  Everything about the ordering and shipping was easy, quick and user-friendly. Then, I tried all the wonderful products!  I am in love with ‘Just the Goods’.  Thank you so much for such wonderful products!  I purchased some items for my sister-in-law for Christmas and some products for me.  In particular, the facial wash is incredible.  I do not need much at all, and it lathers up nicely.  My skin feels great. Additionally, the whipped body butter and the hand and body lotion are both so decadent.  I am so happy to have come across your company. I felt I just had to write you to tell you how wonderful I think you and your company is. I will definitely be ordering again!
— LM, Burlington, via email

I am so grateful to have found your website. I love your mission, compassion and cruelty free, vegan products. I have post menopausal acne. I have tried many products to control my blemishes but every product dried out my 60 year old skin. I received my order of the 25 ml. bottles of face wash, toner and moisturizer for acne prone skin. My complextion has improved without drying out.
— KK, Kansas City, via email

So happily surprised to receive my order the day after Christmas! Thanks for going out of your way for me. You’re too kind but it’s very, very appreciated. I hope you enjoy your well deserved holiday break. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
— DB, Minnesota, via email

Thanks so much. Your products are fantastic! […] I will definitely be placing plenty of more orders in the future with you and recommend it to my friends!
— JS, Winnipeg, via email

First of all, let me say that my family and I love your products and really appreciate your mission. Because I use your vegan leave in hair conditioning spray daily, and liberally, to make more manageable the process of combing the tangle-prone hair of our 5½ year-old son and 2½ year-old daughter, I would like to know if refills of this product might be made available in larger (i.e., than the 4 oz. bottles listed for sale on your site currently) value-size containers.  Also, my wife cannot say enough good things about your vegan facial moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin […]
— DE, Virigina, via email

Thank you for your email! Yes I made it all the way to the checkout until shipping scared me off, so I paused to consider my options. The vegan face wash is doing wonders for my acne and I love the way it makes my skin feel. Since you are in Canada the shipping is a little bit more but after deliberating I think it is worth it since I love your products! I appreciate your reaching out to me and am happy to support such a healthy and conscientious business!
— TW, Pennsylvania, via email

I want to send as a gift. I received one myself a while back and thought it was awesome.
— ET, California, via email

I am writing to you because I would like to tell you that your e-mail worked! I was thinking about buying things online on your website and the shipping fees threw me off. Then I received your e-mail explaining about the retail cost and your suggestion to make an order with friends and it made me realize that your products are not too expensive after all. I was going to buy only sample size to try, but I decided to add more things that I needed in the cart to make the shipping fees worth it. Thanks for writing an e-mail to your customers who stop at the checkout, now I get to try your products, which seem very nice 🙂
— KS, Montreal, via email

Thanks, I just received my package with goodies for, well, myself.  I’m so excited to use them, they smell delicious!  I have the face soap and wash and am loving them.  So glad I found your products at the Nature Doctors… And they all raved about them too! Have a Merry Christmas, and I’ll definitely be in touch with more orders in the new year. Ps.. I love the details… Right down to the flowered hole punch!
— LT, Winnipeg, via email

As always, we love your products!
— KM, San Francisco, via email

I want to thank you again for such devotion to both products and customers. It definitely shows, but at some point you will need to bring on help. You are only one person and need a life as well! For 7 years I had a cosmetic/skin care business in my NY home ( I just ordered and sold products), and then studied/ licensed to be esthetician after moving to Florida. I understand the huge importance of proper diet, skin care and hydration for improving/maintaining healthy skin. As a mature woman, I’ve been told I have very good skin, but now I think it’s great!!!
— EB, Florida, via email

Just love your facial moisturizer, I ‘ve been suffering with rosacea and everything I’ve used has aggravated it except your moisturier, hooray, just LOVE IT!!
— JA, Winnipeg, via email

Hi and thank you so much for fantastic products, I´ve just recieved them! I LOVE the hand lotion!!!
— JH, Sweden, via email

What a lovely seller and great service – thank you so much for answering so quick! It was very helpful, thank you so much again.
— NW, Norway, via email

I’m amaze by your products, every new one I try, I’m in love. The body and room spray is awesome, I can’t believe I can spray a room and myself at the same time hahaha
— GM, Ottawa, via email

Thanks for your speedy service Milena! I am in love with your facial line especially the moisturizer with the lemon myrtle.
— DC, Winnipeg, via email

Got a few more treats for me, too. Yes, this year almost everyone is getting JTG. You’ve added so many products. It is mind boggling how you do this all on your own. Great, great stuff.
— TW, Winnipeg, via email

I promise I will be ordering more from you and I am promoting you like crazy! Fabulous products, natural, safe and local! Way to go!
— CP, Winnipeg, via email

I’ve been using your products and they are great, and my skin is looking better than ever! I’m getting ready to order larger sizes of most of the products I tried 🙂
— MH, North Carolina, via email

I got my order and just wanted to say thank you for making our lives easier when it comes to choose the right products and ingredients to put on our bodies. What I have tested so far has been great. You do not feel the heaviness of the chemicals, the dryness of alcohol or any other ingredient that will harm your entire self, especially now that we have a 2 year old daughter and we want her to take advantage of all these wonderful goods that you make. By the way, she loves the heart shaped bath melts, she says I love you when she sees them and the unscented butter we just got for her has a wonderful smell – I might steal some from her ;).
— AV, Ontario, via email

I received my package on Monday and was so excited to try everything out. Thank you for the uplifting aroma oil sample. It smells very pretty and is not overwhelming. Here is a review of my items. I am happy with my cleanser, toner and moisturizer you recommended. Still trying to get used to the amounts needed. I keep pouring out too much because it looks like too little. I’m learning that a little goes a long way. 🙂 Toothpaste is different than the commercial stuff I’m used to, but I am also very happy with it. Teeth feel nice and clean. I just have to get past the initial woodsy taste, but that is not a dealbreaker. And it’s hard to squeeze it out of the container, but it’s also not a dealbreaker. I love the lavender scented hand & body lotion and lemon and corriander whipped body butter. The peppermint foot lotion is also awesome. And the massage oil smells great and is awesome to use. I have a bad back and my bf needs to give me back massages quite frequently. This is perfect. Not oily or greasy like baby oil. Leave in conditioner smells yummy and i used it for the first time today and so far so good. 🙂 the deodorant also smells yummy. I tried it today and it held pretty good. The weather is cooler (70’s) and I’m not sure how it will hold up in the summer (it gets up past the 100’s – sunny California ??) I have not tried the shave solid, eye make up remover, sugar scrub or lavender floral water but if they work anything like the other products, I know they will be amazing. And the seller is amazing. Great to communicate with and very helpful! So thanks again for making such awesome products. I will be ordering full versions of my trial items and will be ordering trail sizes for my sister for Christmas. My only complaint is that since I didn’t order thru Etsy, I can’t leave you a review there for the whole Etsy world to see. 😦 Thanks again! You are truly awesome!
— CC, California, via Etsy

I love your products! I’ve gone through a lot of searching to find deodorant that works for me and yours were by far the best!
— NB, London ON, via email

Thank you so very much. I LOVE your products. They melt on my skin.
— PP, Michigan, via email

Milena got my order at RASteen love everything I have tried will be placing another order soon!
— ML, Winnipeg, via email

Even though I’ve been using JTG products for a few years now, I still can’t help but gush about them!  Everything about your skin care line is so wonderful – from your eco-feminist philosophy to the hand-crafted loveliness of each item.  Every time I wash my face or have a bath, I am so grateful that you do this work.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!   My skin is SO appreciative!!!!!
— KS, Winnipeg, via email

I picked up my order today and I am so delighted. The ginger peppermint foot butter smells so wonderful! Thank you for putting everything together!
— BV, Winnipeg, via email

I think it’s wonderful as a young woman you are building a business with amazing products that are so wanted and needed today by health conscience people. […] Thank you for such good attention to customer care and believing in offering quality products at fair prices. This is rare today and your customers will be so appreciative! Thank you for all your efforts:)
— EB, Florida, via email

I just received my order today in the mail and everything is AMAZING! Thank you so much, I’ll be a returning customer
— JZ, Winnipeg, via email

I received the order yesterday and immediately changed my routine last night.  I’ll be honest, I wasn’t expecting ANYTHING right away as my skin has some pretty major and normally take a while to adapt to a new product.  I was also expecting to get a bit blotchy and perhaps breakout (as is always the case when I switch over…even overnight). // The cleanser – I wore A LOT of makeup yesterday…I was at events that were televised from 8am to 10pm yesterday so I caked it on in the morning and brought back up to touch up throughout the day.  It was like armour by the time I got home.  Normally I would have reached for this turpentine-like stuff (ok, it’s not THAT bad) to take it off, but thought, what the hell, I’ll try the JTG cleanser just to see.  I was impressed that it took it all off with only a bit of mascara staining around the eyes.  Seriously, it got all the beige goop off, and I could see my pores and they didn’t have makeup gunk in them.  So good stuff!  Then I kind of freaked out thinking, “dammit, this stuff is probably going to dry up my skin!”  I followed up with the toner and moisturizer and went to bed…expecting not great things (I’m a pessimist, nothing personal hon). // But holy hell!  No word of a lie, it’s the first morning in quite some time I woke up and my skin didn’t feel tight and flaky.  I used a little bit of moisturizer this morning before makeup application – and here’s the amazing thing…it is cold and dry out and this time of year my nose is flakey REGARDLESS of using ANYTHING.  I’ve even tried straight olive oil and coconut oil in the past out of desperation.  I have no idea how you figured out the magic potion in JTG, but I was able to put makeup on my nose, FOR THE FIRST TIME since moving to Alberta, without seeing it collect to the dry skin and look gross.  I am seriously in love with this moisturizer.  Even right now, my skin feels…good.  Which is not normal for me.   //  Also, the toothpaste is completely novel to me (I will admit I’m one of those people who knows not to use fluoride toothpaste, but does anyway because I’ve been brainwashed into thinking my teeth need it).  So I tried it thinking, “this will be interesting.”  And it was.  I actually like that my whole mouth doesn’t get that tingly feeling almost stingy feeling (which is probably a bad thing…I think we train ourselves into thinking it’s killing stuff in our mouth, but it’s just the feeling of cells dying and poison), but after brushing, my teeth felt really smooth and clean.  I also much prefer the orange/clove flavor to the Crest toxic peppermint flavor.  I’m not going to freak out if I swallow a bit of yours by accident. // So, I know it’s early on, but I’m already SUPER impressed!  I can’t wait to see results over the long term
— JG, Edmonton, via email

okay, i wanted to give it a couple days to report back on the beard oil–to make sure i’d showered and all that–and i’m happy to report that the product works AMAZINGLY well: better than the other stuff i’ve used, certainly. my beard had been pretty ill-kempt lately (dried out and scratchy) and it feels totally transformed! this product is ace; i would like 8 litres, pls.
— CB, Winnipeg, via email

I just wanted to let you know your deodorant is amazing!! I never thought I would stop using secret soft solid. I am a changed lady! Good on you xo
— BD, Winnipeg, via email

Wow, you are a booming business now. For good reason. Wonderful products.
— TW, Winnipeg, via email

the facial moisturizer? kinda exactly perfect, thank you again 🙂
— CS, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you for the quick response as well.  I LOVE the spray I currently use it and it’s the best!
— BL, Winnipeg, via email

I visited Just the Goods booth at the Etsy Winnipeg sale on Saturday afternoon and I was so impressed! Now that this lovely local shop is on my favourites list, I was wondering if you will be attending any other craft shows before the Holidays?
— BV, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you so much for you who you are and what you do. I just quickly read your bio on your JtG website, and was so touched as I saw the parallels with my own journeys at the moment. It’s so inspiring to see you continue your work and care in the world through various forms, but with your values and hopes at the root of all. I relate, I appreciate, I admire you.
— ___ , Winnipeg, via email

I’m sooooooooo pleased with my products! They smell amazing! Well be sending over some friends and ordering from you in the future ! Namaste
— JG, Toronto, via email

I have to say how blown away I was by how much I could order for $50!  It’s so awesome to see someone who has made affordable, safe vegan body products a priority.
— KW, Virginia, via email

Thank you for incorporating so much effort into helping customers receive your product. I don’t doubt that your labors are over looked.
— RR, via email

I’m tired of over rated, over priced products that are not really organic or good for the skin. I  like that you offer vegan lines of cosmetics.
— EB, Florida, via email

I love your products, as you can see 🙂 Thank you for these wonderful products!
— LL, New Hampshire, via email

I received my package today, and i was so happy with how quickly it was delivered, and the condition of the products (such a cute presentation!). I gave the whole bundle a try for the first time tonight, and my skin feels amazing already. Thank you so much for reliable service and i appreciated the little note! I wish so much success for your company!
— TV, Stoney Creek ON, via email

Thank you so much Milena! I LOVE the product and appreciate your hard work […] I will order no matter what. The products have helped me so much. Some people don’t understand or appreciate what it is to have your own business and be working so hard, to make people happy. I’m glad I have you!
— CC, Manitoba, via email

I am hooked on your products and don’t want to order from anywhere else
— ES, New York, via email

Thank you so much for your response! And thank you for explaining the shipping cost. I so appreciate that you offer your amazing products at wholesale price.
— HM, via email

It came in the mail today and I immediately tried everything out! I must say, I am so impressed! Everything in that sample package is incredible, from the smell, to the product itself! Thank you so much for making quality products at an affordable price! And it was definitely worth the wait! 🙂 I will be ordering from you again very soon! Thanks again so much for your kind help! 🙂
— SH, via email

Just wanted to make sure you had received the order because I love your products and so does my face!
— CS, Maryland, via email

I just wanted to thank you for creating such great products. In recent months I have been undergoing IVF treatment and the hormones have wreaked havoc on my usually clear skin. There are so few good vegan /cruelty free skincare options options anyway, let along trying to find ones specifically for skin problems, so I am very grateful to have found your business online. In less than 2 weeks my skin is almost entirely blemish-free – I am astounded how well it has worked, and I absolutely love everything about the products I bought.
— LJ, Australia, via email

I’ve tried all the lotions at my work and yours is still my favourite 😀
— SC, Winnipeg, via email

I got my package today 🙂 Thank you so much for the perfume sample, thats really nice of you! It feels a little bit like Christmas lol can’t wait to try all the new things.
— DLD, Los Angeles, via email

I’m am so glad I found Just The Goods. My Husband and I live as naturally as possible and strive to use only non-toxic products as we know how it effects mind, body, and spirit. (I’m a yoga therapist and instructor) Anyway, I so appreciate your company! […]Very excited to receive your products. I think it’s already safe to say you’ve found another long-time customer
— HM, Florida, via email

Thanks again for everything.  Where can I write a nice review for you?  I’ve never experienced this level of customer service before and need to do something nice for you.
— DG, Oakland, via email

Fantastic!  As usual, you go above and beyond and never disappoint! 🙂 xoxoxo //  Hi Milena! I received my order today!!! Woohoo!!! One day early!  I just opened it. Can’t wait to try all the new stuff as well as use the rest of your wonderful products I love so much!!! The anise toothpaste smells awesome!  My sister is visiting this weekend to help. I can’t wait for her to try it as well. Thanks so much for the sample too!  // I will always have nothing but great things to say about your products. I’ve tried so many before trying yours, and it’s the only one I have no complaints over. When it comes to vegan face and beauty products, I have to say I’m pretty picky. But with yours, I’m more than satisfied. I’m blown away. I just love them!!! Thanks for doing such a great job not only with your products but with your attention to your clients and above and beyond customer service!
— MB, New Mexico, via email

Love, love, love your products and cannot recommend them enough to my family and friends!!!
— DB, Minnesota, via email

I would just like to strongly compliment you on this product. My partner and I received two 7ml samples of lotion in our Vegan Cuts beauty box. Now, to put my happiness into perspective, I have been cursed with baby skin. While the plus is that I don’t tend to look my age, the negative aspect is that damned near everything in the skin care industry simply irritate the hell out of me and cause rashes and so on. NOT YOUR PRODUCT !!! I am now a customer and will be visiting your web site and buying your product(s). Your marketing idea re Vegan Cuts sure was a good marketing plan, at least for me, so thanks. All the continued success, PLEASE 😀 😀 😀 !
— JK, British Columbia, via email

it’s taken me some time to respond to your kind email. We received our order the day after your email so all is well. We love your vegan toothpaste!!! So happy we found you….. Thanks again for your correspondence.
— AF, Boulder, via email

I found your products through the Skin Deep Database. I am delighted to see your wonderful product line! I am a Naturopathic Physician & adjunct faculty at a local college. I have patients in Santa Fe & Los Alamos. I teach Pathophysiology & Herbal Medicine with medicine making lab, & aromatherapy. […]  Thank you for making such high quality, safe & healthy products!
— Dr. Wendy Van Dilla (;, New Mexico, via email

I just wanted to let you know I got my package today. I thank you for the extra gifts, they were certainly a nice surprise! I tried the sample of the lotion you sent me and it smells wonderful. Thanks again for everything!
— AC

Looking forward to my order – I love your stuff!
— KC, Winnipeg, via email

I think the small things matter in our times of stress and overwhelm so having that cream made her day.  The first thing […] did was squeeze a glob of it out, slather it on her face, sigh, and get on the floor horizontally for a time out.  🙂
— GF, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you so much for your prompt and complete reply. […] I am happy I’m gonna get to try these lovely, simple, handmade products. I used to use Dr. Hauschka products but the expense was unsustainable, on lots of levels. Then I made my own products for a while but doing so just for myself meant bulk buying and storage of raw ingredients was kinda impractical. I was excited when I discovered Just the Goods’ products in an art co-op store in Durango, CO. Like finding a great, fair trade, organic cotton clothing brand that is reasonably priced, or a really nice vegan, gluten free bakery. Treats with a conscience.
— KS, Denver, via email

Thank you so much. I really appreciate how thoughtful you seem and care about your customers! It’s really nice.
— PM, California, via email

I just wanted to let you know also, that I ordered the dry skin facial moisturizer…it is awesome! my face has never felt better and the fine lines seem to be less noticeable which I did not expect. Great product and worth the wait on shipping from Canada!
— VR, Texas, via email

thanks so much for making such awesome things and educating me (and others) in this wonderful anti chemical world
— SM, Winnipeg, via email

got products today and I am very impressed so far. the wash cleans very well, toner smells nice and lotion gives me a glow. Body lotion feels great on my hands.
— WF, California, via email

And thanks again for all your help! You have a beautiful business and I look forward to experiencing your products 🙂

— RL, Montreal, via email

Thanks again, your products are really amazing!!!!!!!!
— MT, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you SO much for you reply! It really meant a lot that you took the time to respond so thoroughly. I really, really appreciate every piece of advice you offered, and I will undoubtedly use your recommendations […] Something I forgot to mention is just a great big thank you for development of your products! I am an ethical vegan, as well as a raw food enthusiast, so finding a product that is made with such care and with the similar ethical motivations is just…simply amazing. Again, thank you Milena! I really appreciate all your hard work!
— LS, Virginia, via email

I am loving the product very much and it is much more convenient to get all vegan products to your online shop… You’re not only an angel to the animals but, to all vegans around the world…..
— ARC, Singapore, via email

LOVED IT! Because I’m in the uk, it took a while to get to me but totally worth the wait, this is the first moisturiser that actually works on my dry skin (without being greasy) & even after make up doesn’t make my skin dry out! The was is great to especially doesn’t leave my skin too tight. Finally it appears to have cleared my spots as well!!! Stuff of miracles this is ….it also all smells amazing and they sent me a free body butter sample which is sooo good. Will be ordering again!
— sorchamyles, UK, via Etsy

And also have to say… just was using it from weekend when I got it… and my red spots are so much better that my husband say it too 🙂
— ZBM, Turkey, via email

Thank you, thank you, thank you so much!!! […] I will continue to enjoy! I have received so many complements on my skin!! Keep up the fantastic work!!! :-))
— SP, Detroit, via email

Day 3 of using @justthegoods and my skin is glowing.. Doesn’t feel dry at all. Amazing– I’ve tried almost everything. I’ll be back!!
— @sspader1 via Twitter

Thank you Milena. I like everything I ordered and will order again.
— CD, Pennsylvania, via email

thanks a lot for the quick reply. the order has finally arrived last saturday and the articles are all great!
— ML, Rotterdam, via email

I tell everyone about this deodorant because it really works!! Thanks in advance!
— LVW, Winnipeg, via email

I LOVED your interview you shared in your newsletter. You speak so well and I enjoy listening to the way you explain your ideas. I shared the video with my husband and I think hearing from you (as opposed to listening to me) several different times is helping him realize the importance of what we put on our skin! Thank you for this!
— KS, Texas, via email

That is a HUGE opportunity with the boxes and such, and as an avid fan, I do believe that it really only takes one little sample of your products to know that’s some damn fine shit.
— AC, Winnipeg, via email

Hooray! I had this amazingly decadent evening in […] last week where I decided to heed my heart’s desire and fully abandon my plans to go out for the evening. Instead, I ordered pizza in to my hotel, watched 5 episodes of orange is the new black in the bath, and gave my worn-out feet a super deluxe JTG home pedicure treatment. It was amazing; thanks for indirectly facilitating it. But I’m now out of foot scrub, so I’m excited that my order is in.
— CB, Winnipeg, via email

Yeah! I started to use Just the Goods products exclusively about a year and a half ago, and I’m not turning back! Thank you so much for your beautiful creations, Milena! xo
— Marcie Fehr, Winnipeg, via YouTube

And again I just want to say that your products are the best for me that I have found so far in the “homemade” category – I am 38 years old and still break out in acne with my menstrual cycle and your face wash makes a HUGE difference in this! As well your lotions are the best that I have found – they actually absorb in and don’t leave an oily feeling behind!
— JM, Winnipeg, via email

Hello from Austin, Texas! I recently received my first order from Just the Goods and I’m really loving my initial round of products. I was browsing through the blog, This Rawsome Vegan Life, and that’s how I heard about your skin care line. Just wanted to say hello & thank you! Already looking forward to my next order
— NAM, Austin, via email

I have been looking for you for some time…and I am glad that I found you! The world is filled with overpriced, overhyped and outright dangerous crap that good, uneducated folks are using/putting on their bodies. It is so unnerving that is our reality (esp. here in the states) and anything I can do to help….
— JC, Kentucky, via email

I got my order yesterday! Thank you so much! I have to tell you, I have always spent a gozillion dollars buying $100 night cream and expensive acne spot treatment, but after using your products for the last couple of weeks my skin has never been better and clearer! I used your acne spot treatment last night and this morning I woke up to my blemishes almost gone!!! That has never happened with any products ive ever used before! So thank you so so much xo I literally want everything on your website lol
— KM, Winnipeg, via email

I recently received a cancer diagnosis (and have told very few people). The prognoisis is extremely good and I’m grateful for that! Now here’s where you come in. It’s more important than ever to me to avoid putting toxic things in or on my body. In the last little, I have been so extremely grateful to you for your products for making that possible. […] AND good for me… it doesn’t get any better than that! So THANK YOU!!!
— [initials and city excluded to further protect privacy], via email

I’ve finally received the product today. I was worried if it won’t arrive, but it’s so relieving. I was so amazed by the special new label. It’s so innovative! I thank you for being so kind and trustworthy. I will re-purchase the products in near future. Besides, I’ll introduce your products to my other friends in Korea.
— [name in Korean characters that won’t reproduce properly here], Korea, via email

After the weekend, let me know if I can talk you into a custom listing for 2 full-sized jars, so I don’t run out! 🙂 Thank you again for the special blend. Great customer service!! 🙂
— BS, Toledo, via email

Hi, Milena! I’ve just recently decided to stop using XOUT, and I’m going to try the oil cleansing method instead while using your face wash for acne prone skin. Just spent an hour or so reading about benzoyl peroxide and all the other JUNK in ProActiv products–eesh. Just wanted to say that I LOVE (like, literally, I’m in love) with your moisturizers, they’re literally flawless and they make my skin so happy ❤ Thank you for existing, you’re a wonderful person! –Remarkably Satisfied Customer
— SB, Reno, via email

My skin is looking MUCH better since I started using @justthegoods skin care products again. Also, the bonus is my face smells awesome.

— @hellocupcakewpg, Winnipeg, via Twitter

What i’ve been doing is using the sensitive face wash, toner and cream in the morning, and the acne-prone face wash, toner and spot treatment at night. My face has calmed down quite a bit! I’m seeing a significant difference, and i’m soooo beyond happy! I’d like to order more

— SD, Montreal, via email

she absolutely LOVES your playful sugar scrub! She thinks yours is the very best she’s ever used!! She’s hooked!

— KB, Winnipeg, via email

I love her creams for dry skin! My friend gave some to me for Christmas and it got my super dry and crack-prone skin through the winter.

— KC, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I can’t say enough good things about these products, Milena, and her business ethics. Her commitment to wonderful, affordable, and ethical non toxic products is inspirational. I encourage you to try them for yourself. And don’t worry if your skin is sensitive/reactive. I’ve never found anything better for keeping my skin happy!

— GF, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I highly recommend “Just the Goods”!

— KH, Winnipeg, via Facebook

buy Milena Placentile’s Just the Goods products. She is the best — brilliant, personal care eco-feminist!

— HL, Toronto, via Facebook

A good example of a responsible and educated business owner!! Way to go M!

— SC, Toronto, via Facebook

I have used and I recommend! Moreover, Milena is really nice and kind.

— DB, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Our ethical skin care maker! She’s local to Winnipeg and can ship almost everywhere. Amazing stuff. We hardly use anything else. Watch the video and check out the shop at the link below.

— AF, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Thank you for making such outstanding products! They are the first products to work on my dry skin and I love the leave in conditioner too 🙂

— AB via Pinterest =-)

I guess I’ll break it down. Face wash- contains small “exfoliating” pieces which surprised and pleased me. Extremely moisturizing! At first I thought “waxy” but not at all, its just my skin NOT being dry. Toner- my favorite! Gentle and super cleansing. After one look at my used cotton ball I was sold. Doesn’t dry my face like commercial toners. Lotion- superb! Keeps my face moisturized all day without feeling heavy or greasy. My skin has totally improved since using these products. And the lip balm, oh man! Probably my favorite. I work outside in the pacific NW so my skin is exposed to a lot. I will never go back to commercial skin care! Thank you so much!

— KM, via Etsy, (about face)

Nice that you can remove eye makeup without using harsh chemicals!

— Brenda, via Etsy

Received the item before I expected it to arrive. And it works wonders! I love how the ingredients are all natural, and how it moisturizes my skin so much better than commercial products.

— CW, via Etsy

Bought it after trying a sample. It’s a really great face wash – skin looks clean, fresh and I just like the feeling. Besides I share the views and believes of JustTheGoods! Great shop and great product! Thank you for creating it!

— LY, via Etsy

It’s wonderful! Buying the big bottle after trying the sample. I just love it, inside (very refreshing and skin looks very good) and outside (i loooove these bottles)! ❤ // It’s wonderful and workds great for dry skin. It’s gonna be a present for my mom who has the same dry skin as I do. I know she’ll love it!

— LY, via Etsy

THANK YOU! I’ve been waiting for years for my acne to go away and all I’ve ever needed was this lotion. Every other moisturizer was either too harsh or too oily, but this one absorbs right into the skin, leaving it soft, supple, and CLEAR! Not to mention the light and pleasant scent (; I’m never buying another face lotion again.

— AL, via Etsy

just wanted to tell you guys how much I admire what you’re doing. Your vision is beautiful, your products are beautiful, your ethics are beautiful. Everyone needs some Just The Goods skincare in their lives! Thank you for creating such beautiful & kind skincare, and for making amazing alternatives to chemical-packed skincare. It’s really refreshing & so wonderful to see.

— MP, New Zealand, via email

I acknowledge that it hasn’t been long enough for my skin to become fully accustomed to your line (I’ve been using the facial wash, toner, and moisturizer for normal/sensitive skin) but I did want you to know that your wash and toner have attributed to my skin feeling exponentially cleaner and more refreshed after a long day’s work. Your products are the first I’ve used that showed a physical difference after only a few days. My skin feels softer to the touch, and [not] nearly as irritated as it used to after a simple cleanse.

— AB, Chicago, via email

Loving your products already! Will be in touch in the future 🙂

— CM, Houston Texas, via email

I wanted to send you a follow up email in regards to your amazing products. I’ve been using them for about a week and I absolutely LOVE them!! The smell and texture are perfect for my skin. I will be ordering more very soon and spreading the word to my friends know NYC!

— ES, New York, via email

I love your products and I have introduced your products to my friends and family too!

— LH, Maryland, via email

Thank you kindly for your effort and engagement, i do appreciate the personal attitude almost as much as i cherish a good product. And if your products are half as good as your customer service, you have gotten another devoted regular customer. I will most certainly send you a feedback regarding your products. In the meantime i wish you enough happy and thoughtful clients that your wonderful business can flourish. // Hey Milena, i just wanted to add that i liked very much what i read online about your work and i do hope i get to test the results of you efforts soon. Wish you all the best and thank you for making our world a cleaner place.

— NK, Austria, via email

I received the products today! Thank you so much for all the samples! I plan on starting on project fix my face tonight. LOL!!! I plan on ordering more stuff from you soon. Again thank you for the samples it is very much appreciated!!!!!

— MR, New Jersey, via email

Well Milena, you’ve created a brand and products that my husband can get behind. He trusts and respects your methodical, evidence-based, and conscientious approach. And after planting the seed that he should try it out for himself and seeing me make orders over the last several years, he’s now on board! I went out on a limb and set him up with this shaving bar and the brush and he’s been consistently using and very much enjoying them. He’s a no frills, practical kind of guy so for him to use this brush says a lot. He has eczema but his skin has reacted very well to your products (including the normal/sensitive skin moisturizing lotion). He likes that the shaving cream is very gentle and lathers well too. Thank you, thank you!!

— KS, Texas, via email

You have been so helpful and your products are fabulous so now I am transitioning to your stuff.

— MR, New Jersey, via email

I was super appreciative of your initial email and my reply message was in kind 🙂 It is rare to be received so thoughtfully in this day and age! I work with a LLC and there is just the two of us, I totally get it, except you’re just ONE! Which is an amazing feat. I watched a youtube video of yours, a couple weeks ago, and I loved your thought process on packaging, pricing, and labeling. Just the Goods is a great company and I am just glad I found you. Your company and Patagonia are my ultimate favorites.

— JC, Oregon, via email

First of all, let me thank you for replying so quickly and for your thorough explanation of the shipping situation. I honestly cannot say that I have ever corresponded with such a personable and caring company. Thank you!
Secondly, the shipping situation makes complete sense! Thanks again for explaining it all! I will certainly enjoy the products when they arrive, and I will keep me eye out for their delivery […] Thanks again for ALL your help, Milena! I cannot tell you much I appreciate it!

— LS, Colorado, via email

Milena – you are AWESOME! Thank you for your fabulous attention to detail and getting right back with me : ).

— KK, connecticut, via email

I bought some of your roll on oil blends in the past from craft sales and I really enjoy them. But I have not tried love and rage so I’m excited to use it!

— LC, Winnipeg, via email

I just received the parcel and I am so excited to try your beautiful products 🙂 and I see you included a perfume sample – thank you! smells lovely and your packaging is so charming and beautiful!

— AO, Los Angeles, via email

Thanks for offering a product that works as such a great gift!


I had tried your deoderant for the first time a while ago, and went back to my old one when yours ran out, just because I had an extra that I had purchased. I didn’t realize how effective yours was until I returned to the one I’d been using before. I had forgotten how badly I smelled!! 🙂 Once I finish this one, I’ll be hooked on your deoderant for life – I’ve tried every natural deoderant on the market, and yours is the only one I’ve come across that actually works. Hurray for another Just The Goods life-improving success!

— BS, Winnipeg, via email

I just wanted to tell you how pleased I am with your products. First of all the ingredients are simple, safe, and very quality, not to mention vegan. Wow! I decided to try your about face sample bag and I was blown away. I have had a resurgence of acne these last few months and nothing has helped. Within a week of trying your products my skin is clearing up and looks beautiful as well. I also love the lip balm. All the scents are wonderful. The prices are reasonable as well. Thank you for providing such wonderful products.

— RH, Milwaukee, via email

Thank you again for your wonderful products! Not only are they healthy but they work AND they are not ridiculously priced!!!

— RB, Illinois, via email

I spend the whole weekend pampering myself with your products and again I was blown away. Love all the products but especially the body lotion, make up remover, body butter and the lavender lip balm. I have said it before but thank you again for creating this line 🙂

— GM, Montreal, via email

I just want to stop and say hello and thank you for your precious job. Saturday I received your products in a vegan cuts box 🙂 I’ll send you a pic! I was so happy to see that… And I want to let you Know that I talked a lot about your product with mt family, my friends..They are so excited about your idea to mixed up cruelty free, beauty and homemade knowledge … Thank you a lot for all…

— AM, Italy, via email

Thank you for everything! I just cannot believe how your line is so affordable and the products I tried so far are amazing. They beat any branded/expensive products that I bought over the years. Telling all my friends about this haha  🙂

— GM, Montreal, via email

I just got the toothpastes today. I can’t even believe they came so fast as usually shipping from Canada takes much longer to get to me. […] Thank you so much for your thoughts and love the product among being all too glad to ditch chemical filled overly foaming toothpastes! 🙂

— DN, Las Vegas, via email

OH! And, X got her package on Friday and she LOVES the body butter sooo much. Seriously, MORE THINGS WITH VANILLA, pls&tx. 😀 It smells like rich, spicy chocolate or something. UGH. So good. It also arrived at an important time for self-care, and she really needed something like that. She gave herself a spa day just ’cause of the care package we sent her. Oh, warm hearts. ❤

— MF, Winnipeg, via email

thank you so much I’ve heard great things about you . so I’m sure you’ll be getting positive feedback within the next few weeks 🙂

— JG, Winnipeg, via email

I stumbled across your website and fell in LOVE with the concept and ethics behind JTG! […] Thank you so much for the free samples, and such a personalized service, I feel so special!

— SD, Lachine, via email

BTW Milena, I received my first shipment of some of your products. I’m loving the ones I have used so far. Thanks for making these wonderful products!

— BK, Arizona, via email

Hi Milena! I received the products yesterday. I’m really really liking them so far! (And so is my mom.) We really love the consistency and how it feels on the skin. 🙂

— SR, NY, via email

By the way, he says he loves your deodorant that he ordered! Just know that four out of five siblings are true believers and users of JTG!!!

— AJ, Toronto, via email

I got my new products today and was so excited to try the facial scrub. My face feels silky smooth! Your products are the only ones that help keep my acne at bay. Thank you so much for being awesome and making such wonderful products!

— JC, Williamsport, via Facebook

I use the deodorant, moisturiser, massage oil and shaving solid from Just the Goods on a daily basis and it’s a life changing experience to embrace veganism in beauty and hygiene products, my skin has never felt better in spite of the dreadful 5 month Winter and my armpits had never been so deliciously happy

— SM, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love, love, love the toner and moisturizer. I am looking forward to trying out the scrub and mask!

— HB, St. Louis, via email

I really like how you work and that you strictly say no to certain things. I am pretty sure this is important and this attitude is a reason why you have such a huge customerbase.

— AH, Berlin, via email

btw you changed my life yesterday. I got the vegan deodorant omg I’m with my nose under my shirt right now smelling my armpits

— S, Winnipeg, via email

Haha Hey Milena, I’m constantly amazed at how fast and thorough you’re able to reply while running a business. You better be getting sleep! […] Anyways, I just want to give you a HUGE thank you. Your replies very much helped me understand my skin. Thats about it, thanks again, you’re a big help in my life.

— SO, Washington DC, via email

Aw it’s just fantastic!! I tried it all already and I love it! True celebration for my skin ^_^ Hand and body lotion is awesome, though my hands are always so so dry and its hard to find something that makes them feel good. Thank you Milena for making this awesomeness ❤

— LE, Florida, via Etsy

I have been using products from Just The Goods for awhile now and I absolutely love them and have heard nothing but positive reviews from my friends that now use them too!

— CS, Winnipeg, via Etsy

Best vegan leave in I’ve ever used! My hair looks very healthy after using this for a few weeks.

— AP, Nova Scotia, via Etsy

When you catch me raving about Just the Goods, know that it’s not just “OMG best products ever!” (though I do think they’re really swell, and they have worked really well for my skin), I’m also raving because beyond the product, this is a local business run by one kickass lady who says really smart things about why she does the things she does, and I support that a million percent.

— AC, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Yes, I have really enjoyed your products–your moisturizer in particular. I recently developed an eczema spot on my face that had slowly been getting larger since I noticed it in the spring. To try and isolate what the trigger was, I tried 3 different products I have been using before trying the sample lotion I bought from you over the summer. Not only did the other products not work, but I had to start using a steroid ointment to control the eczema growth! If I missed one day of the ointment, the eczema would come back. Thinking I had nothing to lose, I tried your lotion and within 3 days my eczema disappeared! If I miss using your lotion, within 3 days, my eczema is back. Needless to say, I am THRILLED that 1) I do NOT have to continue using the steroid ointment, 2) I don’t have to spend an outrageous amount of money on safe, high-quality face products 3) I can get them in Winnipeg! In my last order, I had purchased a couple of sample packs, which I have shared with some of my closest friends! Hope they enjoy them and buy more products from you 🙂

— HS, Winnipeg, via email

Your project is special and meaningful. …’s the future. Let’s be the future.

— JCN, Spain, via email

My friend […] from England sent me some of your body butter last year for Christmas and I LOVED them. Thanks for making such a wonderful product!

— DS, North Carolina, via Etsy

Just a testimonial for you… I had a makeup artist in that was working on a movie set this past week here in Winnipeg. She had a couple of teen actors that had really bad acne and was looking for a spot treatment. I suggested the JTG spot treatment. She just came back to get 2 more bottles as the producer was so impressed with the results that she wanted one & the makeup artist wants it for her kit. She is headed back to Vancouver & says she is going to tell everyone about it just as she did here.

— Sherry, Generation Green at The Forks, Winnipeg, via Email

Thank you so much for your stellar customer service!

— SF, California, via Etsy

well, of course! you make the best vegan face products I’ve come across in my whole almost 8 months of being a vegan :)))

— CB, North Carolina, via Etsy

Thank you for making this moisturizer, Milena! It’s absolutely amazing and remarkably gentle; I love it!

— SB, Alaska, via email

Looking forward to seeing you and picking up some new goodies. I absolutely love the facial moisturizer for dry skin that I ordered last time. I’m out of it and my face misses it! A few years ago, your toner replaced the Clinique toner I’d been using for years, and now the moisturizer will replace the Clinique one I’d been using for years. Your products aren’t only people/animal/ and earth friendly – they work really really well!! All this, and you’re a local business – jackpot! I’m hooked. 🙂

— KC, Winnipeg, via email

I recently converted my husband and he LOVES your facial care products! Thanks so much for making such wonderful and healthy products!

— MS, Sacramento, via email

Hi Milena, sorry for all the tiny sample sizes. We are going to korea later this month and wanted to bring samples to friends. Thanks!

— MG, Wisconsin, via email

You are welcome. I have extremely sensitive skin and am on a retin a product. I am able to use your acne line with no issues. Thanks again!

— TH via Pinterest

Gorgeous products, gratefully received…

— PDD, via email

I JUST got out of the shower and smell glorious… want me to run over so you can smell me????

— EN, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Milena! Thanks again for the order today, I immediately replenished my deodorant and sprayed my room with the amazing lemongrass spray and tried on the spicy nights oil. Always thrilled with your products, very glad to have discovered your line! […] Soooooo fun to do what you love and have other people love it too! I am sure I will see you again soon, I am addicted to all of your products:) Thanks again!

— LM, Winnipeg, via email

Stocking up for mom too!! We love your stuff and can’t imagine going back! […] And I’m so pleased for you, for your successes! Its so good when someone does good ethical work and is rewarded for once!!

— AF, Winnipeg via email

The product looks great, and the exceptional customer service will keep me coming back 🙂

— CS, via email

I just placed another order. I love the face wash I got and now I’m almost out but it took this long for my face to be the amazing thing it has become!

— NB, via email

The foot butter arrived today. Thank you so much! (It smells good enough to eat, wow!) Can’t thank you enough for your awesome products 😀

— NHK, Winnipeg, via email

I’ve tried some of your products before and have fallen madly in love with your line 🙂 // You’re wonderful! // I just appreciate your epic customer service 🙂

— RC, Alberta, via email

Thank you so much! Not too pushy at all! I am thankful for your email otherwise I might not have ordered. Thank you for emailing! Its nice to talk to you personally as well. I hope I love these because my efforts at home to make my own aren’t working very well lol I look forward to further business with you!

— AR, Illinois, via email

I too have secondhand Just the Goods products and have been very satisfied. I especially like the way my lips feel after using the ‘unflavored vegan nut-free lip scrub.’ Thanks Katie for intensifying the world of your blog supporters with your guests in the wellness series!

— Christopher Tobin (March 4, 2014) via

And I would rather buy from you than the “big guys” so I will be back!

— NT, California, via email

I am enjoying your products, they are great! I love the smell, texture and the easy, fast way the face wash comes off. I am recommending your products.

— RR, Texas, via email

Oh my Gosh I LOVE your products. Your samples made a Just the Goods user out of me 🙂

— LM, Richmond Virginia, via email

Got my goods!!!!! Love them! The face wash with jojoba is my favorite. Thank you.

— SO, Washington DC, via email

Thanks very much for getting back to me, I was in no hurry for this order and was just checking as it was such a good price! The toothpaste arrived brilliantly and the sample hand cream is so excellent that I will be ordering from you again. Very best wishes and thanks

— BB, West Sussex UK, via email

After looking over SkinDeep and trying to find something new (but safe) to use, I stumbled upon your items and after that first order, my mom and I are hooked. If only international shipping didn’t cost so much, I would have purchased more (like your hand/body lotion that you sent as a sample). But that won’t hold me back from the face wash/moisturizer. My skin feels great and I know it’ll definitely benefit me and our community in the future. Thank you for your hard work and wonderful products!

— KM, San Francisco, via email

Glad I found you […] By the way I find it so awesome what your doing and having this company and how much you care what’s in your products and that they are not tested on animals 🙂 […] I’m so in love with your products! Everything thing I got just absolutely in love! I should have ordered the acne toner and acne moisturizer big size instead of what I did order the second time. Also thank you for the sample 😉

— & —

I’m so shocked!! I just my my second order in the mail today 🙂 that was super fast !!! Thanks again and I’m so glad I found you ! I feel that your products are truly getting all the nasties out of my face fast! I’m seeing a difference in one day I’m so happy for for that. Btw I’m in love the the spot treatment and the smell 😉

— AC, Oaklaholma, via email

I am so excited to get our order. I asked you a bunch of questions regarding your products and ordered samples and loved them! We had all of our samples muscle tested on my daughter and they all came back strong and great! We were thrilled! We are really thankful that there is someone like you and your company out there that is affordable and simply made! Keep up the good work!!!

— KV, Pensylvannia, via email

I have to order some more stuff from you. I’ve referred some more people to you that have been having problems with their skin! X is one so hopefully she placed an order with you! And Y who ordered last week says her skin has never felt this way! She is loving it! So glad we all found your products! Thanks again!

— RP, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you for a prompt response. I’ll let you know when it gets here. The products are so good that we can’t wait patiently 🙂

— AR, Missouri, via email

I LOVE the cream BTW. Beyond being so healthy and chemical free it really works well with my skin. Thank you for making it!

— AJM, California, via email

I enjoy the product VERY VERY MUCH! I love how soft the face wash makes my skin. Hopefully it will help with how dry it is.

— ND, Vermont, via email

Thank you for getting back to me! I will look into the links you have provided me with. Also, thank you so much for being honest and not telling me to buy whatever for my lips to increase your sale! You are the first person I ever spoke to that gave me a true answer without trying to push me to buy things that might not work. By the way, your prices are great! I spend way too much money on skin care products which aren’t even natural. Thank you once again.

— FC, via email

I just wanted to let you know how much I like the deodorant and the body butter! The deodorant is particularly magical. I love the scent and it works forever on me. I only have to put it on once in the morning. We’ll see how it goes in the summer, but it’s already a million times better than Tom’s, which was what I used previously.

— EF, Montreal, via email

I got my samples and I LOVE EVERYTHING I GOT!!!! So great! […] Believe me, your butters tremendously improved my skin…. […] I am sharing your site with friends and my nutritionist! She is excited to check it out! […] Thanks for all your help. My daughter also loves the products! Yeah!

— CV, Pennsylvania, via email

Hi, just wanted to say your products are amazing, I’ve been using everything from to pauala’s choice and I’m so happy to finally find a product that works. Just wanted to say I hope you keep up the good work and I’ll be a lifetime customer for as long as you keep making. Thank you again!

— & —

Hi Milena, I’m a big fan of your Acne Toner and I like to combine it with the combination moisturizer because the lavender really helps with inflammed acne. Tea tree oil is a great alternative to benzoyl peroxide and the effects are safer. So I was just wondering if I could add my own tea tree oil to your Oily/Comb. moisturizer. To help with acne even more. I know you have the acne moisturizer but I really like the lavender and lemon that has so far stopped every potential pimple from getting bigger. I only now get an occasional tiny whitehead usually from bacteria from constantly walking and traveling throughout the day. But after a month of your products ive never gotten an inflammed acne that got bigger and left holes in my face which im really happy about.

— SO, Los Angeles, via email

… please accept my heartfelt thanks for your generosity. I am very excited about your products since they carry a “ZERO” with EWG.

— LM, Florida, via email

I have been using the sample products I ordered from you…and I love them!!! I am a retired, state licensed esthetician for 31 years, and I have used many professional lines that don’t compare to yours!

— SD, Colorado, via email

Thank you for incorporating so much effort into helping customers receive your product. I don’t doubt that your labors are over looked.

— RR, usa, via email

Thank you Milena, I appreciate your honesty about the shipping. I really love your products. I am so happy to have found you. Keep up the good work. Your very happy and satisfied customer.

— AT, Ohio, via email

Thank you for your message! It is very comforting to know that there are people/organizations who put much care and consideration when making skin & hair care products that is safe and nurturing for especially children.

— BB, New York, via email

I may have one or two friends placing orders that I will pick up for them. I have told them that you are on holidays so if they place and order before the 22nd with a note that I will pick it up for them, that I would be happy to do that. I hope that they place an order and try out these products, I am completely blown away by all of them (cannot wait to try some new ones this time)! Thank you

— AW, Winnipeg, via email

I believe in your products you deserve high praise.

— BP, New Hampshire, via email

I wanted to let you know that the unscented deodorant still works great! I wear it all day without having to reapply! This is coming from a girl who used to have to use extra strength regular deodorant and I’d still get stinky! I love your deodorant! And the body butter is lovely! I’m glad I ordered the shea butter and not the cocoa butter. I find the cocoa butter scent sooo sweet and strong. It’s definitely not for me and I am extra happy with the light scent of the shea butter! Thanks again for the great products!

— AD, Ottawa, via email

Love this moisturizer. My skin is sensitive and acne prone. Worked wonderfully and my skin is so soft and smooth now. First time ever that my skin is actually glowing and no longer dry and irritated. Wonderful product.

— SQ, re-posted comment at website

I LOVE the packaging, I had to try the hand and body lotion immediately. It’s wonderful. I love the sent, it feels rich and moisturizing but sinks into the skin right away leaving my hands soft. I have eczema on my hands so I try to be careful about using all those lotions with filled with chemicals. This creme is soothing. I can’t wait to try the rest out on my face tonight.

— KR, Minnesota, via email

thank you for your help I appreciate your knowledge It makes such a difference when you are buying a product and the person or place you buy it from is knowledgeable.

— KT, Kenora, via email

I hope that they place an order and try out these products, I am completely blown away by all of them (cannot wait to try some new ones this time)!

— AW, Winnipeg, via email

Love your products Thanks!!!

— EC, Winnipeg, via email

BTW, loving your bath melts oh so much 🙂

— KS, Winnipeg, via email

also, this moisturizer is FUCKING AWESOME

— DD, Montreal, via email

So glad I found you via the EWG Skin Deep site! You’re products have a perfect score on their site as far as being safe, nontoxic and environmentally friendly. I was looking for toothpaste and yay I found some. Also glad to find skin care samples (‘vegan about face sample kit’) and mascara, which I haven’t used for years due to the scary ingredients in most products. Happy 2014 to us all!

— unknown,

Am loving all of the products. The spicy nights perfume oil is really nice – your description of it on the website gave me a good idea that I would like it. I’m not a traditional perfume person so this is the perfect solution.

— KS, Switzerland, via email

PS that playful body butter is my new FAVORITE thing in the world. The biggest treat. Everyday I’m not having to go to scent sensitive place I just bask in it.

— AC, Winnipeg, via email

I just tried the sweet orange lip balm and I LOVE IT. It’s the perfect consistency! I am also loving your eye makeup remover – it feels lovely!! (my eyelids are ridiculously sensitive…)

— SP, Winnipeg, via email

Thanks so much and thanks for creating this line! What an answer to my prayers!

— KV, via email

It really makes a difference to buy lovely products from such a lovely person like you ❤ :-).

— MB, Czech Republic, via email

I received my replacement face wash and toner..Thank you..and so far I am loving it all…The tooth paste is something I will have to get used is different for sure…I do however worry if I will have bad breath as It seems to leave an after taste and not as refreshing as regular tooth paste…any tips on that…I guess I could ask one of my daughters if my breath is bad…lol I truly love the way my face feels after I wash it..and it all smells so good Also I used the lip mask which is awesome…my youngest daughter used it to and loves the way it smells..she said it smells so good you could almost eat it Yesterday I used only the lip balm before I went to town and noticed as I was driving that my lips were yellow…thank goodness I looked in the mirror before I got out of the car…People would have been staring ;)…but it too makes my lips feel good..I am so glad I found your store..Thank you for bringing such a wonderful product tot he market

— KT, by email

Thank you so much for the lotion and the amazing customer service! (:

— EM, Trois-Riveres, via Etsy

I am already experiencing a great deal of relief on my eyelids and the crack at the corner of my mouth. Thank you very kindly for that free sample. […] I think it’s just what I need right now

— GF, winnipeg, via email

I just received your unflavoured toothpaste, four lip balms, and your leave-in conditioner. Congratulations on the high quality of your products. I have curly hair, so a good conditioner is very important. Many leave-in conditioners can be very tacky and leave build up that eventually dries out the hair. Your conditioner does just that, but leaves no residue. The lip balms are lovely and rich in shea butter, which makes them very moisturizing. The toothpaste cleans very well and is gentle on my gums. Thank you for providing these high quality products; as an ethical vegan and environmentalist, I appreciate finding products that are kind to the earth and our animal friends.

— LS, Halifax, via email

After long stressful & tearful holiday, I’m really happy I love the @justthegoods calming bath melts samples I ordered. Def. ordering more!

— @PrincessOSea, Ohio, via Twitter

I am going to order some more stuff soon then!!! I think my skin really likes it. […] I really appreciate your company’s products. The ingredients are easy to understand, AND they actually work. 🙂

— SO, via email

I LOVE your products!!! 🙂

— MT, Winnipeg, via email

Hi Milena! I just wanted to share something with you! I just discovered something new with your Peppermint Ginger foot butter! I actually purchased it because it’s the only thing that works on a small patch of eczema on my leg, but earlier today I was suffering from a migraine that I usually get about every 6 weeks (it is caused by inflammation on my back/neck and lasts for exactly 2 days), anyway… nothing works (not advil or any anti-inflammatory) and I get crazy nausea with it. I read somewhere that ginger helps with nausea and inflammation, so I reached for the foot butter, put it on my shoulder/neck and closed my eyes for a quick nap (not really hoping for much…lol). Well it worked! Everything was gone in about 20 minutes (no nausea/pain or anything!). Haha, I was amazed, so I just wanted to share. Thanks so much! I love your products:)

— AP, via Faceook

I want to start off by saying thank you so very much for your wonderful products!!! I am in LOVE with them! my skin has not felt or looked this good in years! I am already getting compliments on my skin and i have been using your products for only 4 days now!

— SP, Detorit, via email

Amazing that JTG is now full-time. That’s great, and not surprising considering how good everything is. I was pleased to see a few family members request JTG as gifts for the holidays. 🙂

— RP, Toronto, via email

Simply put, Milena’s entire skin care line is smart and practical, so I plan to review many other things eventually! But this face wash is the perfect balance of cleansing and moisturizing. I have combination skin, drier in the winter but slightly oily in the t-zone in warm months. After the first use I could tell there was a noticeable difference in the texture of my skin. It felt softer and smoother and never feels tight afterward. This is my go-to everyday face wash.

— KS, Switzerland, via website comment

I truly appreciate finding a company like yours to purchase simple, basic & gluten free products from. […] Thanks, again, for getting back to me so quickly…..and, for caring for the earth & the health of those who also care. The world would be a better place with more people like you in it.

— KH, Missouri, via email

I am very happy with your products. And I can’t say enough good things about your body butter! It’s bath time ritual for my baby! Fab product!

— NG, St. John’s, via email

By the way, I love the “magic potion” massage oil scent and use it as a scented moisturizer. I think it’s smell is better than your perfumes. The name is funny–I was a little scared of the name, but decided to try it. It’s a beautiful elegant floral scent. Very much captures citrus flowers in bloom.

— AN, Montreal, via email

Your face cream and face wash are really the best (better than anything I’ve made!), and had to place another order before my 1 oz ran out. 😉 Looking forward to my next order! Hope you’re getting lots of business!

— ST, Ontario, via email

Thanks to the lovely Milena for making the Vegan Sweet Orange Lip Balm, and the equally lovely X for sending a care package my way. I would not be writing as effectively as I am today without this flavor and scent wafting around me. Onward! in the past hour I have reapplied it 4 times. it’s more uplifting than coffee! you heard it here!

— J, Toronto, via Facebook

Hi Milena! It’s been 3 days into using the samples, and my face has already been clearing up. My skin feels amazing. I might just want more when I run out of these 🙂 Thank you so much.

— KW, Edmonton, via Etsy

I love the goods! One of my goals this year was to reduce packaging and I love that you make toothpaste in a jelly jar. So clever! Another thing I am working on is reducing the number of products I use that have long lists of ingredients with harmful, potentially carcinogenic ingredients. Your products are awesome! Congratulations on the Leaping Bunny certification.

— MW, via Etsy

I know it sounds crazy, but your deodorant is so good that everytime I use it I think to myself ‘this deodorant is sooo good’.

— CG, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I LOVE the products I received in the sampler! […] Thank you so much for making such great natural products!!!

— AF, via email

Thank you for your passion in developing such pure products at an affordable price.

— KK, Montana, via email

I love your products, they’re WONDERFULLl!!!! I love buying Canadian products, so glad found you (thru I’m actually purchasing with a friend of mine, we’ll definitely spread the words about your amazing products!!

— MS, via email

I just wanted to thank you for your great products. The shipping was super fast and the package smelled really good 😉 So far everything I have tried works wonderfully. I wasn’t sure about the toothpaste but it actually tastes good and really cleans my teeth. Great work! I will order again from you 🙂

— GL, Morinville, via email

Day 1 of using and I can FEEL the difference of my skin already. I’ve tried every commercial acne product out there, but nothing beats homemade! I’m sure I will see results over the next few weeks, definitely worth the buy!!!! A+++

— Troy Foderingham, via Etsy

Just wanted to let you know that I have been using the face wash for acne prone skin and also the lotion for acne prone skin and I LOVE them! They are so gentle on my face and have been slowly (but surely) nursing my skin back to health. […] I absolutely love your products. I can’t believe how much less oily my skin has been since using a quality moisturizer paired with a toner; it’s kind of amazing. I will definitely be re-ordering from you soon!

— SB, Nevada, via Etsy

Thank you again for making such wonderful and healthy products – I constantly get rave reviews about how good my skin looks, and I always encourage people to visit your site

— NL, San Francisco, via email

I received my order a couple of days ago […] and I’d just like to let you know that all of the products are great! My favourite might have to be the “Spicy Nights” perfume oil – it smells like my favourite Celestial Seasonings tea! My boyfriend especially likes the bath salts […] The body butter and facial moisturizer worked very well, so I will definitely be in touch about a possible custom order […]. Thanks for making such great products!

— EG, Winnipeg, via email

My box arrived!!! Thank you and thank you for the scented sample – nice and “wood’sy. My fav is the toner and the lovely hand cream. I’m also happily surprised at how well the makeup remover works on my waterproof mascara. xo you’re the best!

— SW, Toronto, via Facebook

once again a huge thank you for making such a great product. It really has changed my skin for the best!

— SE, Winnipeg, via email

The Fusband aka @agarner_85 loves your products Milena 😉 We will be ordering more goods soon from @justthegoods

— @TabbyoxKat via Twitter

1) it arrived really quickly! right after the weekend, and some of the shipping cost was refunded 🙂 hurrah! 2) smells a teeny bit strange but very pleasant, I love how mild it is. it’s way nicer smelling and less chemical-y than anything storebought. 3) my skin doesn’t react badly at all, in fact it’s much softer and smoother after only two days of use (with the facewash, which is working out wonderfully so far as well!) I’d recommend letting it soak into your skin before putting on makeup- give yourself enough time getting ready. 4) it helps balance my skin sooo much! nothing ends up too dry or oily. I have problem skin and its appearance has improved considerably over just two days 5) bonus gift! the sample of grapefruit/pepper body butter is divine, I want to squirrel it away for a special occasion :3 it smells perfect and leaves skin very soft. I’m going to save it for myself as a treat 6) the bottle was a teeny bit smaller than I expected, but I’m terrible with size/weight so I suppose the pictures sizing contributed to that (maybe add something to pictures that most people know the size of?). either way, there’s still a LOT in the bottles and I’ll be hardpressed to use them up completely before they get close to expiring. SUPER pleased overall! I will be reviewing the facewash product feedback at a different time so I can review how this works for my face longterm 7) the labels are not waterproof, so take a picture of the info if you want to save it, or just be careful handling it with wet hands 😉

— Seerca M, Ottawa, via Etsy

the products are amazing! thanks again!

— JM, Winnipeg, via email

Received my order – thanks! All products are simply yet beautifully packaged and smell amazing!! Look forward to a long relationship with JTG, Milena.

— DF, Mississauga, via email

By the way I got home from work and brought the bags of my new Just The Goods home and then went out for the evening. When I got back a few hours later and opened the door of my house, i was embraced by the scents of your products. Seriously, my entire home is scented with your delicious concoctions. And you know what it smells like to me? It smells like Hope, Milena. Real honest to goodness hope. […] Thank you so much for your time your genius and your creativity.

— AA, Winnipeg, via email

Loved the products I ordered in March 🙂 My [… ] told me about you when he was here in NS in February, glad he did!

— CN, Nova Scotia, via email

Thank you Milena, great product & service!

— GL, Florida, via email

When it comes to natural deodorants yours is the one i swear by. looking forward to trying out some of your other products too.

— DCM, Winnipeg, via email

I just bought your dry skin face moisturizer yesterday from Viva Mondragon. My skin feels SO. EFFING. GOOD. THANK YOU SO FREAKIN’ MUCH! xoxo

— MF, Winnipeg, via Facebook

What a pleasant surprise it is to get your message. Most vendors would just pocket the difference and walk away. You are obviously a person of high integrity and thoughtfulness.

— TS, California, via email

I’m really enjoying the products. My sister-in-law referred me and has gotten my mother-in-law hooked too. The handwritten note is such a nice touch!

— CC, New Jersey, via email

I have suffered from horrible cystic acne ever since I was a young preteen. I’ve tried everything from store bought products to incredibly strong prescription drugs and nothing has cleared up my skin as much as your acne face care system. I bought some about 6 months ago and for the first time in my life I have felt completely comfortable going without makeup. I even get compliments from strangers on my glowing clear skin. I recently ran out while your shop was closed and decided to purchase a “natural” skin care line from a store and my problem skin has returned with a vengeance! Only your perfectly simple vegan line will do! I cannot wait to purchase my next order and get my skin back to where it belongs! Thank you so much for your wonderful product! It has literally changed my life!

— M, via email

Love the leave in hair conditioner 🙂 Thank you!

— KG, Alberta, via Etsy

I found your site through Rawmazing and was thrilled to find your alternative products. I can’t wait to try them!!

— LM, New Hampshire, via email

Some of the lotion got on my hand from the bottle that broke, and I liked it. LOL. Very smooth, loved the smell and feel.

— DG, New York, via email

I would also like to tell you some good ones too! I live in Rio de Janeiro, as you probably know. We have been facing 45C of heat for a month now, which is probably hot enough to fry an egg on the pavement. I used your deodorant last night to try it out and I must tell you my armpits still smell like lavender and there is no sign of B.O.! I am most pleased.

— RM, Rio de Janerio, via email

I just came home for the weekend from school and was so excited to finally try the products I ordered from you about a month ago…and I LOVE them! I especially love the toner for oily/combination skin. [… ] Thank you so much for what you do, it’s so nice to know what I’m putting on my skin and that it’s good for me! // all those litte annoying bumps on my forehead are disappearing and my skin is finally clearing up! Just wanted to thank you for all your help and making affordable products that are so good for our skin! Also, I decided to purchase your leave in conditioner and toothpaste which I’m super excited about! […] I end up loving all your products so I just decided what the heck 🙂 Anyways, hope you are enjoying your summer and thanks again!!

— AW, Massachusetts,via email

sorry i didn’t get back to you in time but i liked everything. especially the toner. thanks for getting them out so fast too. 🙂

— TK, Kentucky, via email

Received my order – thanks! All products are simply yet beautifully packaged and smell amazing!! Look forward to a long relationship with JTG, Milena.

— DF

I freekin’ LOVE your products and would love to purchase more! Your face cleanser is a God sent, as is the lip balm. Lord knows I’m a bit of a fanatic when it comes to skin care, and you, my dear friend, have opened my eyes to a brand new way of caring for it. THANK YOU, a million times thank you!

— MB, Oakland, via email

I have spent way too much of my life researching various cosmetics on EWG’s Skin Deep website. Over the years I have slowly transitioned from the usual toxic body products to natural ones. I am picky. I obviously want a non-toxic product, but I also want an inexpensive, good quality product that works well. I’ve landed on a few products that I regularly buy, but I am still searching for several other ones. I have been SO pleased with the results of the facial products I got in my sampler–possibly more effective than anything else I’ve ever tried, and within days. Thank you! // I have been SO pleased with the results of the facial products I got in my sampler

— BRD, Minnesota, via Etsy

I’ve used Tom’s for years, mostly out of convenience. One day I stumbled across Just the Goods and ordered a sample of the unflavored toothpaste along with a few other things. I wasn’t expecting anything really. I liked the ingredient list and thought it would be fun. Wow. Okay this is cheesy, but I was amazed. My teeth were much cleaner. We moved earlier this year and I haven’t found a dentist in our new town. I always know when it is time to go to the dentist by how my teeth feel, even after religious brushing and flossing. When I started using the Just the Goods toothpaste, let’s just say it was past time to get my 6 month cleaning. After I don’t know how long, a week or two?, my teeth felt as if they had been cleaned and polished. The plaque buildup in the problem areas was literally gone. I ran out of the toothpaste a couple of weeks ago and after using Tom’s and Crest samples, my teeth feel gross again and finding a dentist is back on my radar.

Here are some tips:

  • Try a flavored kind if taste is an issue for you or someone in your family. The unflavored does have a taste that I can only describe as tart or tangy. I like it, but my kids and husband weren’t fans. I am getting a flavored kind in my next order.
  • Get the recommended pump bottle to make the whole experience easier, especially if you have little kids. The toothpaste can be runny when it is hot and slow to pour out when it is cold.
  • Don’t bother trying to carry on long conversations while trying to brush your teeth. I drooled on myself at least 4 times before I caught on that this toothpaste creates more watery foam than the other stuff.

And to make this the longest review in history, another such product was deodorant. I have been using plain baking soda for a couple of years now. I used natural products long enough to detox from the stink that comes from using the grocery store kind, and I found that baking soda worked better than anything I could find at the health food stores. Most of those were still considered somewhat toxic by the EWG anyway. In the winter I would add a little coconut oil to prevent irritation from dryness. It worked wonderfully, except for two things. It was messy and my husband refused to use it, even when I’d press it mixed with coconut oil into an old deodorant stick. He is a pretty laid back guy and has allowed me to replace all his personal care items with “fruiter” ones as the years have gone by. Deodorant has been the problematic product. He’ll try something for a while and then request I get him something “normal” when he is tired of smelling funky. I’ll try a different natural deodorant and it will work better than the last one for a while until it doesn’t and he repeats his request for something else. The liquid crystal had stopped working for him, so naturally I bought the deodorant from Just the Goods when I saw it and read the reviews. Tada! It works! It still works. He even likes the smell. I tried it out a few times and haven’t been able to go back to the baking soda. The basic deodorant smells clean, it is easier to put on, it is less messy, and it works really well. Maybe someday I’ll decide to shop a bit more locally than Canada. But until then, I’ll happily be buying the deodorant and trying out more and more new products from Just the Goods. I love the thought of supporting a responsible company that makes good quality, non-toxic, inexpensive products that work.

— USA, via email

Also, I bought some of your vegan moisturizer for oil/combination skin and it is amazing. I seriously love everything about it.

— SF, Winnipeg via email

Hello, I just received your acne-product-sampler for my son – will keep you posted how they work for him. I also ordered the body butter samples, and love them so much that I now have decided to go for some more products from you. Mom needs some tlc too – and your products seem to give exactly that to me. I also love the cleanliness and zen-like simplicity of your containers.

— DR, New York, via email

Thanks for a cruelty free option!

— ER, Ohio, via email

I have been meaning to email to let you know that I did receive my order. Thanks so much! I am really enjoying the products, especially the face wash and moisturizer.

— CV, Colorado, via email

I just reviewed my order of my samples today! Thank you so so so much for the grapefruit lotion, smells WONDERFUL! So anyways! I literally just finished using the kit! My face feels so nice! Not dry, not oily, almost feels “balanced.” I can’t wait to see if it helps my skin in a couple weeks 🙂 Thanks again! I’m excited to start a new “healthy” skin care regimen and this was such a good “first step!” 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

— Jackie, via email

Yes, I am very happy with my experience your product and I am always excited to support local businesses that have great products like yours.

— LL, Winnipeg, via email

love your goodies! i use your face cream and lip balm!

— Cass, Winnipeg, via email

Dear Milena, Just wanted to let you know I received my order a couple of days ago. I was so excited to see the package in my mailbox at last! I couldn’t be happier with the products you sent! I ordered facial moisturizer and spray leave-in hair conditioner, and now after having used them for a couple days I must report that I am completely impressed and totally overjoyed! Both products are absolutely fabulous and superior to anything I’ve used before. And to know that they are being hand-crafted in a conscious, thoughtful and vegan way is icing on the cake, so to speak! Thank you so much for the time and effort that you put into the creation of your fine products. You may consider me a returning customer! I’m going to tell everyone I know, vegan or not, about your wonderful line of products! Thank you too for the refund on shipping costs! ; ) Have a wonderful day!

— TW, via email

I love love love my new face routine. Everything smells and feels so lovely. The toothpaste tastes amazing!!!! I feel like my face has been purged of all the nasty gunk. I’ve already started to spread the word of your products and Etsy account 🙂 Keep up the great work! Thanks Milena!!!

— KG, Edmonton, via Facebook

Hi Milena, just a quick note that the products are wonderful. You are very talented.

— KC, Winnipeg, via email

Hey Ottawa folks, if you are looking for a new vegan skin care store, check out @justthegoods! #YWG #allvegan #animalfatfree #greatservice

— ‏@mandaincanada, Ottawa, via Twitter

I found your products at the Nature Doctors and have been using your citrus deodorant for a few months and love it. I have approx. 15 Eco deodorants that I have tried with no success.

— MD, Winnipeg, via email

this is the best stuff out there for my lips.

— RM, Illinois, via email

The only thing I ever put on my face is your moisturizing cream

— SM, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Thank you Milena for making these great products. You are awesome! 🙂

— AG, Winnipeg, via email

Thanks for the email regarding the toner! I am looking forward to getting it […] and am very appreciative of your excellent customer service. I purchased the products initially when I was in Winnipeg seeing my family this summer, and I will now keep ordering from you forever more.

— MS, via email

re acne prone skin: This product is SO nice. I used it last night and my skin feels so good. I really like that you can order sample sizes and see how they work with your skin. It’s so much nicer than the commercial stuff out there and I’m THRILLED that it is vegan and I can support a fellow small business owner.

— Dee, Markham, via Etsy

I have clients that have bought your whole acne line – so your reputation is huge here!!

— JB, Winnipeg, via email

I’m so glad your business is doing so well….rightfully so! I’ve been out of your products for the last few days and missing it as I’ve been very bad with eating gluten & lactose lately. Whenever I see any acne forming, I use the toner vigorously (along with the usual soap and face cream and it wards them off. I’m VERY happy about that since no other product has consistently done that for me. 🙂

— ZA, Winnipeg, via email

It will be one helluva experience using a hand-crafted natural products. Something that most people wouldn’t get a chance to experince. You are kind-hearted Milena. And a patient seller too. It’s very cool seeing real people sharing their passion, and give something to the world. In this case-YOU. I wish i could do that. Perhaps someday I will. If I am ever in doubt regarding your product, I know where I should direct my question to. :- ) So, thank you for providing me options in natural skincare . We will deal again in the future.

— A, Malaysia, via email

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your product! Seriously, I have tried almost everything out there. I started with Oil of Olay, then to Eclos, then to Acure, among many, many others, and nothing, I mean NOTHING has worked the way your product has worked. And all for a fraction of the cost. What can be better?

— MB, via email

Again thank you so much for the quick turnaround and delivery of your work it’s glorious.

— AA, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you for making such wonderful products. I am in LOVE with my spray conditioner, body scrub, and body wash! AMAZING products!!!!

— DH, Winnipeg, via email

I’m excited to try your products and happy to support a Canadian entrepreneur. After much shopping around I decided to try out your products because you have a great company mission and strive to keep your products affordable which I really appreciate

— MF, Alberta, via email

Listen, my mother is likely one of the toughest customers I have ever seen, routinely finding something wrong with most cosmetic products and someone who I have never heard compliment a lotion with the enthusiasm that she talks about your lotions. I knew they were good, but I truly could not appreciate their effectiveness like my mother can. Having said that, the quality of your products, along with the affordability has helped us become loyal customers. Truly spectacular, thank you for always being so accommodating

— GL, Florida, via email

Thanks for making great non-toxic skincare products at affordable prices!

— AN, Montreal, via email

It’s seriously better then any other deodorant i’ve tried. I barely smell bo and it doesn’t coat my armpits with poison crap.

— C, Winnipeg, via email

you were really helpful explaining that though – its nice to realize (obviously) that you are careful, helpful, and knowledgeable

— NM, British Columbia, via email

Just received my goodies in the mail yesterday! Already used some of the products and I love them!! I will be posting reviews on each item as I get to use them. I’m very happy with my purchase, will be re-ordering them when I get back from vacation!

— SG, NJ, via email

Just received my package and I cannot wait to try everything out! They smell absolutely Devine and thank you SO much for gifting me a body butter 🙂 // Just put on the moisturizer. It’s. AHmazing! Like magic cream! […]

— VB, via Etsy

Thanks for the prompt service! One of my good friends in Winnipeg sent me some of your vegan deoderant as a gift a few months ago and I absolutely adore your product so I had to get more! I wish you sold your products here in Ottawa.

— CP, Ottawa, via email

Oh! I also meant to compliment you on the deodorant. I had mentioned before that I had tried countless kinds of aluminum-free deodorant and had almost given up on finding one that would work for me. I’m so glad I took a chance with yours! The hardest thing for me was finding a deodorant that lasted, as far as odor protection went. Even with the deodorant you buy at the store, it wouldn’t be that great with odor-control. But your deodorant has some magical ingredient that actually works! And bonus, it doesn’t sting my skin or do anything weird to it! It’s perfect!! So, I wanted to thank you for that, I’m so glad I found it!

— SS, via Etsy

just had a deluxe shower with Just the Goods products, I love the sugar scrub.

— EB, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Thank you again for putting together the massage oil for me. I picked it up in Thursday morning as we were leaving town. I am so glad I thought of you because I know the gift will be great. It is nice to have a local business that is ethical and eco and I can buy a present for someone and always know that it will be a great product (even if I have never tried it myself).

— Amanda, Winnipeg, via email

I am so excited, I have told all the girls at the office, and I am going to take the body butter to work so everyone can try it.

— Kim, via email

Hi Milena! Thank you for the update, I’m sure you get a ton of correspondence but I just wanted to say your emails are always helpful and an extremely nice alternative to the spamming I receive from most places!! Like weekly and almost daily from some…it causes me to just automatically delete them in an effort to keep up on my inbox! I’m sure you know how that is. It was also a nice reminder that I need to reorder, so good for you too! Thank you!

— Tabitha, via email

I was flying to Montreal last week and decided to put on some ‘Wild Woods’ oil. At the end of the flight, the gentleman next to me told me it was an incredible scent. He said it reminded him of Italy. I get more compliments on that scent than with any other scent I have worn. I LOVE IT.

— Lisa, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I just realized I never wrote back to you! I LOVE the products…they smell so nice and fresh. I just got your newsletter and am super excited about the new hair products! Thanks for making such awesome products and a great price 🙂

— Jen, via email

You’re a mad genius!

— Leah, Kingston, via email

lemon and coriander? you are a smell genie

— Chloe, Montreal, via Facebook

I am so excited, I have told all the girls at the office, and I am going to take the body butter to work so everyone can try it. // Thanks for all the info!!!! I’m happy to know where I can get a dispenser, as that was indeed my issue – delicately pouring just the right amount was proving difficult to do. Also, I’m totally happy to hear your cutting
both costs and environmental impact – I couldn’t agree more!!!! So happy I discovered your line, it’s vastly superior to many other ones I’ve experimented with…

— JM, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love Just The Goods!

— Kami, Texas, via Facebook

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your incredibly nice, fast reply. I have never experienced customer service like this. Awesome!:) […] I am so impressed that you make the products so soon before you mail them. I am so excited about trying them and am so happy to have found your site. I think the cheapest vegan face wash I had found was $22 for a very small bottle. I was thinking there was no way I could find anything reasonably priced.

— Shawnda, via email

I appreciate your timely attention to my order and for letting me know about the correction in shipping costs. I am very anxious to try your products as I feel very strongly about the types of products I use on my skin and hair; if I take care in what I put IN my body, why would I be careless about what I put ON it? So happy to have discovered your company and products. Best wishes to you!

— Tina, Missouri, via email

Thanks for offering such a cool line of goods! I’m all for natural and vegan ingredients, and my girlfriend is always seeking products with ingredients she can actually pronounce the names of, so thank you so very much! I’ll definitely be placing more orders in the future 🙂

— Michael, Indiana, via email

Thank you very much =) I’m lucky I found this deodorant. It lasts the longest of the natural kinds I’ve tried. I really appreciate the excellent care and quality of product!

— Molly, via Etsy

Picked up some ‘just the goods’ at the forks Milena. Love it grapefruit tea tree something something face wash luscious almost drinkable!

— Joshua, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I’m happy to know where I can get a dispenser, as that was indeed my issue – delicately pouring just the right amount was proving difficult to do. Also, I’m totally happy to hear your cutting both costs and environmental impact – I couldn’t agree more!!!! So happy I discovered your line, it’s vastly superior to many other ones I’ve experimented with…:-D

— Jen, via Facebook

I LOVE this stuff i use it whenever i run out of my homemade stuff!!! (re deodorant)

— Sarah, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love Just the Goods products! Milena is a very talented lady! […] Seriously everybody, my partner stocks up on this stuff for me for Christmas every year & it’s AMAZING! And such a great price! I am definitely recommending all of these products, I haven’t tried anything I haven’t liked. The unscented moisturizer is great for babies too! 🙂

— LL, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Yay!! Your package arrived. I am only halfway through opening, sniffing and trying – so delicious! and smells divine. Thanks Milena 🙂 // Milena! I have now tried it all and it is fantastic…and I just noticed the extra sample – thanks! I love your products. Have an awesome evening.

— DH, Ottawa, via email

I had a time thinking about what would be appropriate! So much choice! I am keen on it all! Love it! Love what you do! And I’ve got a new baby on the way.. I am so excited!!!

— NM. via email

I love, love, love that clay based dry skin cleanser. It feels so great!

— GW, Winnipeg, via email

I look forward to becoming a life-long customer

— GL, Florida, via email

great products!!! i love witch hazel! its totaly new for me and my very sensitive skin love this toner!!! seller is awesome i love to buy again from her!!! ps very fast shipping to greece thank you

— florcita3, Greece, via Etsy

I bought the sampler pack of face wash, toner, moisturiser and lip balm for oily/combination skin from ‘Sew Dandee’ when i was in winnipeg. I used it for the first time last night and I think I’m in love, I feel so excited that I’ve found a product that feels good, smells good and is good for me, my budget and the environment. It lifts me physically, spiritually and emotionally. I’d like to start a long term relationship with ‘just the goods’ facial products
I was so excited to receive the aromatic parcel. Endless thanks for the lush goodies inside, i get such delight out of using them everyday.

— Kat, Australia, via email

It’s important for me to say that your service is simply fantastic! – thank you from my heart!

— Nisa, Denmark, via email

Thank you for your courtesy! It’s a nice change from so many companies nowadays. The products arrived very quickly and we couldn’t be happier. I have a feeling you have some return customers here The personal touch is much appreciated as well, thank you for keeping me in the loop

– DN, Edinburgh (Scotland), via email

I hope your business is doing well! Keep those nonallergenic vegan products coming!

– RMR, New York, via email

very nice toothpaste , use it alternatively with commercial toothpaste […] i LOVE this [brown sugar lip scrub] , it is a blessing for my very dry lips + it taste great

– PS, via Etsy

this is the best natural deodorant I’ve found. it really works! i’m enjoying all of the samples from milena. the lemon and coriander body butter is my favorite, though. i’m so happy to have found this shop. the products are wonderful, as is the seller.

– kiki73, via Etsy

Looking forward to the opportunity to get rid of those nasty chemical toothpastes I have used all my life…and this is a great way to start! Lovely smooth paste that tastes great x […] Just what I wanted…thank you! Couldn’t choose which flavour I wanted to try first so having the sample sizes is a great idea! […] Really like the taste….just tried a wee bit!! Can’t wait to try it out and throw away that chemical ridden rubbish I have always used! x […] Splendid! Thank you so much! x

– LT, via Etsy

At first I thought it wasn’t working right but then I realized I just wasn’t adding enough water. I like the spicyness, it leaves a bit of a tingle on my face after shaving. I would advise being careful if you have very sensitive skin, I know cinnamon can be a slight irritant, but I think it gives my face a nice little glow 😀 Love the feeling of flopping up this stuff. Is really convenient that I don’t have to use a separate container to froth it up as I’ve seen suggested in other similar products. And I got a free lip balm too, awww, feelin’ the Etsy love 🙂

– The Playful Geometer, via Etsy

Love this moisturizer! I hope its around for years to come so I can keep using it now that I have one that works great for me.

— & —

I keep coming back for more of this moisturizer. Love it! […] Love this moisturizer! Absorbs super well! Super quick shipping and great customer service!

– ashleysworld, via Etsy

I love this toothpaste! It’s very minty and feels great on my teeth! I also got it about a week before the expected arrival date, so that was nice.

– Tania, via Etsy

Love this! Have been using over a week now- no breakouts, clean and fresh skin! Quick shipment, smells wonderful! And thank you for the freebie 🙂

– Darla, via Etsy

This product has become an excellent and luxurious addition to mt skin care routine. The smell on my skin is deliciously intoxicating and the texture is smooth and creamy. These hearty properties make it a great hydrator for wind whipped winter skin. For the record, my skin is very fair, acne prone and extremely sensitive. As a long time acne sufferer I have never received so many compliments on my complexion. A final and notable aspect is the afford ability. I appreciate the opportunity to shop for naturally derived products that do not break my budget. I look forward to purchasing this product again very soon.

– cms9888, Via Etsy

vegan deodorant] Works surprisingly well! Definitely would recommend! Wonderful toothpaste! Definitely would recommend! Feeling squeaky clean! […]

– TM, via Etsy

[Shaving soap] This product does not give the closest shave, however I have seen a reduction in irritation and razor burn when compared to drug store shaving gels. I’ll take that trade off! [Vegan Oily-Combination Face Wash] Awesome product! It is refreshing and not hard on the skin. [ Vegan Oily-Combination Toner] This product is great! It’s not an overwhelming toner, I felt refreshed using it without a “burning” that I found with drug store toners. [Vegan Oily Combination Skin Moisturizer] Great product! I find I only need a small amount (not even the size of a dime) to moisturize my entire face evenly.

– JB, via Etsy

Thank you so much for my order! The smell coming from the package when it came in the mail was so wonderful! I can’t wait to give it to my cousin. Thank you

– steviehurt, via Etsy

Great trial sized set! I particularly like the moisturizer and the facial cleanser but all of these products are lovely. I have insanely sensitive skin and everything I have tried from here has been safe for my skin. Highest marks for shop and seller! […] Fantastic and safe alternative to using soaps full of chemicals and harsh detergents! I won’t use anything else to clean my mineral makeup brushes from now on.

– Meredith, via Etsy

Very high quality product! Love it!

– ZS, via Etsy

Leaves my skin feeling soft and a little bit goes a long way. I also love the scent! Item shipped out very quickly too. I do suggest purchasing the re-usable dispenser pump because the soap is liquidity (I accidentally dumped out quite a bit on the first pour with out a dispenser). [and] I got this as a sample with my previous order and loved it so much, I had to buy a bottle. The lavender scent is subtle, not overpowering. The lotion is thick and does an excellent job of moisturizing. I will continue to buy items from the shop.

– LB, via Etsy

Have sensitive skin and have been using oil-free facial products for years. Recently switched this into my routine without experiencing any reactions! […] Beautiful texture—truly feels like butter the way it softens to body heat. Great consistency and long lasting. Thank you! […] I have eczema and sensitive skin in general and this product is a total treat. It reminds me of Crabtree & Evelyn’s Gardeners Hand Therapy and works beautifully. Thank you! […] Amazing service and product, thank you!

– okaysoyea, via Etsy

[Welcome kit] I bought this as a gift, so I haven’t tried them all…but it has a large amount of products for the price! [perfume oils] Great scents, but not quite strong enough for me. [foot butter] Very refreshing scent, and great for feet. [body butter] What a great scent combination! I can’t get enough of this! They smell and feel so great!

– ajcolli2, via Etsy

Great unscented lotion. I keep this at all my sinks and use it regularly. I also use it on my face with wonderful results. This is a great shop and I am never disappointed with what I order. If you have any special requirements do forget to ask the seller. They are great to work with. Fast shipping too

– BP, via Etsy

Feels great on my skin! Soon as I’m done with this bottle, I’m ordering another. It smells great too! Tea tree oil usually overpowers most smells but it’s subtle but you can still smell it, it’s great!

– TzitziFarmer, via Etsy

Neroli & Ylang Ylang Vegan Essential Oil Perfume Roll-On] Great item! Will definitely purchase from them again! [Vegan Daily Makeup Brush Cleanser] Great product, and extremely fast shipping! Will definitely purchase from these guys again!

– B, via Etsy

[Vegan Acne Prone Skin Moisturizer] very light and not greasy [Vegan Acne Prone Skin Face Wash] leave your skin feeling great and clean, without drying skin! [Vegan Acne Spot Treatment] this product works magic, and doesn’t dry out your skin! [Vegan Toner Acne prone skin] works great & such a refreshing smell! [ vegan body and aromatherapeutic room spray – eucalyptus twist] smells amazing, so relaxing! [ vegan massage oil sore muscle blend] very relaxing scent! [Vegan Brown Sugar Lip Scrub] yummy! just as effective as it is yummy!

– Sara, via Etsy

[Vegan Oily/Combination Skin Face Wash – Moisturizing with Exfoliating Jojoba Beads] works really well, doesn’t irritate, and leaves my skin looking MUCH fresher! [Vegan Whipped Body Butter] package arrived promptly, and the butter smells fantastic. the sample of hand lotion is lovely! [ and ] this works really well- it leaves my skin feeling soft and glowing(!!the skin looks gorgeous!), no irritation 😀 paired with the moisturizer, the skin looks very dewy- the matching moisturizer would be great for winter, but it’s not matte in summer- the moisturizer works best as a night cream in summer, but the face wash is excellent all year round! will definitely order this again

– ET, Via Etsy

[Vegan Leave in Spray Hair Conditioner] Smells great, seems to add some good extra conditioning. Thank you! [Vegan Oily Combination Skin Moisturizer] So far so good with this– great smell, great moisturizing. Thank you!

– DaleAnna, via Etsy

[ Vegan Chai Spice Shaving Cream Soap] O it’s lovely! Thank you so much. My husband will love this 🙂

– BP, via Etsy

The toothpaste was not for me, but it was a lovely buying experience and I already love some of her other vegan products! 🙂 Wonderful vegan care products from a friendly Canadian seller! My faves were the face wash and moisturiser. My sensitive skin loves it!

– Sara, via Etsy

This is a great bottle with a pump. I love the lotion without any fragrance to it. Just what I need this time of year. […] I love this stuff. No perfumes to irritate. I am happy I found this shop. Lots of great products for those that require special skin treatment.

– BP, via Etsy

[Vegan Natural Deodorant] I love the smell and it works very well, I am definitely considering buying the bigger one.

– AD, via Etsy

I love this set! My skin was feeling horrible after using store bought wash and cream and this cleared up the problem after just 2 days! It’s been 2 weeks now and I use it everyday. They all smell wonderful! The face wash lathers and washes away cleanly. And the moisturizer isn’t oily and doesn’t leave my skin feeling dry. The sample size is huge, also! Except for accidentally spilling half the face wash it would probably last me a month or more of daily use. I will definitely be buying more and trying more products! Thanks 🙂

– tailoredchaos, via Etsy

[Vegan Acne Prone Skin Face Wash] Lovely. Just lovely! Great product, quick shipping 🙂 [Vegan Acne Prone Skin Moisturizer] I love your product–and, more importantly, so does my skin! Thank you so much 🙂 [Vegan Toothpaste] This stuff is fantastic! Thank you 🙂

– KF, via Etsy

LOVE THIS!!!!! It is SO much better than the spearmint they have in the stores. I find the store ones too minty, this is just like a yummy spearmint candy. I like the feeling it leave in your mouth, clean yet not a harsh aftertaste. I will be reordering some again real soon, it’s that GOOD!!!! […] This toothpaste is wonderful. I bought 2 and the flavourless is nice, I’ll definately be reordering the spearmint. lol The flavourless is as stated flavourless, it does a great job and doesn’t make your mouth feel weird like regular toothpaste. I’m glad that you can get it without any flavour. [Vegan Acne Prone Skin Face Wash] Repeat Customer – LOVE this cleanser. It’s nice and light yet makes your skin feel really cleansed but not dried out like it can with many cleansers made for acne prone skin. No complaints here and I use it 2-3 times a day. =) [ Vegan Toner acne prone skin] Repeat customer – this toner smells SO good. Just the perfect balance. It does a great job and doesn’t sting your skin. [ Vegan Acne Prone Skin Moisturizer] Repeat customer ~ I LOVE the feel of this moisturizer. It feels so light on my skin. I find with most moisturizers that they feel heavy or sting b/c of my skin type. This is the perfect balance.

— & —

This product is SO nice. I used it last night and my skin feels so good. I really like that you can order sample sizes and see how they work with your skin. It’s so much nicer than the commercial stuff out there and I’m THRILLED that it is vegan and I can support a fellow small business owner.

– Dee, via Etsy

This face wash is AWESOME. Leaves my skin feeling very clean and refreshed. Will definitely be buying again! […] Great communication and fast shipping. Always pleased with the products from this shop! [eyemakeup remover] Definitely a change from the makeup removers I’ve used in the past. This is one basically oil but it does a pretty good job of removing my eye makeup, especially mascara, which is the toughest to get rid of. I can appreciate the minimalistic ingredients and hope to continue using Just The Goods products. Seller is very kind and helpful. [Vegan Toner acne prone skin] This toner is awesome! It leaves my skin feeling tingly and fresh and does a great job of removing any dirt/makeup that my cleanser left behind.

– stardustsupply, via Etsy

I was initially afraid of trying a new skin care regimen and experimenting with new products, but I was so pleasantly surprised after using Milena’s products after a week or so–yes, just a week! Her formulas are gentle on my skin (I’m sensitive), and I found zero irritation with any of the products I used. I will definitely be re-purchasing the lotion and face wash for acne prone skin in the future. My skin is soft and my acne problems have calmed down considerably since halting the use of harsh chemicals on my skin. Thanks, Milena!

– SB, via Etsy

I just wanted to let you know I have fallen in love with the products! I figured out how to salvage the half bottle of the exfoliating wash and to not waste it. My skin has improved so so so much already. I will be ordering the big bottles for sure.

— RP, Winnipeg, via email

I received your products about 3 weeks ago and have been wanting to write you a thank you so much sooner. Less than a week after I got the stuff I got very sick and ended up in the hospital for several days. Turns out I have either ulcerative colitis or crohn’s disease – 1 more test will determine. I also ended up with salmonella. I was in pretty bad shape for a while, it actually got a little scary a couple times as I came close to checking out of this world. Even after I got home I could barely move. With the illness came severe dehydration. It’s been rough. But I’m getting better & keeping my chin up. Today is the first day I’ve been able to do a few things for myself and one of those things is using your products again!!! (I was too weak in the hospital to really do anything, just let the shower water run, couldn’t really hold soap or anything.) After such a rough time your face wash, moisturizer, etc felt SO GOOD!!! My skin has been so dry from the dehydration I have literally been peeling. Gross. The moisturizer was so NICE!!! And the sample foot cream you threw in – you have NO idea how heavenly it felt. I was going to thank you for such great stuff before, but now I REALLY want to send a HUGE thank you. After what I went through it’s good to feel human & kinda pretty again. I cannot wait til I’m able to order more. Especially the moisturizers & lotions, I’m totally craving them. Thank you for great products & great service. Do you mind if I mention your products on my facebook?

– Anonymous, USA, via email

I have been using your toothpaste exclusively since my last email. Yes, as I was afraid of, my teeth did get very sensitive. BUT… To my pleasant surprise, the sensitivity has been going away! I was able to bite into a cold dark chocolate covered strawberry this past weekend with almost no symptoms at all! Funny, considering last summer, I started using a fluoride rinse on top of the higher fluoride toothpaste because even just breathing through my mouth would cause pain. Now, almost nothing. I don’t want to ruin my diet, but I am thinking of testing my good fortune on some ice cream! ;o)

Anyway, I am working on learning about other sources of fluoride to try and avoid excesses. I know it is naturally occurring in water, tea, etc., but the less I take it in, the better I feel physically, mentally, emotionally. I had no idea how much fluoride affects us.

– Adrienne, Connecticut, via email

I love this deodorant, it lasts a really long time and it’s been a hot summer

— dllama22, via Etsy

I love it all! I have somewhat sensitive skin as well, and it was very gentle and my skin felt so fresh, clean, and smooth. Tea tree oil, one of the main ingredients in the skin care always works very well for my skin but it was cleansing and the smell was a bit too strong. All of the products have a light, refreshing scent that I love. The trial size is small, but it also lasts me a while. Also, I adore the way the lip balm looks on the lips. It gives a slight gloss look, but it is very smooth and not too thick on the lips. All of the products are very lovely!

— RansomNotes, via Etsy

I love the toner and moisturizer!

— bethn921, via Etsy

I am very pleased with your products and already have been sharing your site with others. 🙂

— Katie, Virgina, via email

this has been the only thing that has finally cleared up my cystic acne, thank you!

— AZ, Minnesota, via Etsy

I got my order last week! I am documenting my skin using video and will keep you updated! I love the fresh smells and quality! The lotion is just amazing…what a lovely texture! // I can’t wait to switch to vegan – at least from my head..eventually I will make it down to my toes soon! Great communication and quality products! You ROCK!

— PC, Illinois, via email

I received my samples a couple days ago, and LOVE THEM!!! The toner smells absolutely amazing!! And my normally oily t-zone is now under control. I hardly have to touch up my powder during the day. Thank you for your amazing products!

— Jennifer, Tennessee, via Etsy

Hey darlin’ so I just got everything yesterday! so stoked about that – my girlfriend whom I gave it to as a present loved everything!
thanx a bunch 🙂

— EF, Hope BC, via Etsy

love the just the goods products, my faves right now are: the facial moisturizer, the body butter (mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm) and the foot cream! you are the best, everybody needs your products! thanks!

— Praba, Bay Area (California), via Facebook

Hi! We’ve received this morning the shaving cream and the body butter. We only tried the body butter and it’s amazing! I also spect that the shaving cream to be awesome too. In some days I’m going to buy some other things for a friend and I. Thank you very much,

— Juncal, Spain, via Etsy

The products arrived and I LOVE everything! The only thing I should have thought about is the fact that this is Arizona and it is HOT, so the body butter was completely melted by the time we got home from work and my husband checked the mail. I’m sure the heat must have compromised the quality some, but it’s still usable. Everything else seemed to be unaffected (or not melted at least) – I’ll just have to make sure to pay for upgraded shipping next time and maybe we can deliver it to my work so it’s not sitting in the hot mail box all day. My husband loves peppermint so he stole one of my chapsticks already. 🙂 The face lotion is my favorite – I’m wondering if I might be able to purchase it in a larger quantity as a body lotion?

— TS, Arizona, via Etsy

Thanks so much and my husband I both love your lotion!

— JC, Pittsburgh, via email

I saw a video about you and your company!  YEAH!!
I usually use LUSH but now feel very strongly about supporting vegan companies only.  LUSH has some amazing policies and products but they still use lanolin, egg, milk and honey in some of their products. […]  Just wanted to say that I am happy to support you and the great work you are doing!  You inspire me to continue on my vegan journey of discovering my greatest power to be a catalyst for positive change and animal liberation!

— MC, California, via email

And I’m very excited for my products!! It’s so hard to find quality products on a Canadian site! Really appreciate it

— KW, St. John’s, via email

I had no idea that it was just you running your business, and I am very impressed!

— HF

People are far more aware and concerned about what they are putting into their bodies nowadays, which is really great. Happily, you are at the forefront of this movement, and I believe and hope that it will grow and so will your business!

— AR, Connecticut, via email

Thank you for the amazing products, X got us all hooked!

— NJ, Vancouver, via email

Just wanted to let you know that I got my products yesterday! Thank you! I was so happy to slather that moisturizer on my face!

— HJ, Toronto, via email

LOVE this stuff! So creamy and lovely and works great. I love it even more knowing it is all natural! // Such an awesome moisturizer! Smells amazing and works great. LOVE it!

— jaclyndanielle87, via Etsy

re-buying! I love it 🙂

— CW, Winnipeg, via Etsy

I can’t believe how good this deoderant works!..I usually stink by the end of the day with store regular store bought deoderant, but this stuff leaves me feeling clean and fresh all day….THE BEST….I will be purchasing more 🙂

— SK, via Etsy

love it! smellls good enough to eat!

– JL, via Etsy

The Basic has a light, very pleasant scent. 🙂 Seller was very nice to deal with.

— Decided, via Etsy

Love this deodorant! It is paraben-free, aluminum-free and another added bonus here is that there is NO ALCOHOL OR PROPYLENE GLYCOL(an ingredient I find a lot of other sellers still using in their products.)in this deodorant, so there is no skin irritation, YAAAY!!! I also love the citrusy scent, it’s perfect for the summer months~Thanks so much!!!

— JustAGirlAtHeart, Richfield, via Etsy

Awesome products & exemplary service, thank you so much! And thank you for the lovely foot cream sample too! 🙂 [+] This is a great face wash. It’s very gentle. I highly recommend Melina and her products. She is AWESOME! 🙂 [+] I love, love, love this moisturizer! It’s perfect for my sensitive skin and Melina is a doll! Thanks so much for the sample too. It’s lovely! XO

— abrimmer, via Etsy

Yes! I really liked your moisturizer. I am so happy to find a place to buy good quality stuff with ingredients that I can pronounce and know that there isn’t crap in there! […] Thank you for what you do!

— LS, California, via email

I always enjoy your products and hope I you keep making more and more and more lol. It’s so nice to not have to spend 40/50 dollars on an organic moisturizer from some giant corporation.

– tendrilhearts, Seattle, via Etsy

I. Love. This. Toothpaste! Very different from commercial toothpaste, but the clean is beyond compare – I have never liked a toothpaste so much. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a healthy, guilt-free alternative!
I gave this [shaving solid] to my boyfriend for a holiday gift – he loves it and has little to no razor burn (whereas with most shaving creams he has quite a bit). An added bonus is how great he smells afterwards – I love my man smelling fresh!

— Meg, Toronto via Etsy

As a person who knew very little about soaps and skin care, I was VERY impressed in the customer service and support that Just The Goods provided. My wife provided my first saving solids from Just The Goods as a Christmas present and I was hooked. I did my due-diligence and searched the web for better products but could not find anything better (nor as reasonably priced). I am already planning my next purchase. Great to deal with and highly recommended!

Scott Burton, Corporate Entertainer and Motivational Speaker, Winnipeg, via email

I’m super excited to try everything out. Out with the chemical products and in with just the goods! These are my very first vegan products. If only you guys had some shampoo as well!

— AN, Alabama, via Etsy

Although I was a little skeptical of the moisturizing face wash, wow, I can’t even describe how much my skin feels more hydrated all day! Of course the toner and moisturizer work wonders too. This will work VERY well for winter flaky/dry skin on the face, for anyone else considering..I am confident that I will not have this issue this winter using your products. Thank you so much! And the essential oils calm me down so much. Gah, your products are awesome !! ♥ […] i was using x from x, but still, your stuff is WAY better and WAY cheaper. Goes to show that basic ingredients are better than 50 ingredients haha. Thank you! Referred you to many people already ^_^ […] Can’t wait to buy from you again

— Carla, Winnipeg, via Facebook

My custom listing was made up of a variety of samples, all of which I loved, especially the lavender, bergamot + ylang ylang scent that was thrown in, and my sweet orange lip glow is so smooth and buttery. But I just couldn’t believe how much I loved the skin care set for dry skin. When I woke up the morning after I first used it, I couldn’t stop touching my face! I’m going to buy the full-sized versions right away so that I don’t risk running out. Thank you so much for your excellent communication and beautiful products.

— Knullrufs, Seattle, via Etsy

Hopefully yours will work for her just like they did for my son. He said that was the first face wash he had used that didn’t irritate his skin, and his eyes have now cleared up and he was able to go back to work. So we thank you for that, and have our fingers crossed X’s skin will benefit from a natural product as well.

— R, Winnipeg, via email

I can’t believe how long your products last, I’m still good on the toner and moisturizer and butter, it’s incredible. You are definitely saving me so much money in toiletries (bummer for you not making money off me) but seriously, my skin and the planet is better off because of you.

— Melissa, Winnipeg, via email

The facial moisturizer is unbelievable, it smells amazing!!! Do you do a body moisturizer with the same ingredients?

— Katie, Ottawa, via Facebook

I love these products. The facial line has changed my skin, the shaving solid is amazing for my legs, and I almost licked my hands they other day because the peprmint handcream smelled so good…best of all I probably could have and it wouldn’t have been bad for me. Great job Milena/Just the Goods!

— Jennifer L S, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I absolutely adore the shaving cream! it is so very fantastic! And that scent is just so delightful

Susana, Winnipeg, via Email

Perfect! Exactly what I was looking for! Many Thanks for a wonderful transaction! Highly Recommended and I will return! A++++++++++++++

— luvcupcakes, via Etsy

Thank you so much!

— SwettaKonfetta, Thailand, via Etsy

just so you know […] the only thing standing between me and social exclusion is your basic roll on deodorant

– H, Winnipeg, via email

“JUST THE GOODS” – is officially now one of the safest Handmade Skin Care Company’s around. My friend Milena has created a great line of safe Skincare for women and men!

DJBeekeeni/Vav Jungle, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Way to go, Milena! Thank you for working to provide wonderful safe and healthy bath and beauty products for us to use

— Jenny H, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Sew Dandee is SO proud to carry these wonderful products made with care and love by Winnipeg’s own, Milena Placentile! Thanks so much for your work, Milena!

— Andee/Sew Dandee, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Congrats to Milena Placentile for being one of the few North American producers of safe cosmetics. If you’re looking for some great holiday gifts (or a gift for yourself) from a local Winnipeg producer you should definitely check Just the Goods out.

Jonathon Wayne Design, Vancouver, via Facebook

They’re gorgeous, gorgeous products 🙂 xo

— Chandra, Winnipeg, via Facebook

So far my favorite things for myself are the toner and lip balm. I think the lip balm is the best lip balm I have ever used!!! I REALLY love the peppermint one, haven’t tried the lavender yet though. I haven’t tried the vegan body cream yet either….we’ve only used it on my son so far. I really like the facial moisturizer (oily/combination), but have to use a tiny bit of it otherwise my face is too shiny. 🙂 […] Thank you so much Milena! I’m very pleased with everything and can’t wait to try more of your products! I will definitely recommend you to others! Have a wonderful week!

— Kelly, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous! Totally love it! Pristine and careful packaging, a delight to open! Many thanks, will return!

elizabethkelly, London (England), via Etsy

Mild and calming. Left my skin soft and moisturized. Great store to do business with!

— LaBodaLatch, Indiana, via Etsy

AMAZING. Incredible customer service with a stellar product to back it up!

— Christine, Winnipeg, via Etsy

MILENA!!!! I am in love with your body butters. Seriously the best body butters I’ve ever had the pleasure to feed my skin. They are superior to X in my opinion. Not greasy, smell amazing without being overpowering, and feel really moisturizing! In fact, I love all of the scents so much I cannot decide which ones to get.

— S, Winnipeg, via email

Perfect transaction. Prompt shipping and receiving, friendly and personable service and fantastic product. Love the toothpaste–best organic toothpaste I’ve tried and with such a natural minty after-brush! Thanks for the body butter sample. Smells soooo good; I’ll be buying that too when I’m out of toothpaste. Look forward to buying from you again after such a positive experience. 🙂

— Lemonforest, New Brunswick, via Etsy

Have never seen a more smiling postman either, holding a package smelling of lavender, ylang-ylang, grapefruit etc! It totally made my day! Thank you, my dear Milena, for this!

— Corina, Stockholm, via Facebook

I haven’t tried the bath melts or salt yet, but they both smell awesome. The lip balm is fantastic. The peppermint foot butter is nice 🙂 And I LOVE the lemon corriander body butter. I’m not so crazy about the Spicy Nights one at all. It wasn’t what I expected. […] I wanted to let you know though, that I will most likely be ordering more products from you […] for xmas. Definitely will be getting more lemon body butter, and the bath stuff!

— April, Winnipeg, via email

I have really enjoyed your facial products and the price is so reasonable too.

— J, Marchand MB, via email

I LOVE THE DEODORANT! I SMELL SO GOOD its really good aromatherapy !!

— Shari, Montreal, via email

the deoderant we picked up at the craft sale on saturday is fantastic!! Just thought you’d like to know 🙂

— Em, Winnipeg, via Facebook

My husband LOVES this toothpaste. It is his ‘new’ favorite. He recycled an old tube of toothpaste, cut off the bottom funneled it in and re-tapes it shut. so cute! Thanks much

goddessofthecosmos, Chicago, via Etsy

Seller was responsive, understanding of allergin limits and cross contamination issues, and quick to send the shaving cream.

— frostindri, Portland, via Etsy

So happy with your lovely fragrances and tasty smelling everything! Hope to get out to see you at the Wolselely FM on Tuesday….

— Summer, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I just wanted to tell you how in love I am with your deodorant and perfume oils. My guitarist even steals the deodorant when I am not looking! 🙂

Emaline Delapaix, Berlin, via Facebook

Used the unscented shaving solid last night for the first time and I am both rash and hair-free, plus silky smooth. So happy, thank you, thank you, thank you!

— KA, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Seriously, you should check out Just the Goods. Locally made, all natural vegan products at very affordable prices is beyond awesome. So far I got a salt scrub (pink grapefruit and black pepper smells divine!) and lip balm and I’m very happy with the results. So ch-ch-check ‘em out!

— HP, Winnipeg, via Facebook

i wanted to say i negelected my skin for about 2 wks and paid for it. i started taking care again with ur washes etc and its made a good recovery! 😀 thanku!

– Melissa, Brandon, via email

Tastes so much better than other natural toothpastes i’ve tried. my mouth feels very clean afterward, thanks!

— jbagston, via Etsy

I LOVE your body butter, I have psoriasis and am super picky about lotions and how they feel.

— SB, Winnipeg, via email

Shipped fast and excellent communication. Smells great.

— vboo, British Columbia, via Etsy

Oh wow you have oily/combo face care! And such a better price than what I am used to, and much less ingredients than the organic stuff I normally buy @ vita health. Haha, thank you so much for providing all these great natural, vegan products. Will spread the word 🙂

— Carly, Winnipeg, via Etsy

the spicy nights body lotion is amazing!!! I love love love it!!! Thanks so much for making amazing vegan local products!!!!!

— Nettie, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I’ve been using the cleansing toner and it is great!

— Jennifer G, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I need more face wash and face moisturizer!! BEST stuff I’ve ever used! Such a glow afterwards =D

—@kiexfotodesign, Winnipeg, via Twitter

great shipping, great purchase, awesome product!

— aleciajrivas, via Etsy

This is the only moisturizer that I have found that does not aggravate my rosacea. In fact, I think it is healing my skin in addition to moisturizing it. I couldn’t recommend this lotion more highly, especially if you have sensitive skin!!

— Mary, Massachusetts, via Etsy

I am still loooooving my vegan face moisturizer… I think I have the one for oily skin – it smells sooo delicious & lasts forever! You make the best stuff!

— Meg, Winnipeg,via email

I just wanted to shoot you a quick message about your stuff being sold in the forks! That’s so awesome and I cannot wait to go to that store.I’m finding I can’t live without your spot treatment 🙂

— CW, Winnipeg, via email

I have been using the products and love them. Honestly. They are really great! I am definitely going to order.

— SP, California, via email

Really like the way the soap and lotion work together to make my skin feel fresh and soft, but not greasy! Thanks so much!!

GoodwinsCustomCrafts, Columbus GA, via Etsy

Thank you again for your excellent communications and wonderful customer service! Good Luck on your endeavors. Anxious to hear more!

sherischart, Houston, via Etsy

I’ve been looking for a a nice handmade toothpaste, and this is it!! + LOVE the body butter!! Thanks to a super seller – prompt, helpful and friendly communication – I’ll be back!

GladRaggz, Florida, via Etsy

It was wonderful to work with Justthegoods shop. I absolutely adore their products, and will continue to shop with them again and again.

— Elizabeth, Colorado, via Etsy

This has a wonderful herbal smell and all the benefits I normally associate with witch hazel, getting rid of redness and puffiness quickly, without drying my skin out. I was a little wary about the tea tree oil, because it tends to turn my face red when used all over, but that hasn’t been a problem. I would definitely order again.

— Verve, New Orleans, via Etsy

Kudos @justthegoods: “Champion” status w Campaign 4 Safe Cosmetics @safecosmetics Let’s see the big co’s follow ur lead!

— @gilldeacon (Gillian Deacon), via Twitter

@justthegoods 🙂 U know I love what you do…

— LeBoudoirNoir1, Greece, via Twitter

I always like to support local businesses so I’m happy to have found you now.

— Crystal, Winnipeg, via email

I bought a sample size of the acne face wash at the R.A.Steen craft sale a few weeks ago and I would like to purhase the largest size that you have!

— A, Winnipeg, via email

If you ever plan a trip to DC please let me know. I would love to buy you lunch and meet the genius behind Just The Goods. Maybe I should plan a trip to Canada? In the spring or summer…lol

— Bob, Virginia, via email

I wish you were in Seattle

– r, seattle WA, via email

X and I were very happy to give several of your products as gifts at Christmas. We visited Sew Dandee to get more. X(who is NOT a body lotion guy AT ALL) was really impressed with the product and the packaging. A big compliment
coming from an avid non-metrosexual. // It is really easy to be excited about the products – they are just very good and the transactions with you are a joy.

— T, Winnipeg, via email

Hey! I got my toothpaste today, yay! I LOVE IT. Thank you so much for making it, I am glad I found you! And loved the sample surprise too, I never knew grapefruit and black pepper would make an awesome combo!

— Sierra, Washington, via Etsy

I absolutely love my lip balm, in fact I may be developing an unhealthy dependence on it. Its the best thing for my lips which usually get dry and flaky so easy (uncomfortable and makes me self-conscious) but they’ve never been so luscious. Thanks

— K, Australia, via Email

i just tried the cleanser product, and it’s feeling nice ^^ another 2 lip balms shared with my friends. they said it moist. it’s very suitable to receive them on today, since the weather suddenly turns cold. so much thanks, so warm. you know, receiving parcel is really happy, and it’s happy friday!! you are so great that have so many different products handmade by yourself. i wanna try them all next time!!

— YY, Hong Kong, via email

I feel completely prepared for gift giving!

— @SnowSpirit, Toronto, via Twitter

Love Love Love all of the purchases made from you for holiday and personal pampering. Thank you.

— Marian, Winnipeg, via email

Excellent service and communication!!!!!! Postal systems lost the parcel but otherwise, Milena is GREAT to deal with.
I don’t know if this is good or bad but my kids, esp my eldest // 4yo, has been brushing her teeth thrice a day. Lol. N // 2.5yo, has gone from hating toothbrushing to liking it! Also, I brushed my teeth twice in the morning, just because!!!

— Inoriz, Australia, via Etsy

X is now hooked to your deodorant after sneaking use for a couple of days. “Order tons” is what he commanded. I’d like to get more of the cedar. I’d like to get some as gifts as well.

– S, Winnipeg, via email

WE are just so happy to continue to support your efforts and talents.

— hathorspride, via Etsy

odd to say about toothpaste, but quite relaxing/fresh

— KBC, Winnipeg, via Etsy

My [friend has] recently come around to accepting that she’s been fighting depression […] and I’ve been encouraging her to start pampering herself a bit in addition to her treatment plan with her doctors. I’m going to send her the package of [bath] melts next week, because it’s full of some of her favorite scents. It seems like kismet that I ordered them when I did, she’s in need of some love. So, you know, thank you for being in business I guess? 😀 It’s nice to be able to do nice things for myself and the people I love, and even nicer to be able to do it in support of someone who is truly wonderful to do business with.

— Anonymous, central USA, via email

I ordered a couple facial sample kits a little while ago and I really love your products! And thank you for the body butter sample too! I would like to order some more of your face products before I run out!
I received my new products yesterday, and I just wanted to say thank you very much! I am so in love with the body butter, it smells so delicious! I am enjoying the other products as well!

— Heidi, Illinois, via email

We’re continuing to love your products! (And I noticed upcoming products – exciting!)

— Raena, Winnipeg, via email

It is a pleasure doing business with someone who goes the extra mile in serving her customers! I am grateful I found the link to you and your products.

— Diane, Texas, via Etsy

i love your face products!

— Jess, Montreal, via Facebook

I tried out some of the testers and it’s some of the best facial products I have ever used! Way to go! […] I bought the orange and clove toothpaste and it tastes amazing. […] my mouth feels fresh after using it and I prefer it to the Green Beaver toothpaste. I love how it comes in a glass jar

— Shannon, Winnipeg, via email

I have really been enjoying the products I purchased, so it’s really great to know that I can contact you to order more.

— Sara, Winnipeg, via email

It’s the perfect travel size and has lasted me SO long. Oh and I love it! (Re Just the Goods deodorant)

— A, Winnipeg, via email

Wonderful products!

MustacheCatDesigns, Wallingford CT, via Etsy

GREAT stuff! love all of it!

– Andrea, Calgary, via Etsy

Re vegan perfume: wonderful, unique and meaningful scent combinations! Re shaving solid for sensitive skin: brilliant for sensitive skin!!! and smells amazing!

— caramagenta, Australia, via Etsy

Great seller, thanks a lot ! + Smells so lovely, thanks a bunch 🙂

settlebythesea, Waterloo, via Etsy

All the boys love their shaving solids! Thank you so much!

— Amanda, via Etsy

the deoderant is AMAZING! Every other natural type deodorant I’ve tried ended up making me smell worse than when I wore nothing. Your deodorant just smells good.

— Katie, Winnipeg, via Email

I tried your products recently and just loved them! Finally something that works well and is also safe to use.

— Melanie, Winnipeg, via Email

I can’t tell you how happy I was with your products! They just smell so amazing, and every time I walk into my bathroom now it smells like essential oils, yum! That, combined with their effectiveness and your welcoming, personal way of doing things, will definitely bring me back to just the goods again and again. It also means so much to me that I can be sure that the personal care items I buy aren’t tested on animals, or contain any animal products. I love that I can be so sure of that with your brand!

— AN, Pennsylvania, via Email

I do LOVE that my armpits smell like candy! Mmm citrus. 😀 And no streaks on my black clothes!

– Amy Jeanne, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Aromatherapy to the Max! my citrus deodorant makes me smell good AND makes me HAPPY every morning. No looking back! Just the Goods from here on in!

— Garry-Lewis James Osterberg, Toronto, via Facebook

I wore my new just the goods deodorant tonight for the first time and i love the scent of it. and when that scent wears out, it’s not followed by any other scent. i love it.

— Erika, Winnipeg, via Facebook

At the end of a long day wearing jtg deodorant, there isn’t that musty, worn-out deodorant odour – just a very clean, natural smell. i love it!

— cam, Winnipeg, via Facebook

The perfume is incredible, and I can’t wait to use everything else.

— Lisa, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Thank you for your time and dedication to making healthy & safe products!

— Richelle, Colorado, via email

I LOVE my stuff. Thank you! I had someone threaten to not let me out of their vehicle over the weekend as I “made it smell so good!” Heehee!

— KL, Winnipeg, via email

May I just say, your products have changed my life! I don’t think my skin has ever felt so refreshed and beautiful. You will definitely be hearing from me in the not to distant future. I absolutely LOVE Just the Goods!

— Julie, New York, via email

love your stuff! yeah, i tried it at a retreat!

— Edith, via email

A quick note to let you know that “love and rage” arrived safely. I absolutely love it – even X says it smells good, but I’m not sharing!! We think the lip balm is fab, too. Mom is wearing Sweet Orange and I’m wearing Hint of Lemon. Thank you so much for making me a bottle of ‘love and rage.” I think of you and The Pinky Show every morning when I dab some on.

— Kara, via email

The consistency is spot on! Maybe it could use a bit more of the scent, it was a bit less compared to your body butter samples. Which my daughter spirited away, I might add. Might have been the long transit time. But overall, it’s MORE than satisfactory. 🙂 My feet love the feeling. Thank you!

Designs by M’Ayanna, via Facebook

I thought this stuff was too runny at first, but then I was told I was using too much and that a tiny bit would suffice and wouldn’t be so runny. That was true, and I ended up really falling in love with the toothpaste by the time I finished using it. I had to switch back to store-bought toothpaste when I ran out because I didn’t order it fast enough to have it in time, sooo I decided to stock up and get two this time. 😀 I really prefer this over other toothpastes I’ve tried. Thanks!

— nashy, Etsy

I’ve just started using the facewash you custom made for me and I love it so far! Thank you so much. I also love the whipped body butter – I don’t normally love grapefruit scented things but this was really nice. I haven’t had too many pimples lately so I haven’t gotten a chance to really test out the acne spot treatment yet, but I love how that smells too. I’ll let you know how it works when I get the chance. Thank you so much for the custom facewash and the freebies – I love everything thus far!

– Stacey, New Jersey, via email

I have brought all my samples with me to Greece – they’re perfect in terms of both size & substance for a beach holiday…

— R, Glasgow, via email

A++++++++++++++ Love it:)

— nesscrowder, Etsy

Completely yummy!

— Coralsdance, Etsy

Super-fast answers to questions and great customer service. Easy to get exactly what I wanted. Great products.

— VMBETH, Etsy

Milena, just wanted to let you know that I LOVE the lavender lotion. I will definitely be ordering more of that in the future. Gorgeous scent; works into the skin beautifully, and knowing that it is chemical-free is so fantastic. You are a genius!

— Tricia, Winnipeg, via email

could you fix me with some face moisturizer?! […] I need your wonderful face youth serum now!

— Eve, Winnipeg, via email

Leila [ … ] loves Just the Goods! Her skin is so happy!

— Leila, Winnipeg, via Facebook

The three bottles andone tube of creams arrivived today. They are wonderfull, and feel so smooth. I love the lemon/ccoriander fragrance.

— Margot, Washington, via Email

I bought your products 3 month ago and I really enjoyed them! My skin is so nice!!! Thanks for your excellent work and keep them accessible!

— Pascale, Montreal, via email

My package arrived a couple days sooner than we expected, hooray for the post office! And my husband went about his day without a rash from shaving for the first time in about 8 years. We’re completely in love with this shaving cream.
I cannot express my love for these lip balms enough. The Cardamom Lime is my hands down favorite, but they are all so lovely, and I need so little at a time, I will get to cherish them for a good long while. ❤
I just left you feedback over on Etsy, but I couldn’t resist leaving a note here. We are SO pleased with our stuff, you have no idea. The shaving solid is a miracle, the lip balms are too awesome for words and I adore the body butter sample, I’m going to try and get a jar ordered this week

— Sasha, Colorado, Etsy

I looove all of the products I picked up from you. Thank you 🙂 Ps brushing my teeth is now way more fun with my new snazzy toothpaste // I am hooked on orange & clove! The body butter is amazing as well. Just great products! Thank YOU for making them you talented lady! I’ll be ordering from you when I move to Vancouver.

— Stephanie G., Winnipeg, via Facebook

I have to tell you that every night I get super excited for my bedtime cleaning routine now. The cleanser works so well with my skin. When it’s followed by the super yummy smelling moisturizer (I think it’s the jojoba I am in love with…it’s something sweet in there that I adore…that’s a scent I’d like to bottle!) AND THEN I climb into bed, and slather my hands with the butter. X laughs because I get so excited to do so….it’s like a mini spa each night!!!

— S., Winnipeg

So I have been and am still completely in love with your products. Especially the vegan face moisturizer. X and I were wondering where we can purchase some more […]

— L, Winnipeg, via email

Hi! I’m the one for whom X got the rose scrub and the bath melts for my new bathroom! I’m so thrilled. I’ve been addicted to bathing ever since – I’ve had 4 baths in the last 5 days! I’ve got a couple other products of yours – I tell everyone about the peppermint lip balm.

— DJ, Winnipeg, via email

Great seller! Will be back!

— flytimes, Winnipeg, Etsy

My friend loved her bath scrub and melts. She had 3 baths in 5 days along with wine and quiet. 🙂 She has never been a bather because her old bath sucked. She loved the rose and now has a new love for bergamot. Good luck over the next months!!

— Jenn, Winnipeg, via email

I’ve been meaning to post this forever but I absolutely love the Chai scented shaving cream […] that you made for me. Shaving is WAY more fun when I have to use a brush to lather it on! And it smells soooo good, and my skin is soooooo soft afterwards. I love it! // It might even smell too good. Ever since I started using it my cat has become obsessed with sneaking into my beauty basket and either stealing my brush or my razor. I have to keep them in a cupboard now! // And for those who haven’t used the Just the Goods lip gloss, your missing out on the best lip gloss you’ll ever use.

— Cindy, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love, love, love the Grapefruit and Blackpepper Body Butter – makes my legs so silky. The Ginger/Peppermint foot stuff (too lazy to run to the bathroom for proper name) is heavenly. Love the Toner and especially love the Face Moisturizer, it smells delicious, lightweight, non-greasy – good for me since my t-zone can be oily. I’m so glad you make these Vegan/non-tested on animal products!!!

— Stephanie, Toronto, via Facebook

That unscented cream you made is absolutely lovely! It’s made my face so soft and smooth. I’ll give it a shot the next time I get my tattoo worked on and see how it works, but I think it’ll be great.
Thank you so much for making me that awesome nut-free butter, it’s delicious and makes my skin soooo soft. I covered myself in it the other night and wallowed in my glory.

— Sharene, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I love your lipbalm soooo much…. Other lip balms leave your lips asking for more balm! Not with this one… It actually moisturizes and than I don’t need more for days ! ”

— Royalpaca, Montreal, Etsy

I received a glass bowl full of your wonderful lavender products for Christmas & I just wanted to say that I absolutely love the “sleepy time vegan bath melts” and the “lavender, bergamot & ylang ylang body butter”. After my bath, my whole apartment smelled divine & my skin feels so soft – thanks for such a great product! =]

— Lori Ann, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I need more moisturizin’ facewash – quite possibly the best stuff I’ve ever used. Milena admit to your Ph.D in Chemistry pleeeeease . . . 🙂

— Eve, Winnipeg, via Facebook

my mommy loves it

— Ian, Winnipeg, via Facebook

THANK YOU! They all LOVED the oils. Now others want to come get stuff from you! I’ve given out your contact info for some staff members. Thanks again.

– Stacey, Winnipeg, via email

One of the best gifts I received this holiday season was one of your products. This is amazing, kudos to you!

— Meagan, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Can’t say enough good things about this product, my husband loves it. [Rosemary and lemon shaving solid for sensitive Skin]

— tgwillis, Hesperia, Etsy

thanks for posting that video about the beagles and letting your views be known about animal testing. More people need to speak up for the animals. Your products are great.

Animal Empire, Manitoba, via Facebook.

Fantastic handmade vegan products! I am so thrilled with my natural toothpaste, lip tints, facial cleanser, and shave soap for my husband! Wonderful seller, excellent communication. Cheers!
Got my “gift to self” in the mail about a week before Christmas- thanks so much! Always love your facewash, toothpaste, and lip balm

— DanaSaylorDesigns, Buffalo, Etsy

I love your products! [..] Thank you for all your hard work and great merchandise!

— KP, Ontario, via email

Quick shipping and lovely product! Thank you!

— missbontemps, Etsy

Items were packaged very well. Excellent customer service! Thank you for wonderful products.

— shugakay, Etsy

This toothpaste is GREAT Melina … thank you so much for making a special little jar for Gracie. She likes it too…she is such a good girl when i brush her teeth. And thank you so much for the samples!!! I look forward to purchasing from you again 🙂

— TanyaTrenchuk, Etsy

She went out of her way to ship this to me. (Definitely thankful for such a wonderful seller) Her products were gentle & smelled really good.

— Kandicoated1, via Etsy

Girl I bought the item for absolutly adored it!

— thegirlwiththesox, via Etsy

This toner really “hit the spot” for me. It’s very refreshing and leaves my skin feeling revived and revived. The biggest thing though, is that the product has such clean, simple and “good for you” ingredients. Totally enjoy it and highly recommend. Besides, the person behind the products and this shop, is so wonderful. She is very thorough, detailed, patient, caring. My impression is that she is willing to go our of her way to help even with the smallest thing, always keeping her customers’ best interest in mind, which means a lot to me. Just superb shopping experience!

— svitlanaallison, Mountain View, via Etsy

Quick to write with a response awesome stuff great!

— gryphontorey, via Etsy

Awesome products! I’m looking forward to ordering more. Thank you for the sample!

— idengine, via Etsy

I have strated using your face products…they are changing my life, and skin! As always love your stuff!

— Jennifer, Winnipeg, via Twitter

It’s been so long! I was away in Indonesia for 2 months and have come back to realize that I miss your products haha.

— Shannon, Winnipeg, via email

truly appreciate natural well-made items that are affordable. It’s difficult to find good products that don’t break the bank. I’m very excited to try your products- I bet they smell wonderful and the label is nice and simple too!

– Erika, San Francisco, via email

The neroli + ylang ylang perfume oil smelled very pretty! Thank you! // The lavender lip tint is divine! And SO moisturizing! // The packs of bath salts are great!!! I am set for a while now when it comes to baths, and I am so excited to take them now! haha I want to take more than one a day!!! // The bath melts ROCK! I used only one today so next time I am not going to cheap out, I will use 2 or 3! They are awesome!
WOW! Milena, thank you SOOOOO much for everything! I was pretty much speechless when i opened my parcel today, everything is wonderful! Thank you so much for creating the custom Lavender Vanilla scents for me, I love it all!!!! All my items were packaged so well and my parcel arrived in tip top shape. I am a repeat customer of Just The Goods, and am so happy once again with my order! AND thank you so much for the Lavender Vanilla body oil! YUM! I cant stop smelling myself! 🙂 // ooooh smells SO good! I got the Pepper and Grapefruit one, smells delish! I was so iffy about this one b/c i thought it was a weird combo to have together, I was so wrong! I smells awesome! Thanks Milena! 🙂 [re: vegan body butter] // Love your fizzy bath melts, they are the best! Thanks again! 🙂

— Jamielynnmadro, Alberta, Etsy

Super luxurious! Smells so GREAT and leaves my skin soft and smooth!!! Love it [Vegan moisturizing facewash for oily/combination skin]
totally moisturizing and smells so great!!! thanks justthegoods! [extra moisturizing shaving solid]

— Sundaestories, Winnipeg, Etsy

got it a few days ago, used it, and loved it! thank you! [extra moisturizing shaving solid]

— wkmcconnell, Pittsburgh, Etsy

Superlative item! Excellent lather. We really appreciate the opportunity to custom order essentail oils in the soap. This soap is very good for sesitive skin and helps prevent infected hairs.

— swensongirl, Etsy

My grown up boy kids loved the shave cream! Thanks so much for the quick shipping.

— anitasantiquities, Oaklahoma City, Etsy

So glad to have you on Etsy! I love natural , healthy , organic products , and yours are of superior quality and all handmade, too! Thank you , and I shall order from you again and again! Such heavenly scents!! : )
I love how easily the melt fizzes and dissipates itself in the warm water! It smells beautiful , and left my skin feeling a lot softer than my normal bath soap! : ) // The [tooth] paste is smooth , and cleans easily! it tastes great, too! : ) // The face wash is very well balanced , smells lovely , and removed all of my makeup ,etc. thoroughly and quickly! Bravo!! I like it all so far! i will try the body scrub tonight in the shower! : )
I really like the sleepy ones! i feel so relaxed with those in my bath at night! : ) You’re the best! [re vegan fizzing bath melts]

— lovemypug, Winnipeg, Etsy

I am excited to try your products! It makes me happy knowing that I am buying handmade natural products from a fellow Canadian!

— JC, Abbotsford, via Etsy

great product, great communication! The shaving cream is great and it smells lovely! Love the no-label approach. Thanks again!

— thefunkyskunk, San Marcos, Etsy

You’re such a whiz. I look at my bottles of joy and it feels so nice to actually KNOW who and where these products are coming from!!! Very empowering…thanks so much!!! // As aware as I am of corporate marketing around cosmetics and beauty, I would still find myself buying over-priced hocus-pocus stuff at the drugstore — emotional buying — it’s terrible! Like psychological self-medication through cosmetic promises. JTG kind of switched the lights on, you know? No weird ads with models I will never look like, I’m looking at myself. Really is making me re-think generally what I buy, who I buy from…which I can get really lazy about. It’s so easy to be lazy. So this is really great for me Milena…thank YOU!!!! Everything is stripped down, and the packaging is a testament to what’s inside. Clean and simple, really great stuff i tell you!!! // I really need to thank you. It’s so neat because it’s so personal, feelings of ugliness and humiliation…and to really have that “ah” moment, the lights turn on inside, to really see where these feelings are coming from… f- the machine!!!!!!! You’re providing a substantial alternative. It really hit home!

– L., Winnipeg, via email

I purchased a sample size bottle of face moisturizer for dry skin at a craft sale in the exchange, and I LOVE it! Just wondering how I can get more!

— Melanie, Winnipeg, via email

I ended up giving both of the sample kits away. One to my Mom as planned and one to her friend with whom she was going traveling with. The word upon their return was that they LOVED the products and all the smells.

— Stephanie, Winnipeg, via email

I am not kidding when I say this is absolutely the best deodorant I have ever used! I just hopped into the shower and went to wash my armpits with soap and I was literally floored at how dry they were… Did I mention I had just got done deep cleaning my whole apartment for 4 hours! Super impressive, when I get my next pay check I’m buying one for my boyfriend!
Wow just wow! All of these products are amazing and i’m almost already out of everything! Some of my faves include the lip balm and the face moisturizer it smells and feels amazing!

— Katie, Houston, via Etsy

The bath melts were melted together when we received them, but it is not a problem (the Alabama heat will melt anything within a couple minutes). I was still able to use the chunk by breaking it into pieces. I absolutely love the body butter and would love to order some more, I used both samples in a two days. […] I have also had a pleasant experience with the face wash, toner, lotion and lip balm. […] I have not tried the toothpaste or bath salts yet, but I cannot see me disliking them since I have enjoyed everything else.

— Heather, Alabama, via email

Was exactly what I needed. I have dry sensitive skin and this was perfect because it is fragrance free. Wasn’t too greasy and absorbed quickly into my skin. Great customer service as well. Friendly and helpful. Will definitely buy from them again!

ECPPhoto, New York, via Etsy

I wanna buy more sugar scrub. It’s next level.

— Divya, Winnipeg, via email

I picked up some of your products at the “this ain’t your grandma’s craft sale” and i love it!!! i was wondering how i can get ahold of more!

— Jenn, Winnipeg, via email

I have had a chance to use both and I am very happy with the lotion and shaving bar!

— Andrew, Winnipeg, via email

So, tried all the sample products from last time and am ready to make another order!! […] I’m so pleased to have found natural, yummy products made locally. Thanks!

— Emma, Winnipeg, via email

“I used the bath bomb today and I smell terrific! I may have to spend the day alone in my room appreciating it. Rowwr! Totally buyable. Nice scent, moisturizy. Not super dramatic foamy which is fine. Not like those [brand] bath bombs… although sitting on one of those is pretty entertaining.”

— Glen, Winnipeg, via email

My husband just tried the shaving cream a couple of weeks ago. He really liked it. And I thought it smelled wonderful. It is stronger in the container, but once he was done it smelled really nice. He thought that there was extra work to get enough on his brush. I told him that it will not lather up like a commerical brand. He overall really like it and he thought it was really nice.

— Catia, Winnipeg, via email

My boyfriend Matt loves the shaving kit! He’s been wanting a vegan shaving kit for some time now and yours is perfect!! The lip balm is amazing too!! Thanks for the quick replies and great service! We’ll definitely be ordering more from you in the future!

— Nettie, Winnipeg, via email

I just received the package!!! I was so excited I started jumping!! I lOVVVVE everything! Thank you so much (especially that little foot butter sample!!!) I can’t wait to send in for all the samples!!! 🙂

— Marina & Lucia, North Bay, via email

I love your packaging – it’s what caught my eye – so simple and completely green!

— SG, Red Deer, via Etsy

I actually just turned vegan three weeks ago and I’m enjoying your high quality vegan personal care products… I’m so glad a business such as yours exists.

– Suzi, Oregon, via email

I love love love your arm pit party stuff. X ordered some last month, and I used all of it. It’s the first deodorant that works well for an entire day that comes with a side of ‘not slowly killing my body with chemicals’. Thank you for sharing your healthy goods and such with the world lady.

– Lindsay, Ottawa, via email

The package already came yesterday! I really appreciate how quick you are. I used it last night and already noticed a nicer looking face this morning. Can’t wait to get the near perfect skin I had last time. Keeping it in the fridge.

– CW, Winnipeg, via etsy

Thank you again. I love this product and should not have waited so long to contact you for more.

— Barb, Winnipeg, via email

My boyfriend just loves loves loves the toothpaste I bought in April. He does not want to run out so I will need to purchase more 🙂

— Pamela, Illinois, via etsy

this was nice, I think the tea tree oil helped with my acne. I did think it was a bit heavy for use in the summer, but when it is dry, this is wonderful!

— ambercutie9, via Etsy

I told you I would let you know if I liked your products I bought from you on the 1st (face wash/toner/moisturizer for acne prone skin) and I just gotta say so far I LOVE THEM. I am extremely picky with my moisturizer.. especially one that works wonders under a face primer.. and yours is perfect. couldn’t be happier.

— Christa, SecretJewelry, Brandon, via Etsy

Well, I used it last night and my skin seems to be okay which is wonderful! Great! Thank you!

— Lisa, California via Etsy

Again I appreciate your kindness, attention to detail and willingness to help me, a stranger, just so much. Best to you in your enterprise as you continue to help folks like me, who can’t just buy off the rack. What a blessing we have in you.

— CE, via email

I tried the toner last night and was very happy with the feel and scent! I’m looking forward to ordering from you in the future and will spread the word. […] I’m happy you’re getting busier! As people learn more about natural products vs. Chemicals in national brands I’m sure they’ll be inspired like me to make some changes in their lives. thanks!!!

— KM, New York, via email

I know I said I’d test everything out for a week before giving feedback…but WOW!!! I absolutely LOVE these products! I tried out the Steamy Dreamy bath salts last night and they were heavenly! The Playful body butter is very soothing and has me almost drooling when I use it. And that facewash and toner already have my skin looking/feeling noticably cleaner and tighter–I honestly didn’t think such quick results were possible! Great lip gloss too! I’m VERY impressed 😀 So I’ll definitely be telling my friends and family about your amazing products and direct them to your website!
I really have been impressed with the quality of these products and the fact that there are no strange, harsh, unnatural chemicals in them. For years I’ve had problems finding decent skincare products. I can think of at least half a dozen different brands that I’ve tried and they ended up giving me really noticable itchy rashes (some that lasted for days :S) But so far with Just The Goods, I haven’t had any adverse reactions at all…just better skin 😀 Goes to show that effective & affordable really can go together! I’m so glad I chose to experiment with these products 🙂 Thanks so much and I look forward to buying more Just The Goods in the future!

— eyesonthetars, Etsy

I just refilled my deodorant applicator, but I thought I’d be proactive and order 2 bottles of the citrus refill, please! When I run out of the body butter, I can always just wait until I see you next, but I feel like I should stockpile some deodorant – I don’t want to have to have a Tom’s of Maine contingency plan if I run out!

— c, Winnipeg, via email

I have tried everything, i really like the moisturizer and the foot cream. my husband does like the shaving cream.

— Barb, Winnipeg, via email

I waited until I needed to melt and resolve myself into a dew but the luxury and the Divine Excess pulled me into Paradise! Everyone must have a chunka chunka! [calming vegan bath melts] Thanks a million, Milena. Also, my lips were so dry, I was going to move to Kapuskasing. Then, I remembered your lip balm…… guess I’ll stay in Winni as long as you have products.

— Graham, Winnipeg, via Facebook

This toothpaste works well. The peppermint flavor is perfect, not too strong like a lot of toothpaste are. I like that it has no xylitol or baking soda. The texture is thick enough that I can dip in with a dry toothbrush and it will pick up just the right amount for brushing. This is a good product.

anonymous 60465, Skin Deep: Cosmetic Safety Reviews

this is the 2nd time I’ve bought this shaving cream, and both my boyfriend and I love it (it makes him smell really good!)

— deliaroundabout, via Etsy

Solo refreshing. Its simple and light and combined wig the toned and moisturizer…. wow. I’m so, so, so glad I chose these all natural products for my face. And I haven’t had a breakout since I started using them. Especially love the tea tree scent in the moisturizer.

kaitlynmarquart, via Etsy

It smells heavenly, and I can’t WAIT to use it, thank you so much! EXCELLENT communication, and customer service!

— ladyoak, via Etsy

thankfully axe has been replaced by “just the goods” in my house

— Melanie, Winnipeg, via Facebook

… please save that moisturizer for me, I love it so much […] thanks for making such wicked stuff, so reasonably!!!!! […] add my ringing endorsements to the growing huzzahs for your fragrant wholesome goodies!

— Hope, Winnipeg, via email

Very nice seller, gorgeous (but still very masculine ;)) product, bought as a gift for my husband and he is very pleased with it! Arrived very quickly from Canada in plenty of time for gifting so with all that being said, I am very pleased as well! Many Thanks!

— flourfaerie, Etsy

OMG! That face cream is the best!! So glad I got the big bottle.

— Heather, Winnipeg

I’ll spread the word. I’m already addicted to the lip balm! Congrats on the great product line

— Leah, Winnipeg, via email

I love the toothpaste. The crap I was using was made of sea kelp and it foams up so much you almost gag. Yours is awesome and delicious!

– Mike, Winnipeg, via email

Hi Milena! I received everything late last week, thanks so much for the extras you threw in. It wasn’t necessary, but it was much appreciated.

Everything except the shave soap for sensitive skin is a gift, so at this point I can only comment on it.

I wanted to use the shave soap for a few days before getting back to you since sometimes it takes me a couple of tries with a new shave soap or cream to get the water balance right to get a good lather.

But I had no problems getting yours to lather well right from the start. It shaved smoothly and most importantly for me, my face felt great afterward. I normally do 3 passes, so my skin can end up feeling a bit razor burned with some soaps and creams. The scent is nice while shaving, and doesn’t linger afterward, so that was good for me too.

I have a few soaps and creams I trade off; some I like more and use more often, others I’m less wild about and don’t get as much use (but I’m usually too cheap to get rid of them entirely 🙂 ). Yours will definitely join the regulars.

Thanks again!

– John, Toronto, Etsy

Thanks very much for the last order! I’m enjoying my zesty facial moisturizer a lot. Very refreshing! …and I appreciate the bonus aroma oil!!! very cool!

— Ken, Winnipeg, via email

I’ve been testing out your vegan skin care products and I absolutely love them!

— Holly, Chaptico Maryland, via etsy

oh, lady! your toothpaste tastes and feels and works JUST like “tom’s of maine”, which was my favourite for years. i love it!
That toothpaste is the best thing ever. In fact, I’d like to order some more!

— Carey, Winnipeg

I recently purchased your citrus deodorant at a craft sale and I love it. I want to get one for my sister for Christmas.

— Lori, Winnipeg, via email

This toothpaste is great! Not bad at all. Tastes like natural peppermint gum 🙂 Milena has answered my questions, was very nice and very communicative. Very great seller. Thank you so much Milena!

— mollyjane808, Etsy

Awesome stuff, Thanx! and super fast shipping!

— Vemuria, Etsy

Mrs. Glockenheimen LOVES the facewash :)))

Mrs. Glockenheimen, Winnipeg

Finally made it through customs! I had a wonderful experience with the seller. The product is nice, and smells awesome. 🙂

— rubikscubefreak, Rolla MO, Etsy

Wonderful products! I’ve tried the whipped body butters already and love them – very thick and creamy. The black pepper essential oil is really warm, great for winter, and I can see how it would increase circulation! I do have sensitive skin, so perhaps it wasn’t the best choice for me as milena warned in the product description, but it sounded too good to miss! lemon coriander is very fresh. the shaving creams are gifts and have not been tried by the recipients yet. thanks for the toothpaste sample, it’s a great size for travelling. overall, milena was a very helpful seller, and allowed me to change my order countless of times so that i could fit more into my parcel and make the shipping costs worth while. she was always quick to reply. would buy again when i run out 🙂 thanks very much milena!

– chiakaivalya, Etsy, Switzerland

Thank you for saving some product for me in such a busy time for sales. I love your stuff! And I’m sure there will be more fans of your product after I give out holiday gifts.

— L, Winnipeg, via email

that dry skin moisturizer is AMAZING // I got some sample sizes of your dry skin face wash and moisturizer at the craft sale in aqua books and I am head over heels for them! I’ve been telling people all week that they’re the best thing I’ve ever put on my face.

— Meg, Winnpeg, via email


I have found the perfect moisturizer for me!! THANK YOU!

I smell so good head to toe right now!!!

— Stacey, Winnipeg, via email

Thank you so much! I love your products and am looking forward to using them!!

— K, Indiana, via Etsy

oh my goodness. i bought two of your perfumes at the craft sale on saturday @ aqua books and am officially in love. SO GOOD.

— Lauren, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Gotta buy more of your toothpaste-love it!

— Lillian, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I am in LOVE with my new shaving solid and lip balm!

— Jennifer, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I picked up a few items at the Crafty Minions show last week and just wanted to let you know that I’ve fallen in love with your products.

I thought I would be using Clinique toner until the day I died, but I’m switching things up – I absolutely adore the cleansing toner for dry skin.

— Kerry, Winnipeg, via email

It’s crazy. I was looking for last minute presents for [name] and [name] and couldn’t justify buying any type of bath stuff that wasn’t yours! FYI [name] is giving EVERYONE jtg stuff for Xmas…lol.

ALSO, did I tell you that since using the body butter on my belly, my stretch marks have started to totally go away? More so than when I was using Vitamin A oil on it? HOLLA!
And I LOVE supporting your fabulous business! I am addicted to it and trying to get everyone I know to be the same way!
I didn’t get a chance to say so but I am loving my latest order from JTG. The moisturizer smells yummier than last time and I LOVE the face wash! No more eye sting! And the moisturizer for X is working well too! And he smells like chocolate afterwards. 🙂 I’ve been using the stretch mark oil daily with the sugar scrub and I am already noticing a difference in my stretch marks. YAY!

— S, Winnipeg, via email

I think your stuff is so awesome. Thanks for making such great products!

— Sheryl, Winnipeg, via email

I absolutely love my products! I hope that I am not too late in ordering more to hold me over until you get back […]

— Meagan, Wisconsin, via email

Mac uses her shaving cream and loves it. Milena and her goods are so good!

— Andee, Winnipeg, via Facebook

i can vouch for justthegoods too, we use a whole bunch of that line!

— Emmer, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Just wanted to let you know I picked up my products on Thursday evening and they are all fine 🙂 I’m loving them already! The toner especially.

— KL, Winnipeg, via email

I have had RAVE reviews from my friends who I gave your products to as Christmas gifts (X’s mom in Thunder Bay thinks the body butter is the best lotion she has ever used), and my friend X says she thinks of me every day when she puts on the face cream “that feels like SILK” – nothing like getting the reward for all YOUR hard work hee hee!

— Jennifer, Winnipeg, via email

I just got a box full of Just the Goods for Christmas and nearly peed me pants with excitement!! You and my mom are wickedly good liars. ♥

— Cara, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I forgot to tell you today that I love your products! Thank you so much again.

—Renée, Stockholm, via email

Thank you! without your products I would still be using my son’s bath wash and lotion for my face!

— Andrea, Calgary, via Etsy

Thank you SO MUCH for your products. The moisturizer in particular makes my skin feel so happy and soft, and I have received several compliments on my complexion since I started using it!

— L, via email

I always tell ppl aboiut your wonderful products!! No more flouride for this gal :))

— J, Winnipeg, via email

All the stuff I got from you b/f Christmas went over so well, and I really enjoyed the bath bombs…course, they may need new packaging b/c my friend’s husband almost popped one into his mouth thinking it was white chocolate! that would’ve been something!!!

— Jennifer, Winnipeg, via email

Thanks for friendly communication and timely shipping service!

— nikibird01, Brooklyn, via Etsy

i enjoyed working with this seller – will definitely buy from them again. my husband loves the product and the brush! smells wonderful 🙂

— Dexter1317, Nashville, via Etsy

I love the unscented face moisturizer! Works fab for me, no breakouts or reactions

– Ruth, Winnipeg, via Facebook

I got those as a christmas present this past year… They are fantastic- it feels like sitting in a tub with jets, smell like a freshly steeped pot of Earl grey tea and your skin feels so smooth after [re fizzing vegan bath melts]

— LeAnne Marie, via Facebook

oh man my sis got me a gin and tonic sugar scrub from jtg for xmas and i absolutely love it! just the goods fo life!

— Paul, Winnipeg, via Facebook

Beautiful, delicious non-toxic products, created right here in Winnipeg

— Chandra, Winnipeg, via Facebook

The timing of your products are perfect for us, X and I have been slowly switching over to more natural products. Just wanted to let you know that we love them! I especially love the toner, lip balm, toothpaste, and body butter. […] Looking forward to trying deodorant when it’s available. Hope that this new venture really flies for you!!

— Shannon, Ontario, via email

I want to let you know that my package was delivered last Saturday! So much faster than I expected! So that was a very pleasant surprise indeed. Thank you for including the body butter sample. I am in the process of getting started on the new product and in a couple of weeks or so I will be able to tell how my skin likes it. 🙂 Thanks again for all the care and time you invested in this single transaction.

— S.A., California, via email

The products seem great and I love the fresh smells!

— JO, New Jersey, via email

We’ve been enjoying the stuff sooooo much! […] Plus, my mom is here and is in 7th heaven. The toothpaste is the first thing she appreciate. 4 stars from my mom on the toothpaste, and all the rest!

— Angela, Winnipeg, via email

Yes, yes, Yes! The products have gone over very well! This order is mostly re-order and replace!!

— NMKC, Winnipeg

Hi there; just tried, the toothpaste and LOVE it, the hair gel needs more hold for my liking, and am not crazy about the smell, however still good. The bath melts are heavenly, and the skin care line is great, the wonderful part is you need so little of everything! The body butters are wonderful too, they soak in so nicely, no greasy feel afterwards!! Will be back for more products for sure!

— Brenda Mudry, Winnipeg, via website



  1. I love these products and the company’s customer service! The items I’ve bought work well, smell nice, and are affordable- Thank you!!

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